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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Right before dinner this evening Corbin came to me and asked if we could make something with Lego's after dinner. I told him that would be fine and I went ahead with dinner. Well I wasn't prepared for what Corbin had in mind when he said "make something with lego's".

After dinner he brought me a pad of paper which had his "blueprint" of what we were to build. This was a sketch of a Rollercoaster that he wanted to build with Legos. I looked at him like he was crazy........a rollercoaster with legos??? I had no clue if it was even possible. He insisted that we try so all I could say was "OK, lets get to work".

This took WAY longer then I thought it would. We worked on it for an hour. Or should I said "I" worked on it for an hour. Landon watched, and Corbin basically dictated how it was to be built. He informed me that he was the boss because it was HIS design lol

I let the boys stay up well past their bedtime just so we could get the rollercoaster done, and we did! Not sure how long it's going to last. The kids are now in bed and I can't move the thing without breaking it. I have a feeling the dog is going to knock it over when I let him in...kids won't be happy.

Check out our masterpiece!

Chuck E Cheese from HELL

Today I had planned on spending the day at the beach. Saturday was nice, sunny , and hot...I guess I assumed that today would be the same. WRONG! I woke up this morning and it was cold and overcast. So the beach was out of the question. I had promised the kids the beach or CEC(chuck e cheeses).

So once I saw that it was nasty outside I knew I had no choice but to attempt CEC. I able to stall and avoid it until around 4pm. I figured lunch rush would be over and to early for dinner. I still had left over tokens from the last time we had went, as well as a birthday coupons for 20more free tokens. I had it planned out, so no money outa my pocket. We get to CEC and I got an awesome parking spot right up front. I figured it couldn't be that busy...@@ ya right. I got in the door and it was PACKED. Now i've seen it packed before so that wasn't that big of a deal. It was the people that were there. It started right away as I was standing in line to get my free tokens. I was about 3 families back from the counter when I first stepped in line. After I got in line I guess more people had formed an even longer line behind me. They had another cashier open up a register. I guess to some people this meant that 2 lines were being formed. So all the people behind me cut ahead of me and went to the 2nd register. I just rolled my eyes and let it go.
We walked around the place looking for something to play. All the games were taken up by people, there was nothing free. The stuff that was free was out of order...the majority of games were out of order. So we had to wait until something came available.
The entire time we were there kids were running around like wild animals, bumping into us, stepping on my toes (I was wearing flip flops), kids were standing over my boys trying to get them to stop playing a game so they could take it. My kids looked scared. At one point these two little boys were trying to beat eachother up. Landon and I were standing playing a game and these boys kept smashing into my back. They were no more then 6yrs old. At first I thought they were playing, and a woman who may have been a mother told them to calm down. But they kept hitting me. So Landon and I walked away...well this fight continues and followed us. At one point I turned around they looked like they were about to cry so I started to say something to them to get them to stop but they both ran away. I was just in shock that their parents hadn't stopped them.
We didn't stay long, just about an hour cause I just couldn't take it anymore. We then stood in line so the kids could spend their tickets. I stood there and waited and right as it was our turn up next some other family cut in front of me and the CEC associate was actually about to help them...but I had had enough so I stepped up and said I was next (in a fairly rude tone). They looked at me like I was a bitch but oh well I just wanted to get outa there.
I normally enjoy going there. The kids and I have fun. But never ever ever again will I go on a weekend.

Midtown Center 10th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday was a busy day. Landon's baseball game was at 9am. After the game we had to drive David to his car. He had left it at my mother's work when he borrowed a truck to get me a new washing machine. After we dropped David off and said our goodbyes we came home and I tried to take a nap. I was so tired, the night before I didn't get much sleep. With David in my bed is crowded enough..but for some reason by morning both boys had crawled in as well. I had to start getting ready for a Hula show around 12pm....then I had to get Corbin to his baseball game by 130. It was sooooooo hot outside. I was sitting on the bleachers sweating! I had my stage makeup on and I could feel myself sweating it off. The game ended around 4pm and Neely and I left straight from there to head to the show. I was still really hot from the game. We got to the Midtown center and I had to carry our Hula bin from the parking lot and thru a crowd of people into the building. Normally it takes two poeple to carry this thing but Neely couldn't help me and it was just the two of us. So once we got in the building I was sweating again. Luckily we had a good 30mins before we had to go on so I was able to relax a little in a chilly conference room.

