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Friday, May 30, 2008

Navy show

This morning we had a Hula show. This was on down at the Norfolk navel station. They were having an Asianpacific appreciation day and they wanted some Hula dancers. This was a free/donation show. I had to be up at 630am to get my hair and makeup done. And then the kids up and dressed. We went to my mom's house by 730am. Dusty, Krista, Hannah, Neely met us there. My mother was kind enough to stay home from work to watch all the kids. She had my 2, Dusty's 3, Neely's 2 and Hannah's 1.....and she had to watch theseus when Marisha went to work and Ethan. So total in the house she had 10 kids all by herself lol she's a pro! Ages were 11,8,7,7,7,5,4,1,1,1.

So we head down to Norfolk and to the navy ID office where we were meeting a Cheif Hicks. We got there early. We were supposed to meet him there at 830am but we got there at 8am. We waited and waited and waited....it was almost 9am and he still wasn't there. We decided to drive around the parking lot to look for him and some lady stopped us and said "are you the hula girls" and we said yes and she said "chief hicks just left, he waited for you but had to leave". I was soooooooo mad. Dipwad didn't even bother to look around the parking lot for my car...instead he assumed we weren't there yet and just sat and waited.

So after he left he called my cell, I told him we were there waiting, and he said he'd send someone to get us. After this long wait we finally got escorted onto the base and into their theater.

We got there and had to rush and get our stuff on. We found that there were some other dancers there...some Samoan dancers. This was very intimidating...we still have the white girl complex and think everyone is judging us.

After we got dressed we went on, our show rocked! Everyone loved it! We had tons of participation. We got the chiefs and captians up and dressed them up and made them dance...it was hilarious.
After the show, we sat and watched the Samoan dancers...they were neat but not incredibly good. The adults were singing and playing instruments which was cool. but the young girls dancing looked miserable like they were forced to dance.
After they were done Chief hicks called us back on the stage for a last bow and we got a standing ovation. I was shocked and so thrilled they liked us that much!
We had tons of people coming up to us asking for cards, asking how I moved my hips that fast, we even had the Samoan speaker tell us about the polynesian fest this year and told us were really good and should dance at it. That was a super shock! It's one thing to be NICE and say we did a good job..it's another to tell us we are good enough to perform at the Polynesian fest.

It was very cool!! They are going to send us the pics taken by their photographer so i'll get pics sometime and i'll post them

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It was a "Boo Boo" day

So yesterday (Wed) I headed out to take Landon to his Speech class. The school is just down the street so I drop him off and then pick him up 45mins later. Well I left Corbin at home with Marisha and we headed to the car.

As I walked to the car I guess I wasn't paying attention cause suddenly I tripped and was laying on my side in the mud. Normally I would have jumped up as fast as I could from embarrassment...but this time I was in a lot of pain that I just sat there. Landon was looking at me like I was crazy but I was fighting back tears. My legs hurt, my feet hurt, my hands hurt. I looked around to see what I had tripped on but I couldn't find anything. I think I just forgot to step down off the pavement lol

We were late for speech so I just got up and headed to the school. We went to the office, sat and waited as his teacher was paged. Of course a few minutes later we were told that his Teacher wasn't even there that day....WTH? I love it when she does that to me @@

We headed back home and once I got there I was able to see the damage I had done by my fall. I skinned up both my knees as well as the tops of my feet. I have a huge bruise on my angle and it hurts to walk on it. I used to fall as a kid and i'd be fine...but I fall as an adult and I totally mess myself up.

Luckily I wear a long grass skirt for all of our upcoming shows so I won't have to show off my mangled legs.

Oh and then last night when Landon was getting out of the bath, somehow he scraped his hand on the doors to the shower. So he basically took off a couple layers of skin from his fingers...it was pretty gross and bleeding. I had to use 3 bandaids to give it all...poor guy =( He doesnt go a day without skinning something on his body.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised being that he's an active boy. But Corbin rarely hurt himself...still to this day rarely does. But Corbin is more causious as well. Landon has NO fear....so his legs are covered in scars from scrapes and he always is covered in bruises lol my tough guy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a flying cockroach!

