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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

First off I'd just like to say HAPPY EASTER to everyone!

We are not a religious family, Easter for us has always been the celebration of Spring. So HAPPY SPRING everyone! lol

In my family we have an Easter tradition. Its a game my parents made up and started with us kids.
Every year my father makes up riddles/clues. Little plastic eggs are hidden throughout the house all containing a riddle/clue that leads you to the next one. When we were young we'd have up to 15 clues. As the years went by we didn't have as many but they got harder and harder with our age. Our very last riddle would lead us to our hidden basket.
The basket was always special. We didn't get expensive gifts like some of our friends. But the baskets were created by my Mother and she always put a lot of thought and energy into them. Now when looking back at my childhood Easters they are filled with joy and laughter...............as well as tears of frustration. This was the part my parents got a kick out of. They would just sit back and enjoy lol It's pretty messed up when you think about it. But my father would make the riddles so hard that we would still be looking for them when dinner was being served. We would get frustrated, sit down and say "I give up, I'm done!". My parents would just sit chuckle and then throw us a little hint. They knew that this would happen every year....but every year when Easter would approach my Dad would ask "so you guys still want clues this year" and we would all say "yes of course!"....so we asked for it and he's give it ...with a smile on his face.

We are all grown now with our own children. We have passed this tradition onto our kids. We still all gather at my parents house. I think we are running out of hiding spaces. We start the kids out young. When my kids were very little, like a year. Their clues would read something like "It's time to go outside, where are your shoes?", as they get older they get harder. This year they read something like "When you're at home you get to play, but in his room on the bed you stay. He goes thru them one by one, this is where they go when he's done." This was one of Corbin's clues he had this year....the next clue was hidden in Ethans room in his video game drawer. It took the kids awhile to figure the clues out this year but they did great!

Something we've also added to our tradition are riddles for my parents. We call it "Payback". Took my dad quite a few hours today to figure his out...and it was so funny watching him get frustrated and say "I give up".
Ahhhhh sweet revenge!

Our Easter's have always been special and unique. Even though my family an be pretty nutty at times....I think we have some really awesome qualities =)

I hope our Easter tradition passes on from generation to generation!

Happy Easter