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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good bye Jcpenneys!!!! yay

So I went ahead and quit my job at Jcpenney's. I was just so sick of it. Fed up with the job in general as well as how the place is run. I worked so hard for barely any money...and it just didn't seem worth it anymore. My last day was March 2nd. Which actually turned out to be good timing. With Neely's surgery on Feb 25th I really needed to be available to help out. Everything worked out and honestly, this break i've had has been amazing!
I know I still need to find another job. At lease for entertainment money for me and the boys. I am pretty sure i'm going to do cocktail waitressing. So many of my friends do it and they make great money for little hours. I haven't been out to get the job yet, but I am going to in the next week or so. I think i've been waiting till I feel everyone is ready to start babysitting my kids again.
The hardest thing about having a job has been the fact that other poeple have to watch my kids. If David was here all the time I wouldn't mind it so much. But I hate feeling like I'm burdening everyone all the time.
Neely has been doing so much better lately. She has cut back on her meds and is able to get out and do stuff now. So the help she needs isn't as much. So hopefully another week and I won't feel to guilty getting a job again.

I'm nervous about trying something new, but if it will give me more money then it's worth it. And from what i've been told it can be alot of fun! So wish me luck!