Let me set the scene............

It's getting late. Dinner is done, clean up is done. The boys have had their bath, I then send them to the bathroom to brush their teeth. The boys head through the kitchen to get to the bathroom.

Corbin yells "OMG". I say "What, what is it?". Landon says "OMG". I say "WHAT!!". They both say "You have got to come in here". So I head into the kitchen. Both boys are standing there staring up at the ceiling. I look up and there is a HUGE cockroach. One of the biggest I've seen...this guy was the daddy of all daddy cockroaches.

We stood there frozen, I had no clue what to do. But I knew I couldn't leave it there so I made up a plan. I sent Corbin to get one of my shoes, I told him the heavier the better. I grabbed the broom. I walked to one side of the kitchen and then told Corbin that I was going to hit it with the broom so it would fall away from me and then Corbin was to take the shoes and smash it. Seemed like a good plan.

So I positioned myself with the broom in the air and told corbin on the count of 3. "1, 2, 3" and I swung and hit it with the broom. Well instead of this guy falling away from me to the floor like I had anticipated....the bitch broke out his wings and started flying at my head!!!!!!! I screamed so loud my throat still hurts from it. I ducked and covered while screaming. I looked up at the boys cause I thought I had scared them...but no they were laughing their asses off at me. Ok so then I felt stupid. But I ran outa the kitchen and asked where the hell the roach had gone.

Corbin saw it land on the dish rack so I went to find it. I saw it climbing around the dish rack and I had to figure out a different plan.............nothing came to mind so I grabbed a shoe and started hitting. But right as I felt like I had it cornered and I was finally going smash this bitch to pieces....it broke out the wings again and flew at my face!!!! Yes yes, I screamed bloody murder and ducked and covered again.

As before the boys started laughing. This time it flew into my diningroom and landing on a shelf on my buffet. I creeped up to it and it was kinda of in between some brass horses I have sitting there. I very carefully lifted the hooves of one of the horses and smacked it back down on the roach..........YAY I got him....don't mess with me Sucka!

Tomorrow I'll be at the store buying bug killer!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Few pics of the kids

I was babysitting Theseus the other day, we were outside playing. Here are just a few pics of the kids

Grossest commercial ever

Guy sitting by water jug in an office, he pops a Mentos in his mouth. Woman walks up as if to get some water, leans down and puts her mouth to his. They start kissing. But while they kiss all you hear is the sound effects of gulping water. When she's done, she walks away.

I'm still sick to my stomach, anyone see this one?

Saturday, May 24, 2008


The boys come and wake me up this morning saying there is a man at the front door. I heard my dog going crazy. The boys said it was APX, I had no clue who it was but I jumped outa bed...threw some pants on, pulled my hair back and ran down the stairs. So there I was with black under my eyes from make up, a thin tight baby tee with no bra and some sweats. I felt and looked pretty gross.

Of course when I walk down the stairs and I see that this APX guy is a very tall good looking man. I was thinking "why why why??" Now my front door is all windows, so you can see everything. Once I walked down the stairs I couldn't just not answer the door because he saw me @@

So I suck it up and answer, he goes on to tell me who he is and what he does. APX is a security system company...so basically he was trying to sell me a security system.
I let him go thru his little speil and I stood their and listened. The boys were right there as well as my dog. I kept the screen door shut the whole time cause of the dog.

Well out of no where Landon starts saying "You like the APX man" and giggling. I was mortified. Where did that come from? he's never said anything like that. I mouthed to him "SHUT UP". The guy just laughed a little. Then he asked me how many were in our family...I said "WE have two kids". Then Corbin went on to tell the guy that we were going to his dad's that weekend. Man asked if he lived around here and Corbin told him DC. So now this man knows I live alone and thinks I like him. My face was all kinds of red. At this point I told him I was no in the market for the system and he finally left me alone.

I should have said that in the beginning lol

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dr Phil wants me!

