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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Professional Cooker

So I walked into the kitchen today only to find a HUGE mess all over my stove.

Earlier today Corbin informed me that he was a "Professional Cooker". While Landon told me he was a "Professional Thinker".....no clue what that is but he said he has to think of things lol

Back to Corbin..........so I didn't really think he meant this literally. But as I stood in my kitchen starring at this mess I realized what he was talking about. He had taken one of my pots, and made a pretend meal in it. Inside the pot were broken up crackers, water, and looked like a little of EVERY seasoning I have.
All the jars were taken off my spice rack. The celery salt jar is almost completely empty! Why did he have to waste one of the few spices I actually use @@

Why????? why are they doing this stuff to me lately. I'm working so hard on getting the house clean and organized and they constantly make NEW messes. And now just little messes like toys or books. But huge messes with MY stuff.
UGH @@ I'm having a bad week lol
Anyone know a good joke? I need a laugh.


Janna said...

So, did they help you clean up? And where's our picture of the messy kitchen!?!

Jenna said...

I haven't been able to find my camera, finally did the other day...it was in neely's car.