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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My kids and Presidents

So today we sat down and did lesson on the Presidents of the united states. We broke out our Presidents floor puzzle and went at it. The kids had a great time putting the puzzle together. And after it was all done we went thru each President one by one. Landon of course had no interest in any of it...but I made him sit with us anyway lol Corbin cared more about the more recent Prisidents then the old ones...but that's to be expected. He liked the idea of them all having a number, he seemed to take to that well. The kids couldn't help but comment on their funny hair styles and how some of them looked "creepy", I have to agree.

We learned little fun facts about each President on a website we found. We learned whether they liked Ice cream or mexican food. What their favorite pet's name was, or what their occupation was before become President. These details were the most interesting to the kids. Of course the fact that 4 of our Presidents were assassinated seemed to spark an interest in Corbin, hope that's not a bad thing lol

They are finishing up their writing assignment and then we are out of the house for the day......Most likely heading to Busch gardens!