So most of you know that David and I seperated back in Jan of '07. Then in Aug '07 we decided to give it another shot. At first it was something that he wanted but I didn't. During this time David decided to contact Dr. Phil. He thought maybe he could help us get past all of our issues.

In October of '07 David got a response to his Dr. Phil letter. We were both shocked. I was shocked cause I didn't know he had even written a letter to them. We were both shocked that he actually got a response. Guess he made us look pretty pathetic and interesting in his letter. David came to me and asked if I'd be interested in going on the show. Of course my response was HELL NO! I will not air my dirty laundry on national television. David was disapointed but didn't push the issue. We just went on with life and forgot about it.

Well last week they contact David AGAIN through email. David hadn't responded to the first email....but I guess we were interesting enough to contact us again. David told me about it and again I said HELL NO! David still wanted to do it. First off I am not one to talk in front of a group of people. I have a panic attack if I have to speak in front of more then 10people. There is no way I could sit on a stage and speak. David doesnt understand this because he loves to talk and has no problem speaking to large numbers of people...but it's not for me. So I thought this whole Dr Phil thing was a closed discussion.

Well yesterday, David was down here and we were sitting on the couch talking and his phone rings. He I think thought it was a customer of his but nope it was a staff member from the Dr Phil show. I couldn't help but laugh at this....man they are really trying! I listened to the conversation and basically David told them that things were better for us. They then said that either way they would like to help us and to really consider doing the show or at least take their help in some way. David told them that he would talk to me. He got off the phone and we both started laughing. OMG the Dr Phil show wants us bad. Out of all the millions of people that write their show they are contacting US.

There is no way i'm going to do the show, but it's nice to be wanted lol

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Attack of the zipper

So I sent Corbin to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He was in there for about 2 minutes when suddenly he started yelling out "OW OW"...and crying. Clearly a pain cry. My first thought was a cavity, David's first thought was that he fell off the sink counter. I run into the bathroom to see what is the matter. Corbin is standing near the doorway looking down at himself and holding onto his pajamas. You see Corbin was wearing one of those zippered footy Pj's, and well.......................no underwear.
I look down and his litte penis is stuck in the zipper. My very first thought was Something about Mary. But I quickly examined it and was able to pull the zipper down and release it right away. It wasn't stuck to bad, basically just pinched. But once I got it released I couldn't help but laugh...I tried to keep it inside I really did. I wasn't all that successful but I did my best.
I hugged him and conforted him as he cried. Then I explained how we need to wear underwear with those types of Pj's from now on. Once he was calm he went on to brush his teeth. I left the room as fast as I could and laughed my ass off in the livingroom...making sure to keep it down of course.
Can you believe that, my son got his penis stuck in his zipper lol poor guy

My days

My days lately have consisted of morning time with the kids, schoolwork, laundry, some packing, taking Ethan to math, Hula practice, picking up Jack, taking kids to baseball games or practices, home to make dinner, eat dinner, baths, bedtime, and then I get to relax and watch my shows and check emails.

That's an average day of mine. Nothing all that new or interesting...but even so they are busy days.

David came down on Monday night. He hasn't been here in 2 weeks. His employee Marty quit the other day so this is going to make him visiting us very hard. He didn't get here till the kids were in bed on Monday night. So we just sat and hung out till we got tired. It was nice to finally see him after 2 weeks. 2 weeks of being alone and dealing with the kids alone.

Tuesday David took the kids out to run errands and then to the beach while I had my Hula meeting. Then we had this huge thunderstorm which was awesome so we sat on the porch and enjoyed it with the kids. That night after the kids were in bed David and I watched Hell's kitchen...one of our favorite shows. I convinced David to let me do a facial mask on him lol that was hilarious. But hey his skin was really soft afterwards =)

Today's been fairly boring. I haven't felt good. We hung out at home, did laundry, played with kids, went to a pizza place for dinner. And then watched the finale of American Idol! So happy David Cook won!!
I have a Hula show in the morning so I got everything together that is needed and i'm off to bed.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recent Hula Shows

Friday night we had a Hula show in Yorktown. It was for a 6yr olds birthday party. Nothing to spectacular, just a normal average show. It was in a huge house though. She gave us her bedroom as a dressing room and it was amazing! They enjoyed the show and so did we.

