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Sunday, March 30, 2008


I just need to vent for a little bit.

Yesterday we got up at 630am to head out to King Dominion. KD is run by paramount and is an amusement park. We left around 730 to drive the two hours it takes to get there. We were going because my Niece Noveigh had to go for a dance competition. She had to get there by 930. David was driving down from Sterling, Va to meet us there. Through the dance company we got discounted tickets....they weren't discounted enough though. Just about 10bucks off that's it. We were all pretty excited to go. I had only been there once before and it was when Corbin was around 4 and we didn't really do much there. So now that my kids are older I was really looking forward to taking them.

We got there right when the park was opening. We went to the theater Noveigh had to be at. We sat thru a good hour of the competition. Long enough to see Noveigh dance as well as some of the other groups in noveighs dance company. So around 12pm we were finally done with that and we left the theater to go play in the park.

I realized right away that this was NOT the park for us. We went to go ride the Carousel and I sent the 3 kids on their way to go get in line. Shortly after Landon comes back saying he can't ride it. I was so confused. So David took him back thru the line and they told him that Landon needed an adult to ride with him....WTH? It's a Carousel! A 5yr old can't ride alone? We have one in our local mall that he rides alone, as well as one in our downtown area that he rides alone. yet here at this park he was to short. I was pretty irritated. So this was just the beginning. As we went thru the park I realized that "MY" kids were to short for almost everything! Yes they are short for their age..but come on! I wasn't expecting them to be able to ride a roller coaster or anything. But a normal average ride...YES! The only things my kids were big enough to ride alone were the tiny baby rides...the ones that Rainer..my 16mos old nephew was riding.

They had this kid section which was climbing things and slides. They had a little kids section with baby slides and then a big kid section with big slides. Yeah both my kids were to small to go in there. This one really made me mad. It's a slide!!!!!!!

I think the reason it all bothered me so much is that Busch Gardens is not like that. Busch Gardens is just 30mins from us, and we have season passes. So it's what i'm used to. We waited so long for the boys to hit 42inches just so they could ride the normal rides at Busch. And at Kings dominion you had to be at least 46in to ride with an adult on mother things or 48 to ride alone. Well Landon is 42 and Corbin is 44. At busch gardens my kids are big enough to ride a roller coaster...now it's a mild coaster but still. At KD they were only allowed to ride baby rides.
It was very frustrating. David and Chris went on a few Coasters so at least we got a little bit of our moneys worth. But we really were just going for the kids and then that was a huge disapointment.

I will never go there again unless I get free or very discounted tickets.
I'll stick with Busch gardens, it's cleaner, people are nicer, and they have insane height restrictions.

I will not Vax ~ Dr. Seuss

I'm your doctor and I say
You must vaccinate today!

I do not want to use a vax,
I do not after learning facts.

Will you get them when he's born?
If not, you must sign this form!
Your kid will make the others sick,
You must vaccinate him quick!
Would you, could you for the others?
Would you, could you for their mothers?

I would not, could not for the others,
I would not, could not for their mothers.
He will not make the others sick,
That's just a dirty doctors' trick!
I do not want them when he's born,
Yes, I'll sign your stupid form.

Will you get them at six months?
Will you get them all at once?
Maybe you could space them out,
You could space them if there's doubt!

I do not want them at six months,
I do not want them all at once.
I do not want to space them out,
I do not want to, there's no doubt.
I do not want the stuff inside,
Aluminum, formaldehyde.
Mercury and antifreeze.
I do not want them, stop it, please!

That stuff is safe, I say to you,
Nevermind that I'm paid to!
Will you get them when he's small?
Will you get them when he's tall?
Will you get them before school?
You must! You must! That's the rule!

I do not want them when he's small,
I do not want them when he's tall.
We'll file "exempt" to go to school,
We can do that; it's a rule!
I do not want your "safe" vaccine!
stop it doctor, you're being mean!
This does not make me a bad mom,
Please don't ask me to be calm.
You may not tell the other nurse,
HIPPA keeps your lips locked and terse.