This show was for the Midtown centers 10th anniversary. They had all different kinds of demonstrations and performances. The celebration was Luau themed yet I felt like we weren't utilized in a more central area like we should have been. We were stuck in the same dance room as all the other performances were. We could have added so much more to thier event if they had utilized us better. So we went on in the dance room ....it was a tiny room with lots of mirrors. Hardly any place for people to sit or stand. So our audience was very small. We did great...but we left there feeling disapointed. Hopefully next time Midtown has something going on they will give us a better place to dance.

Va Beach

David drove down on Wed night and left early Sat morning. Thursday we stayed home and he did yard work and I cleaned the house. Then we went to Corbin's baseball game that evening. Friday DAvid and I took the kids down to Va beach. We don't go all the way down there very often cause it's about 40mins away. But whenever we go we always have a great time. The weather was nice but had a chill to the air. Of course this didn't stop the boys from playing in the water (David included). I was smart and brought towels and a change of clothes for the boys just in case....I knew they wouldn't be able to resist lol We had a great time building sand castles (I didn't get a picture of, once my hands were sandy I didn't want to touch the camera).

As we were walking thru the sand down to the water we passed many people laying out on towels. We just happen to walk right by this guy and girl laying out....as we got closer and passed them I noticed that this girl was laying on her stomach and she was wearing a thong bikini......I rushed the boys passed them as fast as I could....David and I just looked at eachother and started laughing...I was irritated but at the same time it was slightly humerous. They banned thong bikini's a long time ago from beaches...guess this girl didn't care.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today was a beautiful day. It was in the low 70's and sunny. For the first half of the day I was babysitting my nephew, had to take Landon to his speech lesson as well as sit thru an IEP meeting. So come 2pm when Marisha got home I was free to do what I wanted. I had to wait until 330 when I picked up Jack. Once I got Jack we headed to the beach....well first I hit the Dollar tree for some new sand pails and shovels.

We had a great time, we attempted to build sand castles but it just wasn't working for us. The kids got bored and decided to run thru the water instead. They were all soaking wet. Luckily my car is filled with crap so I had a blanket to lay down in the backseat of my car.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Corbin will never be a doctor

I was sitting here on the couch looking thru my Good Housekeeping magazine and Corbin can running into the room. He said "I need help"...with panic in his voice. So I of course jumped up and said "what?". He was holding his foot and about to cry...he said he had cut his foot. I saw the panic in his face and I KNEW what was coming. So I picked him up and laid him on the couch. I looked at his foot and there was a TINY drop of blood coming from a TINY spot on his foot lol Right as I started pressing a napkin to this TINY spot I saw him go out. He fainted...I knew it was coming. His body goes stiff, his eyes stair into space and dialate. This lasts for about 10seconds and then you see the confused look come to his face. So after his passed out he just laid on the couch for a while until he felt better. While he's doing this he cries and covers his face. I tried to show him that it was just a tiny spot on his foot and the blood was gone..but he flipped out and started yelling at me so I just let it go. This happens pretty much everytime he cuts himself. He's not as bad when it's someone else...but if it's HIS blood then he freaks out. Nose bleeds don't seem to bother him as much, I think it's because there is no pain involved with it...but if it's a cut then he's out like a light. Poor Jack had to walk to Hannah's house in the rain today because of the fainting episode...I wasn't able to meet him at the school in time...he was soaking wet when I picked him up from Hannah's lol I wonder what kind of profession Corbin will go into....certainly nothing that involves blood...so no Doctor for him. Of course I don't think i'd ever want him to be a doctor anyway .....they are brainwashed lol

Balloon Rockets

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Elephant painting

This elephant can paint better than I can!

