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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If you're male, childless, and 20 you die

A continuation of Landon’s thoughts about getting older................

Me and Landon went out thrift store shopping today. I was looking thru the skirt isle and Landon was sitting inside the shopping cart that I was pushing.
This was our conversation :

Landon : Mommy, can you get me a cell phone?

Me : No, I’m not buying you a phone!

Landon : Can I get one when I’m 11?

Me : No

Landon : Can I get one when I’m 16?

Me : No

Landon : That’s not fair, when can I get one?

Me : When you’re 20

Landon: But I’ll be dead when I’m 20

Me : lol No you won’t, I’m over 20 and I’m not dead

Landon : That’s because you’re a girl, they live longer

Me : Daddy and Papa are over 20 and they are still alive

Landon : That’s because they have kids, you live longer if you’re a daddy

Me : So, if you are over 20, don’t have any kids, and are a boy then you die?

Landon : Yup, that’s right!

I could have corrected him, and explained the truth. But knowing him he would have told me I was wrong and the conversation would have lasted forever. Everyone near us in the store was looking at me like I was crazy, and in shock at what I was teaching my son lol