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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Months are filling up fast

Ohana Mau Loa is getting booked for some really neat shows lately. Just the other day I got a call from a woman named Kathy. She works for a booking agency in the area. She was refered to us by the Calypo nuts (an entertainment group we've worked with a few times). Well she was calling me because a Timeshare resort in Va beach is looking for some Hula dancers to come to their resort every Monday night for about 4hrs. We would put leis on the guests, do a short performance and then mingle. Sounds like a great atmosphere and alot of fun. Not including the fact that it's a paid gig and will least all summer! I really hope it works out cause it would be so much fun for our group!

Yesterday I spoke with a man who is doing a benifit concert thru Habitat for Humanity. He is an elvis impersonator and is doing a full Elvis in Hawaii concert. It's being held at the VA culteral arts center which is a huge venue for us. After speaking with him I got very excited. What he wants us to do is come on stage with him during one of his songs and dance while he sings. He will give me the music ahead of time of course so we can choreograph the dance. And then we will be doing one of our normal Hula's to open up their reception after the concert. This of course is a free show, but it's huge exposure for us. There will be about 500 people there including the Mayor of Suffolk and some other VIP's!

How cool is that? I'm just so thrilled for our group! Of course two of our girls are pregnant and my sister is still recovering from back surgery. That puts alot of pressure on myself and Hannah.