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Friday, April 11, 2008

"How does she move her hips like that?"

We had a Hula gig tonight. It was for a man's 50th birthday party. The woman who hired us was refered to us by a friend so we had to lower our price...we only got $100 from the show...split 5 ways lol Eh...some gas money at least.

The show went great though. It was a wonderful crowd...alcohol was involved...that always helps livin people up lol

We leid the birthday boy in the beginning while he sat in a chair in the middle of the dance floor. This was a first for us, but his wife insisted. We were informed when we got there that we were a surprise for him...lol um little awkward but turned out ok....nothing dirty lol

One of our first dances we do we call the "3 part". Basically its 3 different types of songs put into one. It starts with a nice slow Hula...which dusty did great at. Then a faster up beat Hula that Krista did with Uli Uli's which are hula impliments. And then the last part is a drum beat which is the part I always do. When it got to my part and I started dancing the crowd went crazy. They were screamin and hollaring. I heard woman say "omg how does she move her hips like that". Yeah yeah so my head swelled a little lol That right there set the tone for the rest of the show.

The poeple there loved us, we had great participation in our contest and game. We had people asking us about other events they have in the future....so YAY most likely future shows from this one gig. That's what makes these private shows great. If we impress them enough they will tell everyone they know. We got so many compliments tonight it was amazing. And not just the generic "you guys were great" that all performers tend to get. But we had poeple going into detial as to WHY we were great lol pretty cool =)

This was the first show Neely has done since her surgery. She actually did two dances which is pretty awesome. I have a feeling she'll be hurtin in the morning...but oh so worth it I'm sure.

So 1 down, next show is the 19th....we have two in one day so it's going to be stressful....but this is what it's all about....this is what we love to do. Each year we'll get better, each year we'll be more well known, and each year we'll build onto our shows. It's pretty exciting. I hope i'm doing this till I can't physically do it anymore!