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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great wolf lodge show

Today was our annual Great Wolf Lodge show. They hire my Hula group every year to do their Labor Day Luau. It's our biggest venue. We have been preparing for this show for months with all new dances and all new costumes. The Great wolf lodge is in Williamsburg, it's a popular family resort that has locations around the country check out the website http://www.greatwolf.com/

We always have a wonderful time dancing there. We are paid with passes to their indoor waterpark. Our show was an hour long, which is a big show for us. Our average show is 30mins...so putting together an hour show is a lot of work and quite exhausting to dance I might add. But the performance went great, they loved us and we got to work with our favorite Calypso band again the Calypsonuts!

We got tons of pictures and video...here is just one i'm sure I will add more later when I get them.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer is almost over =(

My days have been filled this past week. Haven't had much time to get online for email or blogging. Thankfully I have a blackberry so I'm able to skim my email throughout the day but I'm not able to delete anything from my aol inbox. So each time I get online I have at least 500 emails I have to sort thru and delete.

This past week David has been working out of Richmond, which is an hour away. But he's been here every night to sleep....it's been great. Next week he'll be back in DC and then finally working here for good! It's been a strange adjustment having him here. We haven't lived together in a year and a half so I had forgotten those little things that irritated me about him lol For example, he's keeps messing with the thermastat. It's quite silly but it drives me nuts. David is a big guy and he likes the house to be cold. Well me and the kids get cold easily and want it warmer. So everyday without me knowing he puts the termastat at 72 which makes the house freezing...I keep telling him to leave it at 74 but he's not listening @@ grrr. I still have some work to do on him lol

Sunday we took the boat out to the little private island at Grandview beach and we camped out. We had a blast! Watching the sunset, fishing after dark, and sitting on the beach watching the sunrise with my instant coffee...awww heaven! The kids had so much fun living on a beach for 2 days they can't wait to go back.

Thursday I met my friend Erica at Busch gardens with the kids. We hadn't been much this year and it was a great day for it. The boys are actually tall enough to ride most things alone now so all 4 of our kids rode everything while we sat and chatted. We took them on Roman rapids where we got soaking wet....the kids wanted to ride a second time so we sent them by themselves..they were thrilled.
The last part of the day was stressful because my son Corbin fainted in the middle of Busch...pretty embarrassing and stressful.
We were walking along a path and Landon tripped and fell. He cut his knee pretty bad as well as his toe. Good amount of blood =( I found a medic standing near by so I went up to him to ask for some help and bandaids. I kept an eye on Corbin because I had a feeling he had seen the blood. I turned to ERica and asked her to watch him. Of course I wasn't specific so she just thought I meant to make sure he doesnt stray from us. Well sure enough about 2mins later I look over and Corbin collapsed. I pretty much dropped Landon and ran to Corbin. Thank goodness Erica was there cause she sat with Landon as he got bandaged up. I had picked up Corbin and sat down on the pavement. The medics were confused but once I explained that my child faints at the sight of blood they were shocked but found it slightly amusing. They made little comments like "wow you have your hands full" and "he'll never be a doctor" lol They were very kind though. Corbin had scrapped up his knee from the fall so they took care of that, got us some water and sat with us till I felt corbin was able to get up. Of course I had to carry him the entire way out of the part which was exhausting.
So far almost all of our friends have witnessed Corbin's fainting spells. I had forgotten that Erica had not. I think we officially freaked her out lol But i'm very grateful she was there to help us out...it would have sucked if I had been alone.

Today my friend Dusty and I took our kids down to Va beach to watch the Surfing competition. We had so much fun. It was a PERFECT day, warm but a nice cool breeze. We got to watch BMX riders, skateboarders and inline skater on the big skate ramp...they put on a show and it was awesome. The kids got to do a rock climbing wall, even have their picture taken and super imposed into a funny picture...all of which was free. They were giving out capri suns...as many as you wanted so the kids loved that.
We then took the kids down to the water to watch the surfers. Ok so the waves were pretty lame but it was a neat experience. The kids had fun playing in the water and covering eachother in sand so they didn't care. I look forward to next years event. I can't believe this is the first year i've learned about it...I've been missing out!