No need to lecture, mock, or shout,
I've done my research, hear me out!
Your kid will die from some disease!
You must get them, get them please!

My child is healthy, naturally.
He is healthy, leave him be!
I'll breastfeed for at least a year,
To help protect him, do you hear?
He'll learn to wash each dirty hand,
So germs won't spread throughout the land.
I don't know where you get your "facts,"
they will not, can not make me vax!
I don't believe you, Uncle Sam,
I do not like them Doctor, Ma'am.
I do not want the shots,
I say I do not want them, GO AWAY

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ugh, can never keep up!

Ok, I am one of the worst house keepers in the world...seriously! I have just never mastered this skill and I have no clue how. I feel that if I were to keep a clean house I would have to be cleaning literally 24/7. Now I know my kids are tornado's, they walk into a clean room and within seconds it's trashed. This just tells me that I'm not teaching them how to be tidy. But i'm not really sure how. Whenever I have tried to impliment new techniques with them I have a really hard time sticking to it and enforcing it. My main problem is laundry. I probably have to much clothes, in fact I KNOW I have to much clothes. But honestly that will never change. No matter how much I say i'll eliminate alot of my clothing...I know it will never happen. It's an addiction of mine that I love to much to give up. But what I need to figure out is how to keep up with the laundry. My kids go thru at least 2 outfits a day. I wish they were the type of kids that they could wear their pants more then once.....but my kids are dirty boys and they get every bit of clothing they wear gross and smelly. They will go thru 2 outfits a day, their socks are black and gross by the end of the day and thier shirts covered in dirt. Their pajamas or always smelly, or landon has an accident. In one day they will accumulate at least 2 loads of laundry. And that's not including my stuff, normal house stuff like towels. It's just exhausting.
Recently my washing machine stopped working.....this was my worst nightmare. I've had to bring my laundry to my parents house to do it. This has sucked!!!
There is a good chance i'll be moving in July and the house i'll be moving into already had a washer so there is no reason to get a new one right now.
The boys bedroom....omg this is always a disaster area. I went up there recently cleaned it...it was spotless. Within two days it was trashed again.....ugh I just wanted to kill the kids.
Now all this i'm sure is my fault, my own laziness, me not following thru with them. But I have a million and one things I have to do each day and I guess that get's put on the back burner.
I really wish I could be one of those woman that keep a perfect house. One of those woman that have a place for everything, and have a perfect routine. I'm just not like that....but I want to be so bad. I need the tools and advice.......anyone have any???

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Date night =)

This past Monday night David and I went out. We haven't been out alone in so long. We didn't really know what we wanted to do. We decided to check out Mcfaddens for dinner...it's a local sports bar. I have been there to hang out, but never early for dinner. The food turned out to be really good. They had half price beers that night so that was nice. We sat and talked...something we don't get to do much unless it's late after kids are in bed. After dinner we decided to head to Keagans (a bar) where I knew they were having Karaoke. David LOVES some Karaoke lol Me....not so much. I enjoy watching it, just not singing. We got to Keagans and right as we walked in we realized that this was the place people come when they can't sing. We've been to many other Karaoke places and usually the people can at least sing a little. Nope not keagans. All the Karaoke regects go there lol It was HORRIBLE!! Some girls I knew were there so I went and said Hi to them. David and I hung out at the bar and he went and picked out his first song. He ended up singing some rock song I can't remember the name of....he did great and was one of the best ones there. After a while one of David's friends showed up so we hung out with him a bit. He dared David to sing a New kids on the block song. And of course David can't turn down a dare.......So up david got to sing "hangin tough"...he got a great laugh from the crowd! We ended up having a great time just hanging out, watching david sing, watching all the drunk people sing....I laughed a ton! I'm looking forward to our next date night =)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Corbin got dumped =(

On our street there are quite a few kids that the boys are friends with. One little boy next door to us who is Landon's age, he plays with him on occasion but his parents are kind of strange.....the little boy only comes outside once a week and it's always with a bike helmet on, even though he doesn't have a bike.