YouTube - Elephant Painting

Birthday party today

Eating cake

Jacob ~ he LOVES army stuff

Noveigh, Noah, Corbin and Landon


Today was my friend Dusty's son Jacobs 7th birthday party. The kids had a blast as they do at all birthday parties. Here are some pictures and video clips. The dog is Dusty's...he was pushing the toy car around the backyard and I thought it was hilarious so I had to film it. Freeze dance video is dark but the lighting in the house wasn't great.

Hula video

Check out one of our Hula dances from the Childrens Festival.

This is Neely, Hannah and Krista....You can see me standing there in the Tahitian costume.


Longest day ever!

This past
Saturday had to be the longest and most exhausting day of my life................ Ok well maybe the day Corbin was born was the longest most exhausting day, but this one was a close 2nd.

My day started by having both the boys up and ready in their baseball uniforms by 7am....this of course was after poker night lol

Corbin and Landon had their picture day for baseball. They had to be at the field by 715am. I hadn't slept very well the night before. I got home around 120am, my bedroom was really hot and I kept waking up. So I was dragging really bad Saturday morning. So after pictures I had to get Landon to the OTHER baseball field for his game at 830am. So I sat at the field from 830 to 10am when his game was over. As I was sitting there Lauren came over to the small field to say HI. Jack was having a game at the same time on the big field. So after Landon's game at 10am we walked over to the see a bit of Jack's game. I stayed there till about 1030 and then headed home.

the boys played outside while I went to my mom's for some coffee(which I desperately needed). Corbin's game was at 12pm but had to be there ata 1130, so my Dad took him because I had to get ready for my Hula show. Landon and I headed home so I could shower and get ready.

At 1230pm I was ready to go....I dropped Landon off with my Mother and then headed to Neely's. I met the other girls there and we all drove to downtown Hampton in my car.

We got to the Childrens Festival and it was packed. We had a hard time finding a parking spot. We ended up parking at the very top of the parking garage and there was no elavator to the bottom. So we had to walked the entire way down pulling the cart of our Hula stuff (I had to pull it @@). We have two preggo girls, neely who is still recovering from back surgery, Hannah had tobey with her....you guess who had to do all the dirty work lol

So we fought our way to the stage only to find that there was no changing tent when we were told there would be one. We had to go change behind a truck that was behind the porta potties.

Right after we talked tot he sound guy, got changed and got back to the stage it was time for us to go on. We got on stage, we get thru the first dance, and then it's time for Me and Dusty's Tahitian. The music comes on and its not our song!!! I was panicing. I looked at the sound guy and was like "it's the wrong song". he said it's the track you said to play...so I told him tos tart it over. So basically Dusty and I had to do our dance to the wrong song....of course with panic on our faces. I was mortified!!!! We looked horrible and scared to death..it was a train wreck. After our dance the other girls did another Hula nd then it was time for speaking part. Neely apologized to the crowd for the music mix up. The show continued as planned and we ended it on a great note...everyone loved it. But I couldn't help but walking away completely embarrassed.

What turned to be the cause of the mishap was Neely lol She had grabbed the wrong CD. She apologized over and over..she felt horrible. It was something that had never happened to us before. It was a lesson learned.......if that ever happens again we know what to do......Freestyle!

Ok so when the Childrens fest show was done, I was designated to go get the car @@ So I had to fight the crowd back to the parking garage, then up two levels till I found the stairs and then up another 5 flights. When I got to the top I felt like I was going to pass out. Oh and did I forget to mention this was one of our HOTTEST days so far. So I got the car out and picked up the girls. Then we had to leave right away to head to Suffolk which is thru the tunnel. We got to our 2nd show round 3pm.

This show was for a boy's 16th birthday. The neighborhood was amazing, their house was the smallest in the subdivition but was still huge! They had us dancing on sement and in the direct sun. Their stereo went out during our first dance. The second it happened I was thinking "OMG not again". But once they got another stereo we went thru the show as planned and we nailed everything! They loved us! We officially embarrassed the 16yr old boy.......but his family members got a kick out of it. His Mother enjoyed the show and clearly felt like she got her money worth cause she tipped us $50.