My kids are staying the night at Dustys house so David and I are having a nice romantic dinner at home=)

ps I miss the kids already

Monday, August 11, 2008

One of those days

Today's been one of those days. All I can do is sit back and sigh...LOUDLY. It started this morning when I had to get my Brother to his Math tutor by 11am. We piled in the car and I drove this 10mins or so(taking interstate) to her house. Right after I got off the exit I noticed that my car was starting to overheat. I pulled off the road and we just sat there for a good 10mins. When I felt it was safe I started the car and drove off. It wasn't overheating just yet but I could tell it was on the verge. I called David and he told me to roll the windows down and turn on the heat...that did the trick (or so I thought). I was able to drop Ethan off at Math and then head over to my friends house because offered to watch her dog this week.

I get to her house and head inside. I searched everywhere for the dog food and could not find it. I called her up and told her that I found the food bin but it was empty. I asked her if she had an extra bag somewhere. Of course her reaction was "oh crap". My dear sweet friend Dusty is pregnant with her 4th child and has had some crazy bouts of Preggo brain lately lol This is NOT the first time she's forgotten something like this. So off to the grocery store I went to get her dog some dog food. Of course here I was driving my car even more when clearly I needed to stop.

After getting the dog food and feeding her pets I was headed back home. This was cutting short all the errands I had planned for the day. I asked my sister to follow me to the mechanics to drop my car off. They told me that they could not fit it in today but could get to it first thing. I asked my sister to take me to the bank and then to get slurpees for the kids which I had already promised. She then dropped us off at home. We were then trapped.

Later on I remembered I still had to go back to Dustys to let her dog out one more time for the night. So I called up my Dad and asked him if I could borrow his car for a couple hours. So he came and picked us up and then we dropped him off.

First I headed to pick up something from Freecycle..which turned out to be NOTHING like what I thought it was...I have no use for it now @@ waste of gas.
Then I headed to Dusty's only to find when I got there that I had left my key ring at home which had her house key on it @@ so back home I went and then back to her house I went.
Then I went ot Value city because they were having a $10 rug sale, I really wanted to get the boys an area rug for their room. Of course when I got there all the $10 rugs were gone @@
By this time it was pushing 8pm and we were starving. I had a craving for mexican so I drove to one (to long of a wait), drove to another (to long of a wait), drove to another and we finally were sat. Of course my waiter was super creepy and kept leaning over me in a weird way( I think he was trying to look down my shirt).
We then drove home, had to drop off car with my sister and then walk to my moms and have her drive us home.

In the middle of my not so fun day I got a Hula call that went horribly. It was a very rude, bitchy, mean woman who made me feel like a 2nd grade citizen. Like I was her servant or something. I don't know what her problem was but I got off the phone shaking and almost in tears. As if someone had just screamed at me...she might as well have I think I probably could have handled that better. I've just never dealt with anyone like this before when it came to Hula. People are usually happy when I talk to them not royal bitches!

My day is done, I'm going to sleep and hoping tomorrow will be better!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reasons why you should not live near family

I moved into this new house about 2 weeks ago. I was slowly but surely getting the house straight. A week later David brought all his stuff down from his DC apartment (I then had to start all over). From then on I've been babysitting and helping out family members. Of course a few days after I moved my older sister found an apartment and started her move. Of course before she moved she had to paint @@ ...but of course she couldn't paint on her own...no we all had to help.
I chose to live by family. For the most part it is a wonderful thing...I really do love it. But I also have a big family. We all live in the same neighborhood lol Ok so I am asking for trouble I know.

If I am not helping one sister, I am helping another. If I am not babysitting one nephew, I am babysitting another. Hell most of the time I have them all! Why? Because I can't say no. Today my friend asked me to watch her 3 boys for a few hours...this wasn't a big deal of course because my kids loved it so much. But it was just one more day that I had to entertain children and NOT work on my house.

I am stressed and overwhelmed. It is my own doing by not telling people no. But at the same time how can I tell someone no when they HAVE to leave their child with someone and i'm at home and no one else is. I mean just seems mean to say no. It's not like they are out having fun..they are at jobs, or like one of them they are trying to move. These are things they have to do so i'm at home putting my house together....how could I not watch their kids? But by doing so my house looks the same way it did 2 weeks ago...boxes everywhere.

