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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On a mission!

So I am on a mission to lose weight! Over the last year I have gained about 15-20lbs. That is A LOT!!!!!!!! But in my defense over the last year my life has been a roller coaster. I have been thru huge amounts of stress, life changing events, depression...you name it, I felt it.

My eating habits have not changed at all so I can't blame it on that. If anything they are SO much better then they used to be. Now my activity level is different. Before I was taking dance classes two nights a week. I had tons of hula practices....a good 4hrs of dancing a week. Then we started teaching classes so then I was dancing 3hrs straight every friday. And that's not including the normal everyday activities.

Well now i'm not taking any classes, and only dancing I seem to do is a minimal on tuesdays, or other rehearsals for shows, and AT shows. It's cut down dramatically. I had to stop teaching the classes when I started working...so now Hannah and Neely do that.

So take all of these things and put them together...and this is why i've gained so much. I put alot of it on stress and depression.

My life seems to be getting better, i'm happier now. So now i'm determined to get this weight off. I don't feel comfortable in my own body anymore. All my clothes fit differently so I find that I just want to wear sweats all the time...cause at least then I don't feel fat. But then I feel frumpy all the time. So it's time for a change.

I have been watching what I eat, and my portion sizes. I'm only eating small meals, and every few hours. I still need to up my workouts...but that takes more motivation so i'm still working on that.

I can do it!!! I have alot of things that I want to do this summer and this weight has made me dread it all and I don't want to dread it....I want to be excited. I want to look forward to summer instead of dreading putting on a swimsuit. I just hate feeling like this and I want it to change...and obviously it's not going to just change for me...I have to make it happen!

So wish me luck....and if anyone wants to be my weight loss buddy let me know!


Danielle said...

I need to loose some too but ti feels hopless here. I was workign out doign good hurt myslef nwo i relize my thyroid needs help i don't have Heathy insurance to get that fix and I'm not sweating an di'd like to get osem help weight lost pills maybe but i cna't do that with nurisng and nurisng more inporatant to me than my weight so i keep saying when i'm doen but seeign my body in pic it makes me depressed and i fel tho i still look 6 months pregnant i mena i have had 5 kids in 7 yrs but it worst this time !