We left around 430pm to head home. After dropping everyone off I got home around 530pm. I felt like my body was going to give out! I seriously felt like I couldn't move. I got the kids home and made chinese for dinner. Then the kids and I crawled in my bed around 830, I stuck in the movie BIG FISH and we went to bed. I know I was asleep before 930 ( I NEVER go to bed that early). I woke up today feeling great, my legs are kinda sore though but other then that I'm well rested.

So that was my 2nd longest and exhausted day ever! lol

attached are some pics from the Childrens festival.

Poker night!

Once a month my playgroup holds a "Poker Night". We all take turns hosting. We have SO much fun. We talk, laugh, act stupid.....we actually play very little poker. Last Poker night was at held at Neely's house. We had so much fun my stomach hurt so bad from laughing. This past Friday night it was hosted by my friend Rachael. It ended up being a pretty short night. We didn't get there till almost 9pm due to Hula practice. Then we all sat and ate all of our goodies we brought. Then we finally got to playing poker and I ended up losing 4 of my 5bucks lol We left by 1230 cause we had two hula shows the next day. Either way we had a great time and some laughs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Professional Cooker

So I walked into the kitchen today only to find a HUGE mess all over my stove.

Earlier today Corbin informed me that he was a "Professional Cooker". While Landon told me he was a "Professional Thinker".....no clue what that is but he said he has to think of things lol

Back to Corbin..........so I didn't really think he meant this literally. But as I stood in my kitchen starring at this mess I realized what he was talking about. He had taken one of my pots, and made a pretend meal in it. Inside the pot were broken up crackers, water, and looked like a little of EVERY seasoning I have.
All the jars were taken off my spice rack. The celery salt jar is almost completely empty! Why did he have to waste one of the few spices I actually use @@

Why????? why are they doing this stuff to me lately. I'm working so hard on getting the house clean and organized and they constantly make NEW messes. And now just little messes like toys or books. But huge messes with MY stuff.
UGH @@ I'm having a bad week lol
Anyone know a good joke? I need a laugh.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hand painted eggs

Today we had our weekly Hula Meeting. I was there till around 3pm but we didn't even get much done other then a lineup for one of our upcoming shows. I don't care for days like that. It seems like we waste so much time talking about stuff that is not even Hula related. Dusty one of my Hula sisters is 6weeks pregnant and decided to have a homebirth. This is her 4th child, and decided to try something different I guess. Well the first half of the meeting was spent talking to her about this and sharing our stories and knowledge. While that is great and all, we got very little work done because of it.

I picked up Jack from school at 3pm and headed home with all the kids. I realized as I walked in my front door that my Mantle in my dining room looked different. After studying it for a while I realized why. I had two hand painted eggs hanging on hooks and they were gone. These were made by Hannah. She had blown out the yolk and hand painted them for Easter. She let us pick which ones we wanted to keep. I picked out my favorite and had decided to display them on my mantle. After I noticed they were gone I started to panic and asked the kids where they went. The boys admitted to smashing them!!! Omg I was sooooooooooooo mad. I guess Jack had done it first "Cause he felt like it" as he put it. Then I believe Corbin did the 2nd one...most likely to look cool like Jack.

I was holding back tears, and swear words as I dealt with them. Why are boys so distructive? I just don't understand why anyone would do that. I basically had to get the boys out of my face or I was going to blow up at them. I sent Corbin to his room to clean it. I sent Jack on the front porch to clean and sweep, and Landon had the dining room (for not telling on the boys).
I guess I really scared the boys because they all did what I said without a single complaint. They knew they had done wrong!

