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Sunday, March 30, 2008


I just need to vent for a little bit.

Yesterday we got up at 630am to head out to King Dominion. KD is run by paramount and is an amusement park. We left around 730 to drive the two hours it takes to get there. We were going because my Niece Noveigh had to go for a dance competition. She had to get there by 930. David was driving down from Sterling, Va to meet us there. Through the dance company we got discounted tickets....they weren't discounted enough though. Just about 10bucks off that's it. We were all pretty excited to go. I had only been there once before and it was when Corbin was around 4 and we didn't really do much there. So now that my kids are older I was really looking forward to taking them.

We got there right when the park was opening. We went to the theater Noveigh had to be at. We sat thru a good hour of the competition. Long enough to see Noveigh dance as well as some of the other groups in noveighs dance company. So around 12pm we were finally done with that and we left the theater to go play in the park.

I realized right away that this was NOT the park for us. We went to go ride the Carousel and I sent the 3 kids on their way to go get in line. Shortly after Landon comes back saying he can't ride it. I was so confused. So David took him back thru the line and they told him that Landon needed an adult to ride with him....WTH? It's a Carousel! A 5yr old can't ride alone? We have one in our local mall that he rides alone, as well as one in our downtown area that he rides alone. yet here at this park he was to short. I was pretty irritated. So this was just the beginning. As we went thru the park I realized that "MY" kids were to short for almost everything! Yes they are short for their age..but come on! I wasn't expecting them to be able to ride a roller coaster or anything. But a normal average ride...YES! The only things my kids were big enough to ride alone were the tiny baby rides...the ones that Rainer..my 16mos old nephew was riding.

They had this kid section which was climbing things and slides. They had a little kids section with baby slides and then a big kid section with big slides. Yeah both my kids were to small to go in there. This one really made me mad. It's a slide!!!!!!!

I think the reason it all bothered me so much is that Busch Gardens is not like that. Busch Gardens is just 30mins from us, and we have season passes. So it's what i'm used to. We waited so long for the boys to hit 42inches just so they could ride the normal rides at Busch. And at Kings dominion you had to be at least 46in to ride with an adult on mother things or 48 to ride alone. Well Landon is 42 and Corbin is 44. At busch gardens my kids are big enough to ride a roller coaster...now it's a mild coaster but still. At KD they were only allowed to ride baby rides.
It was very frustrating. David and Chris went on a few Coasters so at least we got a little bit of our moneys worth. But we really were just going for the kids and then that was a huge disapointment.

I will never go there again unless I get free or very discounted tickets.
I'll stick with Busch gardens, it's cleaner, people are nicer, and they have insane height restrictions.


Anonymous said...

that sound really annoying u stuck it out longer than I would have