I'm just exhausted and venting...but all this moving, putting a house together, watching children everyday...I'm burnt out! I need a vacation and I just had one last month =(

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm so upset

My kids broke my digital camera. They didn't just break it a little, they destroyed it. The lens is broke, the glass part of the lens is cracked and chipped. It will not work at all now.

They admit to playing with it, but they had to of dropped it to do this kind of damage and they both say they didn't. Obviously someone is lying. I don't even care about any of that I'm just upset my camera is gone.

When I got it a few years ago it was a $600 camera. As of right now it's outdated(doesnt take long) but I still loved it and it took great pics. I can't go without a camera I use it far to often. But the one I want is over 1,000 so I want to save up for it. So now I need to find a smaller cheaper camera to tide me over.

Any recommendations?

Pool day with friends

Today we went to our neighborhood pool and invited our friends. There was just 4 mom's but a whole lotta kids lol

The kids had a great time jumping off the diving board with their friends, I enjoyed being able to go to the pool yet have company for myself.

We were there for about 3hrs and when I was calling the boys to come get ready to leave Corbin slipped on some water and scraped his knew and ankle. Yes it was bleeding but it was JUST a scrape. My child flipped out. For those that know him, he is very sensitive when it comes to blood. It's not the fact that he hurt himself..but that fact that the pain was accompanied by blood. So of course his face went white, I had to lay him on a lawn chair with a towel pressed to his wounds. He would not let me look at the cut or put a bandaid on it. I gave him his time...but after a good 15mins I said we have to go. I offered to carry him though. So I carried him to the car and I set him in the backseat. He looked down at his cuts and because I had removed the towel they were then fairly red with blood. He took one look at that, turned white and passed out.

I again layed him down in the car, gave him his time, waited for him to wake up and then drove home (just a couple blocks.) Once we got inside I made him walk and he went straight to his bed and fell asleep for about an hour.

This child...man I'm waiting for the day he grows out of this. I'd like to go one time with him hurting himself and him NOT fainting from the site of his own blood. It's so hard to deal with...it's almost always while we are out somewhere. Everytime another child is bleeding I have to watch Corbin very closely in fear that he will faint while on the swings, in a pool, on a ladder...anything. And most of our friends have boys so they get cuts quite often.

I'm just hoping he outgrows it! But until then I'll deal.

Pictures from our visit with friends in July

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hell Hole is gone!

July 31st, Thursday I officially turned in my keys and am done with that crappy rental house I was in. They will be doing the inspection and i'll find out if we get our money back or not in the next month. I don't really care about any of that, I am just thrilled to be rid of it!

I am sad to not be living next door to my parents anymore...while it was slightly embarrassing telling people that my kids really enjoyed it and I found that it took away a lot of the loneliness.

In this new house I am next door to my sister. But my Sister is single, works all the time, has one child but he's with his dad right now. My sister enjoys being alone, so I think we have started to annoy her so i've pulled back. Well that has left me feeling isolated and lonely =(

On the UP side David is officially moving back! He will be back in about 3 weeks. But now that it's so close and I know he's going to be living with us again its made me depressed cause I want it NOW. I still have to wait and it sucks!

Oh Weds David drove down with all of his stuff. I had finally managed to make this house look somewhere put together and David comes with a truck load of crap. I am now overwhelmed all over again. Of course he had to leave the next day so he dumped it and now I have to do all the work @@

While he was here David did something to his back while moving a bed. He didn't know what but he was in a lot of pain. He went to the doctor that night to get it checked out and his Sacro something joint was dislocated. So they popped it back in and gave him meds and some exercises to do. He's still in pain though I feel so bad for him.

Tuesday night I went out to dinner with some friends, 2 of them are pregnant. It was 3hrs of labor talk......lol not cool!

Wednesday night I went out for a couple hrs with some friends...it was enjoyable but not a ton of laughs like I was hoping for.

Tonight I have a show, should be home by 8pm. My Sister Laurens birthday is tomorrow so we ae taking her out ( I don't really want to go out)...but she wants to go. And of course she picks the one location that I do NOT want to be at on a Saturday night @@ But i'll bite my tongue, it's her birthday not mine.

Tomorrow we are going out on the new boat, I am so excited!!!!

I have some pictures to share but I'm to lazy to upload them from my camera....maybe later =)