Can you tell what kind of a week i've had? Man I need a night out!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Busch Gardens today

Today we went to Busch Gardens. Me and my boys, my sister Hannah and her son Tobey. It was overcast and chilly but we still went.
We had a great time, we rode all our favorite rides, took some pics, played same games.
I actually got Landon on some rides he never rode before. Corbin is my timid child....he's tall enough to ride some big rides but he's to scared to. But Landon, he's up for almost anything. This year he's finally tall enough!!
So I got him on the battering ram...which is the big swinging boat. He LOVED it and rode it 3 times in a row. Then Devinci's cradle which is another form of the boat but it looks like a magic carpet and it goes in a circle...really makes your stomach drop...he loved it and rode it twice.
He rode a 3D ride with me. I was going to get him in the Big bad wolf (roller coaster) but the line was long and I knew tobey wouldn't handle the wait very well.
I was so excited to ride these with him. I hope at some point Corbin will have the courage to ride them as well...but if he never does that's cool too. I am totally ok with him not liking rides like these...but it's the fear that hold him back from even trying that bothers me. I want to push him past his own fear so he can then determine what he likes or doesn't. If he never tries, he'll never know.

Anyway..........We had a great time. We put Tobey on some kiddie rides. Hannah thought he would freak but turns out he loves them! He cried when we had to take him off each ride.

I let the boys play a game in the Oktoberfest area. I never do this lol I hate wasting the money. But I went ahead and let them play and of course they lost and we walked away empty handed. But it was 2minutes of fun that they will remember lol
As we were leaving I let them pick out something from the candy shop. Corbin got a lollipop and Landon got this little candy thing shaped like a baby bottle.

I'll post some pics when I get them from Hannah's camera.

Homeschooling Woes

Sometimes I wonder if I have the patience for homeschooling =(

I think I was meant to homeschool a girl, they are so much easier. They WANT to learn, they cooperate, they have a longer attention span, they generally better at things then boys are. They are sharper and understand things faster.....ugh

I'm so frustrated with them right now....it took them both an hour to get one sheet of paper done. I'm working on their writing which they are horrible at. Corbin had to write the same 5 sentences over and over agains like 6 times cause he couldn't get it right. Each time I went over it with him again and how to do it correctly and each time he wouldn't do what we talked about.

He would get punctuation right but all the letters would be in caps. Then he'd write the letters correctly but no punctuation or he'd be missing a word. Or he'd write U instead of YOU. A lot of the times it was his spacing. All the words would be jumbled together like one long word and I couldn't read it. So then he'd correct that but just correcting that would screw him up on 3 other things.
He's 7.5 he should be able to write 5 sentences correctly....just frustrates me.

My kids and Presidents

So today we sat down and did lesson on the Presidents of the united states. We broke out our Presidents floor puzzle and went at it. The kids had a great time putting the puzzle together. And after it was all done we went thru each President one by one. Landon of course had no interest in any of it...but I made him sit with us anyway lol Corbin cared more about the more recent Prisidents then the old ones...but that's to be expected. He liked the idea of them all having a number, he seemed to take to that well. The kids couldn't help but comment on their funny hair styles and how some of them looked "creepy", I have to agree.

We learned little fun facts about each President on a website we found. We learned whether they liked Ice cream or mexican food. What their favorite pet's name was, or what their occupation was before become President. These details were the most interesting to the kids. Of course the fact that 4 of our Presidents were assassinated seemed to spark an interest in Corbin, hope that's not a bad thing lol

They are finishing up their writing assignment and then we are out of the house for the day......Most likely heading to Busch gardens!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baseball Day

Today was Baseball day. Man am I exhausted. Right now we have 5 kids in the family playing in the Wythe little league.

Landon had a game at 9am, Corbin and Noveigh's game was at 1pm, Ethan and Jack's game was at 10am. The fields are all in the same area....one is the bigger field and then a smaller field behind it.

