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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First baseball practice

So the boys had thier first Baseball practice today, at 9am. I had to drag my lazy butt outa bed at the butt crack of dawn to go sit in the cold and watch them run around lol It was freezing which I guess was a good thing and woke my ass up lol

The boys were so excited to go, yet pretty nervous as well. They are on seperate teams. Landon is doing Tball and Corbin is doing machine pitch. Noveigh his cousin is doing it as well but she couldn't make this practice. Now both their teams have the same coach which is very convenient...I know i'll never run into them having games at the same time.

So anyway, we get to the field and the coach hollars to the boys to "hussle up"....Corbin starts running while Landon just takes his sweet time.....boys got attitude for a 5yr old. They walk up and the coach asks them for their name. Landon answers but he says it to quiet so coach asked again and Landon responds by saying "I already told you"...omg I was so embarrassed. How did I create this mouth of his?

The practice lasts about an hour, they basically just did running drills. He was teaching the kids how to run past the 1st base and how to pick up speed. I'm not all that thrilled with their coach but i'll give him the benefit of the doubt and see how it goes. We had a horrible coach with soccer one season and I just really hope we don't have to go there again.

Landon's attitude didn't quit, the coach told the kids to put their hands on their knees and there stood Landon acting like he was above that and wouldn't do it....again embarrassing!

Then Landon came running over to me telling me he needed his glove....this is while every other child is lines up against the fence. So I told him No that his coach would tell him when it was time and that he needed ot go back to his team . Landon started yelling at me saying he needed his glove. At that point I was so embarrassed by his behaviour that I said "if you don't go stand by your team your butt will sit on this bench with me and you will no longer play baseball". At that he went back to his team....but my goodness I was so angry with him. I gave him a nice long lecture in the car about his attitude and respect for adults. He's 5, who the hell knows if he understood....may have went in one ear and out their other.

We found out that our neighbor down the street is Corbin's assistant coach, and all his friends were at the field today. Made the boys feel tons better about being there....it was like our street showed up for this practice it was pretty funny.

All in all the kids had a great time and they left the practice saying they "LOVED" baseball now lol I knew they would =)