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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Right before dinner this evening Corbin came to me and asked if we could make something with Lego's after dinner. I told him that would be fine and I went ahead with dinner. Well I wasn't prepared for what Corbin had in mind when he said "make something with lego's".

After dinner he brought me a pad of paper which had his "blueprint" of what we were to build. This was a sketch of a Rollercoaster that he wanted to build with Legos. I looked at him like he was crazy........a rollercoaster with legos??? I had no clue if it was even possible. He insisted that we try so all I could say was "OK, lets get to work".

This took WAY longer then I thought it would. We worked on it for an hour. Or should I said "I" worked on it for an hour. Landon watched, and Corbin basically dictated how it was to be built. He informed me that he was the boss because it was HIS design lol

I let the boys stay up well past their bedtime just so we could get the rollercoaster done, and we did! Not sure how long it's going to last. The kids are now in bed and I can't move the thing without breaking it. I have a feeling the dog is going to knock it over when I let him in...kids won't be happy.

Check out our masterpiece!