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Saturday, March 21, 2009

few pics I took of the boys

Thursday, March 19, 2009

St Patty's day/ My birthday

For my Bithday my wonderful Husband sent me to the spa. It was a full day with a 90min massage, facial, Mani, Pedi, and haircut and style.

I walked away from the day feeling relaxed and beautified. We had plans that night to go out for St Patty's day. Something I do every year for my birthday.

David's friends owns a Limo and he said we could use it for the night, it was a beautiful silver stretch limo...it make the night amazing....and all we had to pay was the driver's tip =)

Here are some pictures from the night.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let's go fly a kite

We had a beautiful week last week. While most of my family was in Hawaii dealing with constant rain we were having 80degree weather!! Haha sucks to be them lol

We went to Hunington park with some friends. There were a bunch of families there flying kites and they were so kind to let our kids fly them as well. Corbin and his buddy Noah found a plastic bag and some string and made their own make shift kite.

Here are a few pictures of the boys flying kites on that beautiful day!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pee dropoff

So this past week I had to take my Mom, Neely, Ethan and Neely's kids to the air port. As we were leaving Neely asks me if I can do a HUGE favor for her. She had 2 sets of Urine samples that needed to be delivered to her Doctor that very day. Being that I'm an awesome Sister I said of course!

Neely has many medical issues. She had her back surgery a year ago but even before that she had issues with her Kidneys. Come to find out she has one good Kidney and one that barely functions. She also had kidney stones on a pretty constant basis. The girl has been on medication for a year now due to her back and kidneys.

Well recently she was having some issues again so that's what these urine samples were for....they had to be tested. So after I take them to the air port at the butt crack of dawn I got home to continue on with my day.

Landon had speech so I wasn't able to get to the Dr office till after 1pm. Neely told me it was in Port Warwick but I didn't know what building I was supposed to take it into...I didn't even know her Drs name @@

So I got to the first building, drag the kids and this bag filled with urine and we head inside. The woman at the desks confirms that we are in the wrong building and told me to try a different place. We then load back into the car and head to where she told me to go. We then unload again just to find that I went to the freaking ambulance entrance @@
We then Reload, drive to the other side of the building unload and then head inside. I wait till I get called and we walk up to the lady at the desk. She tells me that I am in the right building but that she will need a Dr order for me to drop off the samples. Of course I have no Dr order and I don't even know his name. At that very moment Neely was on a plane heading for Hawaii and no way of contacting her. The lady was pretty rude to me so I got a little snippy back and I asked her what she expected me to do with the urine in my bag. She told me I had to go home and put it back in the fridge.....ugh.

So I left being very frustrated and took the samples back to Neelys house to store in her fridge. I kept trying to get ahold of Neely or my mom with no luck. Finally Chris calls me and asks me to try and take it back. He gave me the Dr name and number....so Friday I went back.

This time I knew the building but again couldn't get there till after 1pm. I go in and this lady wasn't as rude as the last one. She tells me that I need to call the Dr office and have them fax the order to them. So I sit in the waiting room trying to call this Dr office....only to get a constant busy signal...wtf? Why would a Dr office be busy nonstop? The ladies kept looking at me and asking if I got thru yet...which I eventually did about 20mins later @@. As you can imagine my kids were bored out of their mind waiting and getting antsy.
I finally get through and the nurse lady tells met hat it could take up to 30mins to fax...what???
I explain this to woman where I was at and they thought that was insane...so they started calling his office and told them that it was urgent so they sped it up a bit.
The order was FINALLY sent, and then someone came down to the lobby to pick up the urine..I had to sign papers and answer questions...this wasn't for me so I felt very odd about it all.
But once that lady took the bag from me and I was rid of it all a HUGE weight was lifted off me. I was sooooooooo done dealing with it. I knew it was important but it should not have been the hassle it was.

Next time someone asks me to drop off their pee for them I'm going to have to decline!

This weekend

Friday night David, the boys and I drove up to DC so I could attend a Hula workshop the next day.
David's old coworker Marty was so kind to offer his house to us so I could get a good nights sleep before having to dance all day Saturday. We didn't get to Marty's till about 9pm that night due to David getting stuck in tunnel traffic coming home from work.
Marty was up and waiting for us, we let the boys watch some tv before I put them to bed. After they were asleep David, Marty and myself sat outside with a glass of wine and chatted. I really hadn't spoken to Marty much before then. He's a 60yr old man who lives alone and seems quite lonely. I enjoyed his company and found that he was actually a very interesting guy. I headed to bed after my wine and the men stayed up for a bit after that.

