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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm so upset

My kids broke my digital camera. They didn't just break it a little, they destroyed it. The lens is broke, the glass part of the lens is cracked and chipped. It will not work at all now.

They admit to playing with it, but they had to of dropped it to do this kind of damage and they both say they didn't. Obviously someone is lying. I don't even care about any of that I'm just upset my camera is gone.

When I got it a few years ago it was a $600 camera. As of right now it's outdated(doesnt take long) but I still loved it and it took great pics. I can't go without a camera I use it far to often. But the one I want is over 1,000 so I want to save up for it. So now I need to find a smaller cheaper camera to tide me over.

Any recommendations?


PhatMom said...

Sony Cybershot takes GREAT pics and runs just under $200 if you get the one that is 7.1 megapixels.

JMO but I would have beat my kids' butts for breaking my camera!!! I have a Sony Mavica that was about $700 six years ago that takes awesome pictures and if they broke THAT one, I would tanned all 3 of their butts in a heartbeat even though I have my little Cybershot digital that takes really nice pics as well.