Landon had to be there at 830am, but because I stayed up to late last night we slept in. I woke up at 830 to Landon saying "Mommy what about my game". I felt horrible as my little guy was looking me with a sad look on his face. I jumped outa bed and ran around the house to get us all ready and out the door as fast as I could. Luckily the baseball fields are literally a minute down the street. We managed to get there at around 850am....game didn't start till 9 so we made it on time...but we were late for his warm up. Thank goodness he's only in Tball or he would have been yelled at for being late.
His game lasted about an hour, and right when his was done...Ethan and Jack's was starting. They are playing in the Majors this season so their games are pretty intense....and very entertaining.
Ethan and Jack are on different teams this year....and today's game their teams were playing eachother. So we stayed to watch. We walked over to the big field and sat with my parents and sisters who were already there. Their games last about 3hrs....by 12pm I had to leave to go get Corbin ready for his game.
We came home, got Corbin in his uniform and I fed them lunch....then back to the ball field we went....we had to be there by 1230.
Corbin and Noveigh's game started at 1pm and lasted till 3pm. The sun was shining the entire time we were there. It got pretty warm today too, well into the 70's. So I was out sitting at the baseball fields from 9am to 3pm. I now have a sunburn lol My first bit of sun of the season...i'm pretty happy about it. I'll get a headstart on my tan just attending the kids games!
Toward the end of Corbin and Noveigh's game we saw the clouds rolling in. And as we were leaving and walking to my car it started raining....talk about a close call. I'm so happy it held out for us. I was worried their game would get canceled. Once we got home it was storming, but a wonderful summer storm. It was warm rain, and you could still see the sun peeking thru the clouds. I couldn't help but stop and dance in it with the kids before heading inside =)

Even though I basically sat on bleachers all day, I can't help but feel incredibly exhausted from the long day. It was fun though, I love baseball and I love watching my kids play!

Friday, April 11, 2008

"How does she move her hips like that?"

We had a Hula gig tonight. It was for a man's 50th birthday party. The woman who hired us was refered to us by a friend so we had to lower our price...we only got $100 from the show...split 5 ways lol Eh...some gas money at least.

The show went great though. It was a wonderful crowd...alcohol was involved...that always helps livin people up lol

We leid the birthday boy in the beginning while he sat in a chair in the middle of the dance floor. This was a first for us, but his wife insisted. We were informed when we got there that we were a surprise for him...lol um little awkward but turned out ok....nothing dirty lol

One of our first dances we do we call the "3 part". Basically its 3 different types of songs put into one. It starts with a nice slow Hula...which dusty did great at. Then a faster up beat Hula that Krista did with Uli Uli's which are hula impliments. And then the last part is a drum beat which is the part I always do. When it got to my part and I started dancing the crowd went crazy. They were screamin and hollaring. I heard woman say "omg how does she move her hips like that". Yeah yeah so my head swelled a little lol That right there set the tone for the rest of the show.

The poeple there loved us, we had great participation in our contest and game. We had people asking us about other events they have in the future....so YAY most likely future shows from this one gig. That's what makes these private shows great. If we impress them enough they will tell everyone they know. We got so many compliments tonight it was amazing. And not just the generic "you guys were great" that all performers tend to get. But we had poeple going into detial as to WHY we were great lol pretty cool =)

This was the first show Neely has done since her surgery. She actually did two dances which is pretty awesome. I have a feeling she'll be hurtin in the morning...but oh so worth it I'm sure.

So 1 down, next show is the 19th....we have two in one day so it's going to be stressful....but this is what it's all about....this is what we love to do. Each year we'll get better, each year we'll be more well known, and each year we'll build onto our shows. It's pretty exciting. I hope i'm doing this till I can't physically do it anymore!

My tv addiction

Ok so I am SO thrilled the writers strike is over! My shows are now coming back, they start this month. Yes it's a little pathetic that I'm getting this excited over a couple tv shows. But I can't help it. I have to know what's going on in Wysteria lane, and how my favorite doctors are doing in Greys anatomy....and don't get my starter on the Walkers in brothers and sisters...man I miss them! Life will finally get back to normal when I can sit and fold laundry while watching my shows! Hey at least i'm some what productive while I do it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My horoscope for today (Thursday)


Today, someone you love may need some cheering up. They are doubting themselves a little bit right now, and you are in the best position to put them back on the track to self-reliance. You've been where they are right now, so you have unique insight on how they are feeling. Lend your support. You can start with a relaxed conversation about their problems. You don't have to take on the burden of solving their problems -- you just have to get them talking. That's all they need

This is so true for me today. One of my very close friends has been having a really hard time today. She has 3 kids and just found out she's pregnant with #4. She was trying for this baby and really wanted it...but now she's doubting herself.

