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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Date night =)

This past Monday night David and I went out. We haven't been out alone in so long. We didn't really know what we wanted to do. We decided to check out Mcfaddens for dinner...it's a local sports bar. I have been there to hang out, but never early for dinner. The food turned out to be really good. They had half price beers that night so that was nice. We sat and talked...something we don't get to do much unless it's late after kids are in bed. After dinner we decided to head to Keagans (a bar) where I knew they were having Karaoke. David LOVES some Karaoke lol Me....not so much. I enjoy watching it, just not singing. We got to Keagans and right as we walked in we realized that this was the place people come when they can't sing. We've been to many other Karaoke places and usually the people can at least sing a little. Nope not keagans. All the Karaoke regects go there lol It was HORRIBLE!! Some girls I knew were there so I went and said Hi to them. David and I hung out at the bar and he went and picked out his first song. He ended up singing some rock song I can't remember the name of....he did great and was one of the best ones there. After a while one of David's friends showed up so we hung out with him a bit. He dared David to sing a New kids on the block song. And of course David can't turn down a dare.......So up david got to sing "hangin tough"...he got a great laugh from the crowd! We ended up having a great time just hanging out, watching david sing, watching all the drunk people sing....I laughed a ton! I'm looking forward to our next date night =)