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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Busch Gardens today

Today we went to Busch Gardens. Me and my boys, my sister Hannah and her son Tobey. It was overcast and chilly but we still went.
We had a great time, we rode all our favorite rides, took some pics, played same games.
I actually got Landon on some rides he never rode before. Corbin is my timid child....he's tall enough to ride some big rides but he's to scared to. But Landon, he's up for almost anything. This year he's finally tall enough!!
So I got him on the battering ram...which is the big swinging boat. He LOVED it and rode it 3 times in a row. Then Devinci's cradle which is another form of the boat but it looks like a magic carpet and it goes in a circle...really makes your stomach drop...he loved it and rode it twice.
He rode a 3D ride with me. I was going to get him in the Big bad wolf (roller coaster) but the line was long and I knew tobey wouldn't handle the wait very well.
I was so excited to ride these with him. I hope at some point Corbin will have the courage to ride them as well...but if he never does that's cool too. I am totally ok with him not liking rides like these...but it's the fear that hold him back from even trying that bothers me. I want to push him past his own fear so he can then determine what he likes or doesn't. If he never tries, he'll never know.

Anyway..........We had a great time. We put Tobey on some kiddie rides. Hannah thought he would freak but turns out he loves them! He cried when we had to take him off each ride.

I let the boys play a game in the Oktoberfest area. I never do this lol I hate wasting the money. But I went ahead and let them play and of course they lost and we walked away empty handed. But it was 2minutes of fun that they will remember lol
As we were leaving I let them pick out something from the candy shop. Corbin got a lollipop and Landon got this little candy thing shaped like a baby bottle.

I'll post some pics when I get them from Hannah's camera.


Janna said...

How fun! I can't wait for Nathan to get that tall, because Kaeley won't ride any of the fun roller coasters either! Nathan will be like Landon, I think.