She's been going thru some depression, and everything she has told me lately about how she's feeling is exactly how I've felt in the recent past. She has confided in me and i've been able to sit down and have some heart to hearts with her. And I hope that i've made her feel better. It's hard watching a friend go thru a rough time. I don't really know what to say to her other then "I've been there", and "this to shall pass".

I read this horoscope tonight and it fit things from today so well!

My day

Today we spent the day out of the house. We left this morning around 11am, packed with our sack lunches to my friend Dusty's house. We have a Hula show tomorrow night and Dusty and I are doing a Tahitian Duet. We needed to run over a few details before the show. So we hung out at her house for a couple hours and practices while the kids played outside. It was the first sunny day in over a week. We had some really nasty weather that has passed through here recently. We've been trapped inside, all baseball games have been canceled. So we were thrilled when we woke up this morning to the sun shining!

Around 1:30pm we all headed over to Deer park. Dusty and I met Neely, our friends Rachael and Rachel there. It was SO nice out. It actually got hot. Kids were complaining that they had to much clothes on lol I believe it got up to around 75degrees today. Our weather is so strange here. One day it will be 40degrees and the next 80...you just never know.

We stayed at the park till around 4pm and then headed home. I got Corbin ready for his baseball game and got him there by 5pm. The game was great, Corbin did awesome I was so proud of him!

We got home around 7pm, made dinner, watched american idol, got kids ready for bed, we read and did landon's speech exercises, and then off to bed they went.

And now i'm chillin!!!

Just thought i'd share my day =)

I'd love to be able to add pictures to my posts like Janna does but I think I left my camera in Neely's car and I haven't had it for over 2 weeks. I should probably go look for it huh?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On a mission!

So I am on a mission to lose weight! Over the last year I have gained about 15-20lbs. That is A LOT!!!!!!!! But in my defense over the last year my life has been a roller coaster. I have been thru huge amounts of stress, life changing events, depression...you name it, I felt it.

My eating habits have not changed at all so I can't blame it on that. If anything they are SO much better then they used to be. Now my activity level is different. Before I was taking dance classes two nights a week. I had tons of hula practices....a good 4hrs of dancing a week. Then we started teaching classes so then I was dancing 3hrs straight every friday. And that's not including the normal everyday activities.

Well now i'm not taking any classes, and only dancing I seem to do is a minimal on tuesdays, or other rehearsals for shows, and AT shows. It's cut down dramatically. I had to stop teaching the classes when I started working...so now Hannah and Neely do that.

So take all of these things and put them together...and this is why i've gained so much. I put alot of it on stress and depression.

My life seems to be getting better, i'm happier now. So now i'm determined to get this weight off. I don't feel comfortable in my own body anymore. All my clothes fit differently so I find that I just want to wear sweats all the time...cause at least then I don't feel fat. But then I feel frumpy all the time. So it's time for a change.

I have been watching what I eat, and my portion sizes. I'm only eating small meals, and every few hours. I still need to up my workouts...but that takes more motivation so i'm still working on that.

I can do it!!! I have alot of things that I want to do this summer and this weight has made me dread it all and I don't want to dread it....I want to be excited. I want to look forward to summer instead of dreading putting on a swimsuit. I just hate feeling like this and I want it to change...and obviously it's not going to just change for me...I have to make it happen!

So wish me luck....and if anyone wants to be my weight loss buddy let me know!

Months are filling up fast

Ohana Mau Loa is getting booked for some really neat shows lately. Just the other day I got a call from a woman named Kathy. She works for a booking agency in the area. She was refered to us by the Calypo nuts (an entertainment group we've worked with a few times). Well she was calling me because a Timeshare resort in Va beach is looking for some Hula dancers to come to their resort every Monday night for about 4hrs. We would put leis on the guests, do a short performance and then mingle. Sounds like a great atmosphere and alot of fun. Not including the fact that it's a paid gig and will least all summer! I really hope it works out cause it would be so much fun for our group!

