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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Neverending Pee

Ok I need to write again, yes two blogs in one day....actually there might be a 3rd a little while later.

So this is about my day thrift store shopping with the kids. And again mainly about Landon, my beautiful, giggly, silly Landon. I love this child more then anything but he can get my heart rate going like no other. Actually I take that back, David can get me the same way....Like father like son I guess. These two people have the ability to get me so unbelievably frustrated that I want to rip my hair out. Today Landon did this to me. Aside from his little attitude problem at baseball practice....once we left it was fine and he was back to his sweet self.

We came home for a little while and then headed out to go thrift store shopping and then walmart to buy Landon a new booster seat.

So we go to the first thrift store, i'm walking around looking...taking my time. You have to take your time at thrift stores...if you don't then you'll miss the good stuff. We were not in there for very long, and landon start grabbing himself and saying "I gotta pee!", I told him that they didn't have a restroom and how he should have told me before we came into the store...of course he says he didn't have to go then....so we start heading out toward the front of the store and I notice that he's walking funny. So I just look at him and say "did you do it already"...and he says "yes". UGH I was so upset. So then we go back to where the kids clothes are and I find a pair of boys pants for him to wear. We go up and pay for our stuff and then leave.

In the car I had him change into the new pants that way I didn't have to go home. And we headed to the next store. So we are walking around the next thrift store and again i'm looking hard, I take thrift store shopping seriously you have to concentrate...the neat stuff is usually hidden so you gotta pay attention. Well about half way thru the store I notice Landon acting weird again so I just look at him and he says "mom I did it again"....omg I bout killed him. I asked him again "why didn't you tell me you had to go before we came into the store"...same response "I didn't have to them". Well I refused to buy yet another pair of pants and it didn't look like he had peed much so I told him that he would just have to wear those then. They were cordoroys and you couldn't see a wet spot. But boy was I pissed, and frustrated...why did this happen a second time?

So we leave and head to the car, outside the car I made him try and go again just to see if he didn't get it all out...of course nothing did...he had already peed himself twice @@ so we went on to the next store.

So this is thrift store 3, and we head in. This one is my favorite and I like to take my time in. But yet again about 10mins in Landon starts saying he has to pee AGAIN! So I ask why he didn't tell me he had to go even though I knew the answer. He again says he didn't have to go before. How does he have this much pee in him? So I am forced to rush thru the store, I got a couple things but that's it and we get outside and I let him pee near the car....it was either that or in his pants again. I was upset and angry and lectured him again about telling me he has to pee before it's starting to come out.

Then we head to Walmart, this was the main goal of the day, I needed a booster seat for Landon. When I got into Walmart I went straight to the back where the carseats were...I had no interest in dawdling in walmart. I put Landon in the cart, I was so done dealing with him at this point. It took me a little bit to decide which one to get but I eventually did. While Landon was in the cart I noticed his face was turning red and his hands were in his pants. I just looked at him and asked what was wrong and he then said "I have to go again".......OMG it's never ending! I still had to go to the grocery section so I rushed thru it as fast as I could and paid as fast as I could, got him to the car and let him pee there. Of course I left Walmart forgetting a bunch of things I went in there for....all because of Landon and his teeny tiny bladder.

The thing is when he did pee I was watching and he was peeing ALOT each and every time. But how does a tiny little nothing of a boy pee 4 times in a matter of 2hrs...and not little pees but like full bladder peeing. Today made me worry that there could be something wrong with him. Not that he had to pee that much but more that he wasn't able to tell me that he had to pee before hand. Like he didn't feel the sensation or something. But man I was beat when I got home....things like this raise my blood pressure and get me all frustrated and heated. I mean I was so frustrated with him that I was almost in tears.

I need a beer and a cigarette SO bad right now.......I just need the boys to stop horsing around and go to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!