I had to be up by 7am the next morning to get ready and drive the hour drive to Arlington. I struggled a bit on Saturday but Marty being the kinda man he is had gotten up and made me coffee to take on the road.
I was very lucky I didn't hit any DC traffic, I actually got there 30mins early. I had time to get a bottle of water at Rite aid and relax my nerves a bit. I was very anxious and nervous about attending this workshop. Mainly because I was doing it ALONE. Last year all of us Hula girls went together. I felt very strange not knowing anyone(or so I thought)

At about 915 I decided to head inside and check in. As I was walking towards the check in table a girl stopped me and said "Jenna?, it's me Kristen from the BF group". It took me a second to figure out what she was talking about but when I realized I was shocked! This is a girl that I have ONLY known online. About 8yrs ago I was part of a BF online support group and she was one of the girls. We have stayed in touch and check in ever so often with eachother. So 8yrs later I run into her at a Hula workshop of all places....how odd is that? lol
Turns out her Mother is the one has danced the longest, so she came with her mother, sister who both dance a little bit. She had never done it before but thought it would be fun to try. It was a pleasant surprise to see a familiar face even if it was someone I had never met in person.

The Workshop went very well, I learned a lot about the Kahiko style of Hula which is the ancient style...lots of Chanting and playing of the Ipu drum. It was very cool and I loved being there. It also was great exercise. We danced from 10am to 12pm straight with tiny water breaks in between. Then we had lunch from 12 to 1pm and then danced again till 3pm. I have to say today I am hurting!!!! lol

While I was there David, Marty and the boys went fishing, had lunch, went to a park...they had gotten back to his house right before I showed up around 5pm. We left shortly after that to head back home.

We got home around 830 and then had some friends over to hang out for awhile. Rachel and John came over and we put their two kids and mine in the Tv room with a movie and they all fell asleep. We then hung out on my porch till we all got tired and wanted to head to bed.

Today, well i'm just glad to be home and after the exhausting day yesterday I just want to veg. I'm still in my Pj's and don't plan on doing much today lol

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hit by the Stomach Bug =(

This past week has been long, exhausting and disgusting. We had a stomach bug sweep through my family. Almost everyone got it which is rare. Normally all the kids will get it and adults will be fine or the other way around. This started with Rainer, moved to Noveigh, Tobey and Theseus. Then on to David, Lauren, Landon, Ethan, Neely and Myself. The only people that have NOT been effected is My mom, Dad, Marisha, hannah, Ashley and Corbin.....knock on wood!

Not only did the bug sweep through our house but I had a show on Saturday that I had to prepare for. New dances, New costumes, and a new member to train. It was all very bad timing for a stomach bug to hit.

Luckily I got the worst of it Thursday night so by Saturday I was feeling better but still with a weak stomach.

Our Hula group performed at the Day of Dance celebration at Thomas nelson Community College. The show was new in a lot of ways which usually means we have some glitches to work out. But this one went GREAT, as smooth as smooth can be! I am very happy it is over though, it was a lot of stress planning for it.

Tomorrow I have to attend Grand Jury @@ lovely right? I have never done this before and am a little nervous about it. I know it will suck and I just hope that I don't get selected. It's David's day off and I have to waste it sitting in a court house bored out of my mind.

Come Weds most of my family will be on a plane headed for Hawaii, can't help but be a little bitter about it. I wish we could afford to go too but it's just not realistic.
My Mom, Dad, Ethan, Neely, Chris, Noveigh, Rainer, Lauren are all going. Lauren is only staying about 5 days, Dad and Chris about 2 weeks but my Mom, Neely and the kids are staying till the end of March @@
I think it irritates me because My sister and her husband are seperated and no longer living together. So why oh why is he paying for her to stay in Hawaii for a month @@ I'm sure this comes from my long standing bitterness towards this particular Sister but still I can't help but feel a tad jealous that she can leave her husband yet still get whatever she wants. Hmmmmmmm anyway I should change subject or I'll go on a tangant.

During the this Month I will be turning 28yrs old, 18 more days to be exact. I am NOT happy with this fact. I don't know why I have such an issue with getting older but I do. Only thing keeping a smile on my face about this is that shortly after I turn 28 David will be turning 30!!! LOL I love it!

Corbin just came and showed me that our Hermit Crab Cody had died, I guess that deserves a blog all on it's own.