Then there is a little boy a few houses down who comes and plays football with the kids on weekends....he's an interesting child...that's all I'll say.

Then about 4 houses down there is a house full of kids. I think there is 5 of them. They have 3 girls and 2 boys. One of the little girls is Lauren, she is 8yrs old. Corbin who is 7.5 decided a while ago that he thought Lauren was pretty. The kids love playing with this family, they seem like good kids. But I started to become concerned with Corbin's obsession with Lauren. He has been drawing her pictures, writing little notes saying things like "I like you and think you are pretty". He picked out little gifts that he wanted to give her. I have had talk after talk with him about this. I told him I didn't like him giving her gifts or writing her notes like that. I told him that he could be her friend but he's to young to date lol

My efforts failed though cause he didn't seem to care what I said. A couple weeks ago the boys were playing over in their yard with their cousin noveigh. When I came to get them for baseball practice Noveigh came to me and said " You would not believe what Corbin just did!". I asked her what, and she told me that Corbin asked Lauren to be his girlfriend. I honestly didn't know what to say or how to handle it. Then noveigh said "He even got on one knee". Oh geez I didn't know what to do with my child. Most of me just wanted to laugh, but at the same time it bothered me alot. I asked Noveigh what she said and she told me that Lauren told him YES.

I had a talk with Corbin yet again about this girlfriend stuff. He of course didn't see what the big deal was. I had to explain again and again that he could be friends with girls but at his age he was not allowed to have a girlfriend. I asked him what he felt a girlfriend was and I didn't like the answer. His answer was that a Girlfriend was someone you kiss, and hold hands with. Well that made me even more upset about it all. I don't want my 7yr old kissing or holding hands with some little girl......he's to young for all that!!!

I tried to think back to when I was 7 and 8. It's seems soooooo young. But when I think back to when I was a child I did have crushes on boys. I wanted to have a boyfriend. So I guess to some degree it's normal. Well after this event I heard from Landon that Lauren had been kissing Corbin on the cheek. Again...I didn't like that. So I had to have another talk with him and how I didn't want him kissing anyone or anyone kissing him. I have no clue if he listened or not, but I didn't hear anymore about the kissing business after our talk.

Well today the kids came in from playing when it started to get dark, I was starting dinner and Corbin came up to me and said "I really don't want to tell you, but Lauren broke up with me". I was very careful with how I reacted but I asked him what happened. He told me that Lauren told him that they could still be friends but she didn't want to be boyfriend/girlfriend anymore. I asked him what he said when she said it and he told me that he just ran home. I felt so bad for him, he seemed embarrassed. But then he followed it by saying "but we are still going to be friends". LOL I told him that was good and that's all that mattered anyway.

So my little boy, my baby, my 7yr old got dumped for the first time. Even though I forbid him having a girlfriend, even though he completly ignored me and did it anyway, I still felt bad for my little guy. Mainly because he was put in an embarrassing situation. Of course i'm sure tomorrow none of it will matter and they will play the same as they did before she dumped him and they won't think anything of it. This is just the beginning for me. I have to deal with my son growing up. I know Corbin is going to get his heart broken time and time again in his life. I can tell by his personality. He is going to grow up and be a "nice guy". He's going to try and please girls, he's going to give them whatever they want, and he is going to get walked on and his heart stomped on. I can see it all now. I know i'm going to hate all his girlfriends. I will forever think some girl is trying to do a number on him. I can't help but feel that way about my little man. I don't feel this way about Landon......at all! Just corbin.

Ugh....how do I stop time? can I slow it down? Maybe just a little? I'm not ready to deal with it all.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

First off I'd just like to say HAPPY EASTER to everyone!

