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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Midtown Center 10th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday was a busy day. Landon's baseball game was at 9am. After the game we had to drive David to his car. He had left it at my mother's work when he borrowed a truck to get me a new washing machine. After we dropped David off and said our goodbyes we came home and I tried to take a nap. I was so tired, the night before I didn't get much sleep. With David in my bed is crowded enough..but for some reason by morning both boys had crawled in as well. I had to start getting ready for a Hula show around 12pm....then I had to get Corbin to his baseball game by 130. It was sooooooo hot outside. I was sitting on the bleachers sweating! I had my stage makeup on and I could feel myself sweating it off. The game ended around 4pm and Neely and I left straight from there to head to the show. I was still really hot from the game. We got to the Midtown center and I had to carry our Hula bin from the parking lot and thru a crowd of people into the building. Normally it takes two poeple to carry this thing but Neely couldn't help me and it was just the two of us. So once we got in the building I was sweating again. Luckily we had a good 30mins before we had to go on so I was able to relax a little in a chilly conference room.

This show was for the Midtown centers 10th anniversary. They had all different kinds of demonstrations and performances. The celebration was Luau themed yet I felt like we weren't utilized in a more central area like we should have been. We were stuck in the same dance room as all the other performances were. We could have added so much more to thier event if they had utilized us better. So we went on in the dance room ....it was a tiny room with lots of mirrors. Hardly any place for people to sit or stand. So our audience was very small. We did great...but we left there feeling disapointed. Hopefully next time Midtown has something going on they will give us a better place to dance.