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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April fools day!

So I'm a mean mom and played a joke on the kids yesterday.

David and I sat down with the boy, we pulled them in from playing outside. We told them we had something very serious to talk about.

I had a hard time hiding my smiles but I told them we had to find a bigger house, because we would be adding another member to our family. They didn't understand that so I came out and said "I'm having a baby". I thought they would be mad, but in fact they were happy lol

They started going on and on about how they want a girl, and how we have to many boys in the family.

Once I felt it had gone on long enough, David and I said "guess what?"....they asked what and we yelled "April fools day".

They started laughing and saying "man you got us"!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT !! I did the same thing to my kids along with disney and they took both well !!!!!!!