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Monday, August 11, 2008

One of those days

Today's been one of those days. All I can do is sit back and sigh...LOUDLY. It started this morning when I had to get my Brother to his Math tutor by 11am. We piled in the car and I drove this 10mins or so(taking interstate) to her house. Right after I got off the exit I noticed that my car was starting to overheat. I pulled off the road and we just sat there for a good 10mins. When I felt it was safe I started the car and drove off. It wasn't overheating just yet but I could tell it was on the verge. I called David and he told me to roll the windows down and turn on the heat...that did the trick (or so I thought). I was able to drop Ethan off at Math and then head over to my friends house because offered to watch her dog this week.

I get to her house and head inside. I searched everywhere for the dog food and could not find it. I called her up and told her that I found the food bin but it was empty. I asked her if she had an extra bag somewhere. Of course her reaction was "oh crap". My dear sweet friend Dusty is pregnant with her 4th child and has had some crazy bouts of Preggo brain lately lol This is NOT the first time she's forgotten something like this. So off to the grocery store I went to get her dog some dog food. Of course here I was driving my car even more when clearly I needed to stop.

After getting the dog food and feeding her pets I was headed back home. This was cutting short all the errands I had planned for the day. I asked my sister to follow me to the mechanics to drop my car off. They told me that they could not fit it in today but could get to it first thing. I asked my sister to take me to the bank and then to get slurpees for the kids which I had already promised. She then dropped us off at home. We were then trapped.

Later on I remembered I still had to go back to Dustys to let her dog out one more time for the night. So I called up my Dad and asked him if I could borrow his car for a couple hours. So he came and picked us up and then we dropped him off.

First I headed to pick up something from Freecycle..which turned out to be NOTHING like what I thought it was...I have no use for it now @@ waste of gas.
Then I headed to Dusty's only to find when I got there that I had left my key ring at home which had her house key on it @@ so back home I went and then back to her house I went.
Then I went ot Value city because they were having a $10 rug sale, I really wanted to get the boys an area rug for their room. Of course when I got there all the $10 rugs were gone @@
By this time it was pushing 8pm and we were starving. I had a craving for mexican so I drove to one (to long of a wait), drove to another (to long of a wait), drove to another and we finally were sat. Of course my waiter was super creepy and kept leaning over me in a weird way( I think he was trying to look down my shirt).
We then drove home, had to drop off car with my sister and then walk to my moms and have her drive us home.

In the middle of my not so fun day I got a Hula call that went horribly. It was a very rude, bitchy, mean woman who made me feel like a 2nd grade citizen. Like I was her servant or something. I don't know what her problem was but I got off the phone shaking and almost in tears. As if someone had just screamed at me...she might as well have I think I probably could have handled that better. I've just never dealt with anyone like this before when it came to Hula. People are usually happy when I talk to them not royal bitches!

My day is done, I'm going to sleep and hoping tomorrow will be better!