Today we had anotheer show. This one was in Va beach, again for a child's birthday. A little boy turning 8yrs old. I think we were there more for the Mother then for the boy...he didn't seem to care.

This show we had some issues at. They needed us to bring our own sound system, but then Chris forgot to pack the power cord. We ended up having to use their tiny boombox that no one could hear. The kids enjoyed the show, but there was a misunderstanding about how long we would be dancing. So when we stopped the Mother asked us why we weren't doing more @@ She just didn't hear me on the phone but whatever...I had already given her a discount. So we stayed longer and did more teaching, but had more cd issues. The wind was blowing like crazy so our Tahitian headdresses were hard to keep on. All in all it was just a stressful show. But it's over and done with and i'm happy.

The pics are from today's show, in the bathroom as we were getting ready before the show.

Mother's Day

I had a nice relaxing Mother's Day. We didn't do much, but then again I didn't want to do anything. It was just me and the boys. David couldn't come down that week. Because I have boys and they don't do things on their own like make homemade cards and stuff we just kinda hung out together. I had planned a little activity for us to day today. I bought little flower pots and seeds and we planted flowers together. The kids really liked it. They haven't had to do much with their flowers yet because have kept them outside on the porch and it's been raining alot. But they are excited for the flowers to grow.

After our flower planting I got a call from my sister Lauren who invited me over for Margarita's! The boys had been begging to go to Jacks so it was a win win situation lol

So we went over to her house and hung out with margarita's, the kids played, and we had dinner. Then home to bed. So it was a wonderful relaxing day for all of us.

Our Elvis picture

Didn't turn out very good, and he wasn't in his white jumper but at least it's something

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring is here

Spring is here! I normally enjoy Spring and Fall. The changing of the season from cold to hot. The blooming flowers, smell in the air, new life growing all around. I normally like this time of year. For some reason this year has been bothering me more then ever before.

The other day Landon was playing outside and then he came in to show me something. He has this little plastic cup and holds it out to me to show me what is inside. Inside this little cup is a dead baby bird. Like fresh out of the egg, no feathers, tiny baby bird. I was horrified but tried not to show Landon. Instead I went back outside with him and we buried it in our backyard.

A few days later we were playing outside in the front yard and I noticed Landon messing with something on the ground and I heard Corbin yell "don't touch it". So I walked over to it and sure enough it was another dead baby bird..this one had a few tuffs of feathers but that's it. So we took it and buried that one as well.

Today was the worst, ok so this really has nothing to do with Spring...but clearly there is somehing with me and birds lately. So I was driving down the road heading to the grocery store. Going around 35mph, the speedlimit. Out of the corner of my eye I see a bird flying near the car. This has happened to us all, a bird flies close to your car but then always gets out of the way. Well this time the bird didn't move out of the way. The bird smashed into my freaking window. My driver side window!!! It just came outa nowhere and smashed into the window and feathers were stuck to the window!! I'm horrified again just reliving this. I freaked out and screamed..luckily didn't swurve or anything. But my heart was pounding and I felt sick to my stomach.

What is the deal with this lately, I'm not a huge fan of birds, but come on...do I need to see this many dead birds in one week.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jack's Birthday

Today was like most other Saturdays...filled with Baseball, Baseball, and more Baseball. We went to Landon's game from 830-10am. Then over to Ethans game until 11am, then home to get Corbin changed and back by 1130am. Corbin's game started at 12pm, as well as Jack's. So I sat and watched Corbin's game until almost 2pm, and then over to the big field to catch the end of Jack's game.

I was pretty tired when it was all over so back to home we went. I tried to rest for a bit, I knew I had to be up and out the door again for Jack's birthday party.

