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Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer is almost over =(

My days have been filled this past week. Haven't had much time to get online for email or blogging. Thankfully I have a blackberry so I'm able to skim my email throughout the day but I'm not able to delete anything from my aol inbox. So each time I get online I have at least 500 emails I have to sort thru and delete.

This past week David has been working out of Richmond, which is an hour away. But he's been here every night to sleep....it's been great. Next week he'll be back in DC and then finally working here for good! It's been a strange adjustment having him here. We haven't lived together in a year and a half so I had forgotten those little things that irritated me about him lol For example, he's keeps messing with the thermastat. It's quite silly but it drives me nuts. David is a big guy and he likes the house to be cold. Well me and the kids get cold easily and want it warmer. So everyday without me knowing he puts the termastat at 72 which makes the house freezing...I keep telling him to leave it at 74 but he's not listening @@ grrr. I still have some work to do on him lol

Sunday we took the boat out to the little private island at Grandview beach and we camped out. We had a blast! Watching the sunset, fishing after dark, and sitting on the beach watching the sunrise with my instant coffee...awww heaven! The kids had so much fun living on a beach for 2 days they can't wait to go back.

Thursday I met my friend Erica at Busch gardens with the kids. We hadn't been much this year and it was a great day for it. The boys are actually tall enough to ride most things alone now so all 4 of our kids rode everything while we sat and chatted. We took them on Roman rapids where we got soaking wet....the kids wanted to ride a second time so we sent them by themselves..they were thrilled.
The last part of the day was stressful because my son Corbin fainted in the middle of Busch...pretty embarrassing and stressful.
We were walking along a path and Landon tripped and fell. He cut his knee pretty bad as well as his toe. Good amount of blood =( I found a medic standing near by so I went up to him to ask for some help and bandaids. I kept an eye on Corbin because I had a feeling he had seen the blood. I turned to ERica and asked her to watch him. Of course I wasn't specific so she just thought I meant to make sure he doesnt stray from us. Well sure enough about 2mins later I look over and Corbin collapsed. I pretty much dropped Landon and ran to Corbin. Thank goodness Erica was there cause she sat with Landon as he got bandaged up. I had picked up Corbin and sat down on the pavement. The medics were confused but once I explained that my child faints at the sight of blood they were shocked but found it slightly amusing. They made little comments like "wow you have your hands full" and "he'll never be a doctor" lol They were very kind though. Corbin had scrapped up his knee from the fall so they took care of that, got us some water and sat with us till I felt corbin was able to get up. Of course I had to carry him the entire way out of the part which was exhausting.
So far almost all of our friends have witnessed Corbin's fainting spells. I had forgotten that Erica had not. I think we officially freaked her out lol But i'm very grateful she was there to help us out...it would have sucked if I had been alone.

Today my friend Dusty and I took our kids down to Va beach to watch the Surfing competition. We had so much fun. It was a PERFECT day, warm but a nice cool breeze. We got to watch BMX riders, skateboarders and inline skater on the big skate ramp...they put on a show and it was awesome. The kids got to do a rock climbing wall, even have their picture taken and super imposed into a funny picture...all of which was free. They were giving out capri suns...as many as you wanted so the kids loved that.
We then took the kids down to the water to watch the surfers. Ok so the waves were pretty lame but it was a neat experience. The kids had fun playing in the water and covering eachother in sand so they didn't care. I look forward to next years event. I can't believe this is the first year i've learned about it...I've been missing out!

My kids are staying the night at Dustys house so David and I are having a nice romantic dinner at home=)

ps I miss the kids already