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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Longest day ever!

This past
Saturday had to be the longest and most exhausting day of my life................ Ok well maybe the day Corbin was born was the longest most exhausting day, but this one was a close 2nd.

My day started by having both the boys up and ready in their baseball uniforms by 7am....this of course was after poker night lol

Corbin and Landon had their picture day for baseball. They had to be at the field by 715am. I hadn't slept very well the night before. I got home around 120am, my bedroom was really hot and I kept waking up. So I was dragging really bad Saturday morning. So after pictures I had to get Landon to the OTHER baseball field for his game at 830am. So I sat at the field from 830 to 10am when his game was over. As I was sitting there Lauren came over to the small field to say HI. Jack was having a game at the same time on the big field. So after Landon's game at 10am we walked over to the see a bit of Jack's game. I stayed there till about 1030 and then headed home.

the boys played outside while I went to my mom's for some coffee(which I desperately needed). Corbin's game was at 12pm but had to be there ata 1130, so my Dad took him because I had to get ready for my Hula show. Landon and I headed home so I could shower and get ready.

At 1230pm I was ready to go....I dropped Landon off with my Mother and then headed to Neely's. I met the other girls there and we all drove to downtown Hampton in my car.

We got to the Childrens Festival and it was packed. We had a hard time finding a parking spot. We ended up parking at the very top of the parking garage and there was no elavator to the bottom. So we had to walked the entire way down pulling the cart of our Hula stuff (I had to pull it @@). We have two preggo girls, neely who is still recovering from back surgery, Hannah had tobey with her....you guess who had to do all the dirty work lol

So we fought our way to the stage only to find that there was no changing tent when we were told there would be one. We had to go change behind a truck that was behind the porta potties.

Right after we talked tot he sound guy, got changed and got back to the stage it was time for us to go on. We got on stage, we get thru the first dance, and then it's time for Me and Dusty's Tahitian. The music comes on and its not our song!!! I was panicing. I looked at the sound guy and was like "it's the wrong song". he said it's the track you said to play...so I told him tos tart it over. So basically Dusty and I had to do our dance to the wrong song....of course with panic on our faces. I was mortified!!!! We looked horrible and scared to death..it was a train wreck. After our dance the other girls did another Hula nd then it was time for speaking part. Neely apologized to the crowd for the music mix up. The show continued as planned and we ended it on a great note...everyone loved it. But I couldn't help but walking away completely embarrassed.

What turned to be the cause of the mishap was Neely lol She had grabbed the wrong CD. She apologized over and over..she felt horrible. It was something that had never happened to us before. It was a lesson learned.......if that ever happens again we know what to do......Freestyle!

Ok so when the Childrens fest show was done, I was designated to go get the car @@ So I had to fight the crowd back to the parking garage, then up two levels till I found the stairs and then up another 5 flights. When I got to the top I felt like I was going to pass out. Oh and did I forget to mention this was one of our HOTTEST days so far. So I got the car out and picked up the girls. Then we had to leave right away to head to Suffolk which is thru the tunnel. We got to our 2nd show round 3pm.

This show was for a boy's 16th birthday. The neighborhood was amazing, their house was the smallest in the subdivition but was still huge! They had us dancing on sement and in the direct sun. Their stereo went out during our first dance. The second it happened I was thinking "OMG not again". But once they got another stereo we went thru the show as planned and we nailed everything! They loved us! We officially embarrassed the 16yr old boy.......but his family members got a kick out of it. His Mother enjoyed the show and clearly felt like she got her money worth cause she tipped us $50.

We left around 430pm to head home. After dropping everyone off I got home around 530pm. I felt like my body was going to give out! I seriously felt like I couldn't move. I got the kids home and made chinese for dinner. Then the kids and I crawled in my bed around 830, I stuck in the movie BIG FISH and we went to bed. I know I was asleep before 930 ( I NEVER go to bed that early). I woke up today feeling great, my legs are kinda sore though but other then that I'm well rested.

So that was my 2nd longest and exhausted day ever! lol

attached are some pics from the Childrens festival.