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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Homeschooling Woes

Sometimes I wonder if I have the patience for homeschooling =(

I think I was meant to homeschool a girl, they are so much easier. They WANT to learn, they cooperate, they have a longer attention span, they generally better at things then boys are. They are sharper and understand things faster.....ugh

I'm so frustrated with them right now....it took them both an hour to get one sheet of paper done. I'm working on their writing which they are horrible at. Corbin had to write the same 5 sentences over and over agains like 6 times cause he couldn't get it right. Each time I went over it with him again and how to do it correctly and each time he wouldn't do what we talked about.

He would get punctuation right but all the letters would be in caps. Then he'd write the letters correctly but no punctuation or he'd be missing a word. Or he'd write U instead of YOU. A lot of the times it was his spacing. All the words would be jumbled together like one long word and I couldn't read it. So then he'd correct that but just correcting that would screw him up on 3 other things.
He's 7.5 he should be able to write 5 sentences correctly....just frustrates me.


Janna said...

We could trade! Girls come with the attitude that they know everything, ya know! Do that same exercise with girls and you could have the whining and little mind games. The grass is always greener, right?

Angela said...

Oh thank goodness, my boy is not the only one!!!!