So after resting for a bit, shower, fed kids, got myself ready, got the kids ready...we were finally out the door. We headed to Walmart to get Jack's birthday present (Hello, my name is Jenna and I am a procrastinator). After we shopped we headed to the Lazer tag place.

My kids have never played Lazertag and I have only done it once when I was like 15yrs. We got in their and into our stuffy room. The kids sat around and ate pizza, then when they were done we all went in for our Lazertag game. Corbin was kinda freaked out by it, he was scared it was going to be creepy....he lets these kinds of fears hold him back all the time. I was not going to let him chicken out even though he tried.

Not many of the adults wanted to play, but I was all for it! So it was all the kids, me and Ashley and we convinced Lauren and her boyfriend Rob to do it. But Marisha, hannah, Dad, and mom all said no....what party poopers @@

We got in there and had to play against this group of 12yr old boys....we got creamed...they were vicious lol Everytime I turned around I was surrounded lol I had a blast though.
After our game we did cake and presents...and Lauren had paid for a 2nd game so we got all set up to do it again. This time Lauren said she didn't want to play so it was all the kids, myself, Ashley and Rob (Laurens BF). This time we rocked, we killed the blue team. The kids left the Lazer tag place beaming from ear to ear. They LOVED it, especially Corbin....hehe I knew he would...Mother's knows best!

Jack had a wonderful birthday, but I think my kids enjoyed it even more!

Aloha Elvis

Friday, May 9th.......We had our Aloha Elvis show. We arrived at the Suffolk Culteral Arts Center around 630pm, show started at 730. We found one of the people in charge and she showed us to our dressing room. Our dressing room was awesome! It was a huge room with a full wall of mirrors with big lights, a private bathroom, a private shower, lounge chairs, hangers for costumes....it was great. Right outside our dressing room was a lounge area where they had coffee and drinks for the "performers". We helped our self to some after the show.

We got in there and got ready, we actually ended up waiting around alot. We talked to Elvis before the show and met his daughter. He looked great in his white jumpsuit.

The show started a tad late, and his intro didn't go as he had planned...so you can imagine he was not happy. We were doing his 3rd song...he introduced us as his special guests and we came out. It was awesome being on the big stage and dancing while Elvis sang...we don't normally dance while people sing.

After that song we left the stage and went back to our dressing room. We got our stuff ready for the next portion of our show, we had to open the reception that followed. After a lot of miscommunication we finally figured out where they wanted us and what they wanted. They had us scheduled to go on at 915pm, yet the show wasn't even done yet. We waited and waited for people to get to the ballroom. Once we felt there were enough people in their we went ahead and went on. What we found was that no one really cared that we were dancing. They looked at us but not a single person clapped. Pretty rude if you ask me. So the reception didn't go how I would have liked...but oh well.

We got our picture with Elvis, but the Habitat people have to send it to me.

It was a new experience, something we've never done before. So many firsts that were associated with it. I'm very pleased that we were able to be a part of their event.

Only pictures I have are the few I took with my cell phone..so that's what these are....the getting ready pictures.

Why you should never work with family

Thursday our Hula group got together for a practice. The first half of it was fine, but the last half was horrible. An arguement started between two of the girls, and I tried to help mediate because these two poeple seemed to be saying exactly the same thing but neither was listening to the other.
By doing so the arguement got turned on me and got to a point where I just got up and left the house. I talked to one of the girls NOT fighting later and she was telling me that I had to apologize for things I said or did like a year ago and it made no sense to me. I had to sit thru Corbin's baseball game that night still very upset. I was on and off the phone all day long incredibly stressed. I had no clue what to do. Later that night I text the person who was mad at me and proceded to have a 2hr text conversation with them. In the end it all got resolved and we are starting over with a clean slate. No more stress, no more drama, maybe now we can be a HAPPY hula group instead of a miserable one.

Video clips

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tides game

Sunday was Little League day at the Tide stadium. So thru our Little League we got discounted tickets, so we all went. The kids had a great time, I got a sunburn which is now a nice tan! I look forward to going again.


