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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reasons why you should not live near family

I moved into this new house about 2 weeks ago. I was slowly but surely getting the house straight. A week later David brought all his stuff down from his DC apartment (I then had to start all over). From then on I've been babysitting and helping out family members. Of course a few days after I moved my older sister found an apartment and started her move. Of course before she moved she had to paint @@ ...but of course she couldn't paint on her own...no we all had to help.
I chose to live by family. For the most part it is a wonderful thing...I really do love it. But I also have a big family. We all live in the same neighborhood lol Ok so I am asking for trouble I know.

If I am not helping one sister, I am helping another. If I am not babysitting one nephew, I am babysitting another. Hell most of the time I have them all! Why? Because I can't say no. Today my friend asked me to watch her 3 boys for a few hours...this wasn't a big deal of course because my kids loved it so much. But it was just one more day that I had to entertain children and NOT work on my house.

I am stressed and overwhelmed. It is my own doing by not telling people no. But at the same time how can I tell someone no when they HAVE to leave their child with someone and i'm at home and no one else is. I mean just seems mean to say no. It's not like they are out having fun..they are at jobs, or like one of them they are trying to move. These are things they have to do so i'm at home putting my house together....how could I not watch their kids? But by doing so my house looks the same way it did 2 weeks ago...boxes everywhere.

I'm just exhausted and venting...but all this moving, putting a house together, watching children everyday...I'm burnt out! I need a vacation and I just had one last month =(