We are not a religious family, Easter for us has always been the celebration of Spring. So HAPPY SPRING everyone! lol

In my family we have an Easter tradition. Its a game my parents made up and started with us kids.
Every year my father makes up riddles/clues. Little plastic eggs are hidden throughout the house all containing a riddle/clue that leads you to the next one. When we were young we'd have up to 15 clues. As the years went by we didn't have as many but they got harder and harder with our age. Our very last riddle would lead us to our hidden basket.
The basket was always special. We didn't get expensive gifts like some of our friends. But the baskets were created by my Mother and she always put a lot of thought and energy into them. Now when looking back at my childhood Easters they are filled with joy and laughter...............as well as tears of frustration. This was the part my parents got a kick out of. They would just sit back and enjoy lol It's pretty messed up when you think about it. But my father would make the riddles so hard that we would still be looking for them when dinner was being served. We would get frustrated, sit down and say "I give up, I'm done!". My parents would just sit chuckle and then throw us a little hint. They knew that this would happen every year....but every year when Easter would approach my Dad would ask "so you guys still want clues this year" and we would all say "yes of course!"....so we asked for it and he's give it ...with a smile on his face.

We are all grown now with our own children. We have passed this tradition onto our kids. We still all gather at my parents house. I think we are running out of hiding spaces. We start the kids out young. When my kids were very little, like a year. Their clues would read something like "It's time to go outside, where are your shoes?", as they get older they get harder. This year they read something like "When you're at home you get to play, but in his room on the bed you stay. He goes thru them one by one, this is where they go when he's done." This was one of Corbin's clues he had this year....the next clue was hidden in Ethans room in his video game drawer. It took the kids awhile to figure the clues out this year but they did great!

Something we've also added to our tradition are riddles for my parents. We call it "Payback". Took my dad quite a few hours today to figure his out...and it was so funny watching him get frustrated and say "I give up".
Ahhhhh sweet revenge!

Our Easter's have always been special and unique. Even though my family an be pretty nutty at times....I think we have some really awesome qualities =)

I hope our Easter tradition passes on from generation to generation!

Happy Easter

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good bye Jcpenneys!!!! yay

So I went ahead and quit my job at Jcpenney's. I was just so sick of it. Fed up with the job in general as well as how the place is run. I worked so hard for barely any money...and it just didn't seem worth it anymore. My last day was March 2nd. Which actually turned out to be good timing. With Neely's surgery on Feb 25th I really needed to be available to help out. Everything worked out and honestly, this break i've had has been amazing!
I know I still need to find another job. At lease for entertainment money for me and the boys. I am pretty sure i'm going to do cocktail waitressing. So many of my friends do it and they make great money for little hours. I haven't been out to get the job yet, but I am going to in the next week or so. I think i've been waiting till I feel everyone is ready to start babysitting my kids again.
The hardest thing about having a job has been the fact that other poeple have to watch my kids. If David was here all the time I wouldn't mind it so much. But I hate feeling like I'm burdening everyone all the time.
Neely has been doing so much better lately. She has cut back on her meds and is able to get out and do stuff now. So the help she needs isn't as much. So hopefully another week and I won't feel to guilty getting a job again.

I'm nervous about trying something new, but if it will give me more money then it's worth it. And from what i've been told it can be alot of fun! So wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If you're male, childless, and 20 you die

A continuation of Landon’s thoughts about getting older................

Me and Landon went out thrift store shopping today. I was looking thru the skirt isle and Landon was sitting inside the shopping cart that I was pushing.
This was our conversation :

Landon : Mommy, can you get me a cell phone?

Me : No, I’m not buying you a phone!

Landon : Can I get one when I’m 11?

Me : No

Landon : Can I get one when I’m 16?

Me : No

Landon : That’s not fair, when can I get one?

Me : When you’re 20

Landon: But I’ll be dead when I’m 20

Me : lol No you won’t, I’m over 20 and I’m not dead

Landon : That’s because you’re a girl, they live longer

Me : Daddy and Papa are over 20 and they are still alive

Landon : That’s because they have kids, you live longer if you’re a daddy

Me : So, if you are over 20, don’t have any kids, and are a boy then you die?

Landon : Yup, that’s right!