Last year my Dad bought his first boat, a Sailboat. He's wanted one for a very long time. I was so excited when he decided to buy one cause I have always wanted a sailboat and to learn how to sail. Last year me and my Dad took lessons thru a guy my mom worked with.

After he bought the sailboat we went thru the summer trying to get the hang of it. Just the process of getting the boat out of the dock and then back in is incredibly hard. For the most part the boat has a mind of it's own. Its not like a car when you can just hit the breaks...no matter what the boat keeps floating and turning how it wants. So this process has been hard to learn and it freaks my dad out. My dad doesnt handle stress very well. So during this time he's usually screaming "Jenna! do this, or do that'. I have mini heart attacks each time.

The last few times we've been out it has all went smoothly, we felt like we were finally getting the hang of it. Well we went out on the boat this past Saturday and it was horrible.

We got all set and ready on the boat and we started to back up out of his spot at the dock. But for some reason as we were backing up the engine kept shutting off, and when this happens you can't turn. So we were almost all the way out of this tight spot and the engine shut off and we started to drift towards another boat. My dad started freaking out and I crapped one of the hooks and tried to press against the big boat we were coming up to fast and push us away but I didn't do it fast enough and we hit the boat. My dad looked like he was going to flip out and he was panicing. I pushed us away from the boat and we managed to get out into the water safely after that. But at this point we were all so freaked out and my dad didn't know what to do...we didn't know if we'd be able to get back in. We ancored for awhile so my dad could see if he could get the engine working right again. After awhile we just decided to head all the way out and then worry about getting back in when the time came. So we went ahead and sailed on. We had a wonderful time. The wind was strong and the waves were big. The boat went side ways a few time which totally freaked me out...but it's normal with sailing, I just wasn't used to that much wind. After a few hours we headed back in, I know my dad was freaking out...but luckly we made it back into our spot with no problems at all! After we were done my said said he may sell the boat, that it was just to much work...I really hope he doesnt, we just need more practice!

I love the pics I got

Silly little Landon

Landon is my goofy child. The boys is constantly giggling and acting weird. He loves to play in the bathrooms. He goes in there and wets his hair down or tries to put muse in it. I normally don't like it when he does this but he's not really doing anything wrong so I don't make a big deal of it. Well the other day he came up to me and he had wet his hair down completely and said "so how do I look". I decided to take the comb and make his hair look goofy so here are a few pics

Friday, May 2, 2008

This week

This week I have been imersed in Hula. We have a few things coming up next week. Saturday we are performing at the NN childrens festival, then May 9th we are doing a Habitat for humanity fundraiser...it's Aloha Elvis..so we are dancing the hawaiian wedding song while "elvis" sings it ...should be fun. Anyway we have a rehearsal with Elvis on Tuesday next week as well. So we've been working on some new dances which are complicated and we are having a rough time with them.

Monday we didn't do much, honestly I don't even remember what we did..but I know I had to watch Theseus till 2pm.
Tuesday was a Hula day, was doing that till around 4pm, David drove down, I went home made dinner, then we took a walk around the neighborhood and saw a River Otter in the bay..we thought it was pretty neat.
Wednesday I had to watch Theseus, David took Corbin to go mow my grandmothers lawn. I picked up jack at 3, then got landon and jack ready for their baseball games. We had to be there at 530, then after landon's game I had to pick up Ethan and Theseus...met my mother in NN at a burger king and gave her the baby and Ethan. Then the boys and I drove up further into NN to David's baseball game. He just joined a league with one of his friends and it was his first game.
We were there till almost 10pm. The kids loved watching daddy play, and David actually shocked me at how well he did. It was an exhausting day.
Thursday, was Hula practice again until around 3pm...and then baseball game...we got home around 8pm
Friday, today...I have a headache. I haven't done anything lol I do have hula practice around 530 though.
Tomorrow Saturday I have Landon's game at 9am, then home to get ready for show, then perform at 12pm, then get corbin to the field for his game by 2pm. so by 4pm I should be DONE! lol

Plans have started for Girls weekend in Va beach, and I need it BAD!!! I can't wait