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Friday, March 28, 2008

Ugh, can never keep up!

Ok, I am one of the worst house keepers in the world...seriously! I have just never mastered this skill and I have no clue how. I feel that if I were to keep a clean house I would have to be cleaning literally 24/7. Now I know my kids are tornado's, they walk into a clean room and within seconds it's trashed. This just tells me that I'm not teaching them how to be tidy. But i'm not really sure how. Whenever I have tried to impliment new techniques with them I have a really hard time sticking to it and enforcing it. My main problem is laundry. I probably have to much clothes, in fact I KNOW I have to much clothes. But honestly that will never change. No matter how much I say i'll eliminate alot of my clothing...I know it will never happen. It's an addiction of mine that I love to much to give up. But what I need to figure out is how to keep up with the laundry. My kids go thru at least 2 outfits a day. I wish they were the type of kids that they could wear their pants more then once.....but my kids are dirty boys and they get every bit of clothing they wear gross and smelly. They will go thru 2 outfits a day, their socks are black and gross by the end of the day and thier shirts covered in dirt. Their pajamas or always smelly, or landon has an accident. In one day they will accumulate at least 2 loads of laundry. And that's not including my stuff, normal house stuff like towels. It's just exhausting.
Recently my washing machine stopped working.....this was my worst nightmare. I've had to bring my laundry to my parents house to do it. This has sucked!!!
There is a good chance i'll be moving in July and the house i'll be moving into already had a washer so there is no reason to get a new one right now.
The boys bedroom....omg this is always a disaster area. I went up there recently cleaned it...it was spotless. Within two days it was trashed again.....ugh I just wanted to kill the kids.
Now all this i'm sure is my fault, my own laziness, me not following thru with them. But I have a million and one things I have to do each day and I guess that get's put on the back burner.
I really wish I could be one of those woman that keep a perfect house. One of those woman that have a place for everything, and have a perfect routine. I'm just not like that....but I want to be so bad. I need the tools and advice.......anyone have any???