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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Corbin got dumped =(

On our street there are quite a few kids that the boys are friends with. One little boy next door to us who is Landon's age, he plays with him on occasion but his parents are kind of strange.....the little boy only comes outside once a week and it's always with a bike helmet on, even though he doesn't have a bike.

Then there is a little boy a few houses down who comes and plays football with the kids on weekends....he's an interesting child...that's all I'll say.

Then about 4 houses down there is a house full of kids. I think there is 5 of them. They have 3 girls and 2 boys. One of the little girls is Lauren, she is 8yrs old. Corbin who is 7.5 decided a while ago that he thought Lauren was pretty. The kids love playing with this family, they seem like good kids. But I started to become concerned with Corbin's obsession with Lauren. He has been drawing her pictures, writing little notes saying things like "I like you and think you are pretty". He picked out little gifts that he wanted to give her. I have had talk after talk with him about this. I told him I didn't like him giving her gifts or writing her notes like that. I told him that he could be her friend but he's to young to date lol

My efforts failed though cause he didn't seem to care what I said. A couple weeks ago the boys were playing over in their yard with their cousin noveigh. When I came to get them for baseball practice Noveigh came to me and said " You would not believe what Corbin just did!". I asked her what, and she told me that Corbin asked Lauren to be his girlfriend. I honestly didn't know what to say or how to handle it. Then noveigh said "He even got on one knee". Oh geez I didn't know what to do with my child. Most of me just wanted to laugh, but at the same time it bothered me alot. I asked Noveigh what she said and she told me that Lauren told him YES.

I had a talk with Corbin yet again about this girlfriend stuff. He of course didn't see what the big deal was. I had to explain again and again that he could be friends with girls but at his age he was not allowed to have a girlfriend. I asked him what he felt a girlfriend was and I didn't like the answer. His answer was that a Girlfriend was someone you kiss, and hold hands with. Well that made me even more upset about it all. I don't want my 7yr old kissing or holding hands with some little girl......he's to young for all that!!!

I tried to think back to when I was 7 and 8. It's seems soooooo young. But when I think back to when I was a child I did have crushes on boys. I wanted to have a boyfriend. So I guess to some degree it's normal. Well after this event I heard from Landon that Lauren had been kissing Corbin on the cheek. Again...I didn't like that. So I had to have another talk with him and how I didn't want him kissing anyone or anyone kissing him. I have no clue if he listened or not, but I didn't hear anymore about the kissing business after our talk.

Well today the kids came in from playing when it started to get dark, I was starting dinner and Corbin came up to me and said "I really don't want to tell you, but Lauren broke up with me". I was very careful with how I reacted but I asked him what happened. He told me that Lauren told him that they could still be friends but she didn't want to be boyfriend/girlfriend anymore. I asked him what he said when she said it and he told me that he just ran home. I felt so bad for him, he seemed embarrassed. But then he followed it by saying "but we are still going to be friends". LOL I told him that was good and that's all that mattered anyway.

So my little boy, my baby, my 7yr old got dumped for the first time. Even though I forbid him having a girlfriend, even though he completly ignored me and did it anyway, I still felt bad for my little guy. Mainly because he was put in an embarrassing situation. Of course i'm sure tomorrow none of it will matter and they will play the same as they did before she dumped him and they won't think anything of it. This is just the beginning for me. I have to deal with my son growing up. I know Corbin is going to get his heart broken time and time again in his life. I can tell by his personality. He is going to grow up and be a "nice guy". He's going to try and please girls, he's going to give them whatever they want, and he is going to get walked on and his heart stomped on. I can see it all now. I know i'm going to hate all his girlfriends. I will forever think some girl is trying to do a number on him. I can't help but feel that way about my little man. I don't feel this way about Landon......at all! Just corbin.

Ugh....how do I stop time? can I slow it down? Maybe just a little? I'm not ready to deal with it all.