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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today was a beautiful day. It was in the low 70's and sunny. For the first half of the day I was babysitting my nephew, had to take Landon to his speech lesson as well as sit thru an IEP meeting. So come 2pm when Marisha got home I was free to do what I wanted. I had to wait until 330 when I picked up Jack. Once I got Jack we headed to the beach....well first I hit the Dollar tree for some new sand pails and shovels.

We had a great time, we attempted to build sand castles but it just wasn't working for us. The kids got bored and decided to run thru the water instead. They were all soaking wet. Luckily my car is filled with crap so I had a blanket to lay down in the backseat of my car.


AlexCamBelZackEm said...

I so miss the beach out there we had a blast last summer wish you were closer I come up every summer if i could but I cna't but i loved it !!!