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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chuck E Cheese from HELL

Today I had planned on spending the day at the beach. Saturday was nice, sunny , and hot...I guess I assumed that today would be the same. WRONG! I woke up this morning and it was cold and overcast. So the beach was out of the question. I had promised the kids the beach or CEC(chuck e cheeses).

So once I saw that it was nasty outside I knew I had no choice but to attempt CEC. I able to stall and avoid it until around 4pm. I figured lunch rush would be over and to early for dinner. I still had left over tokens from the last time we had went, as well as a birthday coupons for 20more free tokens. I had it planned out, so no money outa my pocket. We get to CEC and I got an awesome parking spot right up front. I figured it couldn't be that busy...@@ ya right. I got in the door and it was PACKED. Now i've seen it packed before so that wasn't that big of a deal. It was the people that were there. It started right away as I was standing in line to get my free tokens. I was about 3 families back from the counter when I first stepped in line. After I got in line I guess more people had formed an even longer line behind me. They had another cashier open up a register. I guess to some people this meant that 2 lines were being formed. So all the people behind me cut ahead of me and went to the 2nd register. I just rolled my eyes and let it go.
We walked around the place looking for something to play. All the games were taken up by people, there was nothing free. The stuff that was free was out of order...the majority of games were out of order. So we had to wait until something came available.
The entire time we were there kids were running around like wild animals, bumping into us, stepping on my toes (I was wearing flip flops), kids were standing over my boys trying to get them to stop playing a game so they could take it. My kids looked scared. At one point these two little boys were trying to beat eachother up. Landon and I were standing playing a game and these boys kept smashing into my back. They were no more then 6yrs old. At first I thought they were playing, and a woman who may have been a mother told them to calm down. But they kept hitting me. So Landon and I walked away...well this fight continues and followed us. At one point I turned around they looked like they were about to cry so I started to say something to them to get them to stop but they both ran away. I was just in shock that their parents hadn't stopped them.
We didn't stay long, just about an hour cause I just couldn't take it anymore. We then stood in line so the kids could spend their tickets. I stood there and waited and right as it was our turn up next some other family cut in front of me and the CEC associate was actually about to help them...but I had had enough so I stepped up and said I was next (in a fairly rude tone). They looked at me like I was a bitch but oh well I just wanted to get outa there.
I normally enjoy going there. The kids and I have fun. But never ever ever again will I go on a weekend.