I could have corrected him, and explained the truth. But knowing him he would have told me I was wrong and the conversation would have lasted forever. Everyone near us in the store was looking at me like I was crazy, and in shock at what I was teaching my son lol

Kid's say the darndest things

Me and Landon talking today about my upcoming birthday :

Landon : Mommy when is your birthday?

Me : Its in Two days

Landon : How old are you going to be?

Me : 27

Landon : Wow!! *he sits and thinks for a second* Soooo on your next birthday your going to die???

Leave it to my child to make me feel old as dirt

Neverending Pee

Ok I need to write again, yes two blogs in one day....actually there might be a 3rd a little while later.

So this is about my day thrift store shopping with the kids. And again mainly about Landon, my beautiful, giggly, silly Landon. I love this child more then anything but he can get my heart rate going like no other. Actually I take that back, David can get me the same way....Like father like son I guess. These two people have the ability to get me so unbelievably frustrated that I want to rip my hair out. Today Landon did this to me. Aside from his little attitude problem at baseball practice....once we left it was fine and he was back to his sweet self.

We came home for a little while and then headed out to go thrift store shopping and then walmart to buy Landon a new booster seat.

So we go to the first thrift store, i'm walking around looking...taking my time. You have to take your time at thrift stores...if you don't then you'll miss the good stuff. We were not in there for very long, and landon start grabbing himself and saying "I gotta pee!", I told him that they didn't have a restroom and how he should have told me before we came into the store...of course he says he didn't have to go then....so we start heading out toward the front of the store and I notice that he's walking funny. So I just look at him and say "did you do it already"...and he says "yes". UGH I was so upset. So then we go back to where the kids clothes are and I find a pair of boys pants for him to wear. We go up and pay for our stuff and then leave.

In the car I had him change into the new pants that way I didn't have to go home. And we headed to the next store. So we are walking around the next thrift store and again i'm looking hard, I take thrift store shopping seriously you have to concentrate...the neat stuff is usually hidden so you gotta pay attention. Well about half way thru the store I notice Landon acting weird again so I just look at him and he says "mom I did it again"....omg I bout killed him. I asked him again "why didn't you tell me you had to go before we came into the store"...same response "I didn't have to them". Well I refused to buy yet another pair of pants and it didn't look like he had peed much so I told him that he would just have to wear those then. They were cordoroys and you couldn't see a wet spot. But boy was I pissed, and frustrated...why did this happen a second time?

So we leave and head to the car, outside the car I made him try and go again just to see if he didn't get it all out...of course nothing did...he had already peed himself twice @@ so we went on to the next store.

So this is thrift store 3, and we head in. This one is my favorite and I like to take my time in. But yet again about 10mins in Landon starts saying he has to pee AGAIN! So I ask why he didn't tell me he had to go even though I knew the answer. He again says he didn't have to go before. How does he have this much pee in him? So I am forced to rush thru the store, I got a couple things but that's it and we get outside and I let him pee near the car....it was either that or in his pants again. I was upset and angry and lectured him again about telling me he has to pee before it's starting to come out.

Then we head to Walmart, this was the main goal of the day, I needed a booster seat for Landon. When I got into Walmart I went straight to the back where the carseats were...I had no interest in dawdling in walmart. I put Landon in the cart, I was so done dealing with him at this point. It took me a little bit to decide which one to get but I eventually did. While Landon was in the cart I noticed his face was turning red and his hands were in his pants. I just looked at him and asked what was wrong and he then said "I have to go again".......OMG it's never ending! I still had to go to the grocery section so I rushed thru it as fast as I could and paid as fast as I could, got him to the car and let him pee there. Of course I left Walmart forgetting a bunch of things I went in there for....all because of Landon and his teeny tiny bladder.

The thing is when he did pee I was watching and he was peeing ALOT each and every time. But how does a tiny little nothing of a boy pee 4 times in a matter of 2hrs...and not little pees but like full bladder peeing. Today made me worry that there could be something wrong with him. Not that he had to pee that much but more that he wasn't able to tell me that he had to pee before hand. Like he didn't feel the sensation or something. But man I was beat when I got home....things like this raise my blood pressure and get me all frustrated and heated. I mean I was so frustrated with him that I was almost in tears.