Yesterday I spoke with a man who is doing a benifit concert thru Habitat for Humanity. He is an elvis impersonator and is doing a full Elvis in Hawaii concert. It's being held at the VA culteral arts center which is a huge venue for us. After speaking with him I got very excited. What he wants us to do is come on stage with him during one of his songs and dance while he sings. He will give me the music ahead of time of course so we can choreograph the dance. And then we will be doing one of our normal Hula's to open up their reception after the concert. This of course is a free show, but it's huge exposure for us. There will be about 500 people there including the Mayor of Suffolk and some other VIP's!

How cool is that? I'm just so thrilled for our group! Of course two of our girls are pregnant and my sister is still recovering from back surgery. That puts alot of pressure on myself and Hannah.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I have a wonderful group of friends. I have a group of "close" friends. The ones who know the most about me. The ones that don't judge me, and are always there for me. They mean the world to me.
I have friends who I call my "hanging out" friends. They are the ones who I enjoy being around, I enjoy their company. But I wouldn't sit down and tell them my problems or anything.
I also have my "going out" friends. They are the ones I'll call only when i'm going out for a girl's night out, and want more personalities to add to the evening.
As woman we can have all sorts of relationships with other woman. When we are having fun with our kids, or even without our kids we all do great getting along with other woman. But take a business, throw in a group of woman, a bunch of different personalities, a bunch of different likes and dislikes, opinions.....oh geez all hell breaks loose.
Why can't we figure out how to work well together. Why do we all want our opinion heard and then get offended when others don't like what we have to say? Why do we all want to be in control of everything?
I am so stressed right now. Today has been one of the worst in awhile. My Hula company is under a great deal of stress right now. We have 5 girls, all bring something different to the table. We have 5 different opinions, 5 different ideas. We struggle alot of the time working as a group. We all have our jobs, we all know what we are in charge of. But being a woman we all want to oversee it all. We all want that bit of control to make sure ALL jobs are getting done the way we THINK they should be. How do we let go of the control and let everyone do their job and we only concentrate on our own.
We also have the talking....the constant talking and venting about the other person. I got the brunt of this today. My phone was ringing off the hook today. First from one Hula sister saying "this person said this and i'm so mad"....then that other person calling me saying "omg I don't know how to deal with her anymore". Then another saying "if these girls don't start getting along then it's going to end badly".....it was just one thing after another today. And it lasted ALL the way till 9pm tonight. It basically ended with me being put in the middle and one girl asking me to write the other girl and email cause I know how to approach things in a nicer way..and if she does it herself she'll just go off on her and then it will turn into a fight. Ugh I'm sooooooo frustrated.
Honestly, i'm frustrated with both of these girls and I have my own issues with both of them lol
I hate this! Hula was supposed to be fun, it was supposed to be our escape from the stresses of our everyday life. But at this point it has brought me more stress, not less.

Why can't we all just get along??

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My little ball players

Both my boys are playing baseball this season. They have only every played Soccer...which they love. But I decided they needed to try a different sport. Landon is playing Tball, and Corbin is playing Machine pitch as well as his cousin Noveigh.
Both of the kids just had their first game this week.
I don't have pictures of Landon just yet but here are a couple pics of Corbin playing.
Isn't he the cutest little ball player!!!!!! He is the shortest one on his team, a good head under all the kids...which just makes him even cuter lol

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April fools day!

So I'm a mean mom and played a joke on the kids yesterday.

David and I sat down with the boy, we pulled them in from playing outside. We told them we had something very serious to talk about.

I had a hard time hiding my smiles but I told them we had to find a bigger house, because we would be adding another member to our family. They didn't understand that so I came out and said "I'm having a baby". I thought they would be mad, but in fact they were happy lol

They started going on and on about how they want a girl, and how we have to many boys in the family.

Once I felt it had gone on long enough, David and I said "guess what?"....they asked what and we yelled "April fools day".

They started laughing and saying "man you got us"!!