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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great wolf lodge show

Today was our annual Great Wolf Lodge show. They hire my Hula group every year to do their Labor Day Luau. It's our biggest venue. We have been preparing for this show for months with all new dances and all new costumes. The Great wolf lodge is in Williamsburg, it's a popular family resort that has locations around the country check out the website http://www.greatwolf.com/

We always have a wonderful time dancing there. We are paid with passes to their indoor waterpark. Our show was an hour long, which is a big show for us. Our average show is 30mins...so putting together an hour show is a lot of work and quite exhausting to dance I might add. But the performance went great, they loved us and we got to work with our favorite Calypso band again the Calypsonuts!

We got tons of pictures and video...here is just one i'm sure I will add more later when I get them.


Janna said...

You all look lovely!