I need a beer and a cigarette SO bad right now.......I just need the boys to stop horsing around and go to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First baseball practice

So the boys had thier first Baseball practice today, at 9am. I had to drag my lazy butt outa bed at the butt crack of dawn to go sit in the cold and watch them run around lol It was freezing which I guess was a good thing and woke my ass up lol

The boys were so excited to go, yet pretty nervous as well. They are on seperate teams. Landon is doing Tball and Corbin is doing machine pitch. Noveigh his cousin is doing it as well but she couldn't make this practice. Now both their teams have the same coach which is very convenient...I know i'll never run into them having games at the same time.

So anyway, we get to the field and the coach hollars to the boys to "hussle up"....Corbin starts running while Landon just takes his sweet time.....boys got attitude for a 5yr old. They walk up and the coach asks them for their name. Landon answers but he says it to quiet so coach asked again and Landon responds by saying "I already told you"...omg I was so embarrassed. How did I create this mouth of his?

The practice lasts about an hour, they basically just did running drills. He was teaching the kids how to run past the 1st base and how to pick up speed. I'm not all that thrilled with their coach but i'll give him the benefit of the doubt and see how it goes. We had a horrible coach with soccer one season and I just really hope we don't have to go there again.

Landon's attitude didn't quit, the coach told the kids to put their hands on their knees and there stood Landon acting like he was above that and wouldn't do it....again embarrassing!

Then Landon came running over to me telling me he needed his glove....this is while every other child is lines up against the fence. So I told him No that his coach would tell him when it was time and that he needed ot go back to his team . Landon started yelling at me saying he needed his glove. At that point I was so embarrassed by his behaviour that I said "if you don't go stand by your team your butt will sit on this bench with me and you will no longer play baseball". At that he went back to his team....but my goodness I was so angry with him. I gave him a nice long lecture in the car about his attitude and respect for adults. He's 5, who the hell knows if he understood....may have went in one ear and out their other.

We found out that our neighbor down the street is Corbin's assistant coach, and all his friends were at the field today. Made the boys feel tons better about being there....it was like our street showed up for this practice it was pretty funny.

All in all the kids had a great time and they left the practice saying they "LOVED" baseball now lol I knew they would =)

"Look mom it's a bird!"

So there are a million ways to get woken up in the morning. Most people opt for an alarm clock, maybe their kids, their spouse, maybe they like to wake up to the sun, or a radio.
But I have to say, the way I got woken up the other morning has to be the best (sarcasm). I normally am a late sleeper, I am a night owl NOT a morning person. I love my sleep! I stay up late and sleep late.....it works for me. 8am is early for me.
So two mornings ago I got woken up at 8am in a not so fun way. A bird flying around my bedroom! My son was freaking out and yelling "mom, look it's a bird!". I jumped outa bed. I really had no clue what I was going to do to get this bird out. I ran around the house and opened every window. The house was freezing. I ran around the house with a broom in hand trying to lead the bird in the right direction. The poor thing kept trying to fly out a high window by my stairs and he'd run right into it, then sit on the window sill dazed and confused. I felt so bad it. I was scared I wouldn't get it out. After awhile of me running around with a broom (which i'm sure looked pretty funny) trying to follow this bird flying around my house he finally went into the computer room and flew out the window. I then went around and shut all the windows.....burr it was cold.
Now how did this bird get into my house you ask....?!?!?
Well my shitty ass house doesnt have screens on any of the windows. Just something I guess my shitty ass landlord didn't feel a need to invest in @@
My bedroom gets all the heat in the house, so for me to keep the house warm enough my bedroom turns into a sauna. So I crack the windows to let in fresh air so I can sleep. This is obviously how the bird got into my bedroom.
I'm not going to be shutting my bedroom windows any time soon, so I guess i'll just have to make do with my new wildlife friends.