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Monday, June 30, 2008

11yr Dating Anniversary

So 11yrs ago to this day David and I went on our very first date. We met a month before hand while we were both working at Busch Gardens. We talked at work, flirted, the normal stuff for about a month and then we finally went on our first date...and we were inseperable from then on. That summer I experienced my first (and only) love...and then come September David went off to basic training and I was heart broken. It was exactly like a country love song lol David and I had a long distance relationship for a good year after that...we had our good times and bad times like all couples and the distance made things worse......but we managed. We broke up for about 4mos about 2yrs into our relationship, and then got back together and then surprise...baby Corbin =) That's when our family began.
We've been thru far more then most couples should have to go thru. Even to this day I wonder if we'll make it. But through out the years we've had one main thing in common and one main thing that has kept us together.....we love eachother very much.
Today David is not in town, but he had a dozen pink roses sent to the house. They are beautiful, they are my favorite, and they smell wonderful. I love that this day means something to him. I love that he remembered. I love that he's romantic and wants us to reconnect. I love that he does things like this. But at the same time, why am I so bothered that he spent the money on these flowers? David is supporting two houses right now..his in DC and mine here. With all that it leaves us with very little money. So it bothers me that he went and spent so much on these flowers when he could have done something just as sweet but cheaper.
I feel guilty for being mad at him, but to me it was irrisponsible of him to do it. Ugh I wish I could just be happy sometimes instead of seeing the negative in a situation like this. I guess i'm sitting here with very little money and I need gas money more then I need flowers.

How I know I have PMS

1) Everyone around me has an attitude problem
2) Chocolate has become one of the basic food groups
3) The dryer has shrunk every last pair of my jeans (weird how this happens)
4) My husband is agreeing with everything I say
5) I'm using my cell phone to dial up every bumper sticker that says, "How's my driving? Call 1-800--."
6) Everyone's head looks like an invitation to batting practice.
7) I'm convinced there's a God and He's male.
8) I'm counting down the days until menopause.
9) I'm sure that my kids are scheming to drive me crazy.
10) The ibuprofen bottle is empty and I bought it yesterday.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Forever Young

So I put on the movie "Forever Young". I haven't seen it in forever but it was on one of the movie channels so I recorded it. For those that haven't seen this movie is stars Mel Gibson and he has his body frozen in the 1920's and then 2 boys stumble across his body and of course he defrosts and comes back to life lol The movie makes no sense but it's a love story and I like it.


It got me thinking of the 60min special or was it 20/20 I have no clue...it was about the process of Cryopreservation. It's the process of freezing the body to be brought back to life at some point in the future. This concept seriously freaks me out. People actually pay like 150,000 to have their body frozen for the slight possibility of science figuring out how to bring them back to life in the future so they can in a way "live forever". But if your frugal you can pay just a mere 50,000 to have your brain frozen so someday scientists can clone the rest of your body. How insane is this? The famous baseball player Ted Williams is frozen right now (I don't really know who this is but I read it lol). I read that his head is actually frozen seperately...gross!

Why would anyone do this? As of right now we (*we meaning doctors, scientists) don't know how to revive these frozen bodies yet....and no one knows if *we will ever know. So basically you freeze your body in hope that they will figure it out one day. This is all just to disturbing for me to truely comprehend. People are actually frozen right now as I type this, head down in big metal tubes all over the country. Why would anyone want to live forever? If *we were actually able to revive a body at any time that person would most likely come back as a vegetable.

So who else is completely freaked out by this? Anyone know someone who has paid to have it done to their body? Opinions?

Found a bathing suit! Yay

So today i'm feeling MUCH better! It was a sauna in my room last night because my upstairs AC isn't working very well...so I had broken sleep, but I went to bed fairly early so it was fine. I woke up around 7:30am....anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER see this time of day. My butt is never outa bed before 9am. But today I woke up at 7:30 and was wide awake. It was strange being up that early. I ended up getting out and running errands before 11am, and home again before 3pm. I feel like my day should be over now but it's no where near lol I guess being up in the early morning has some advantages...you get more done in a day...but at the same time I think by the kids bedtime I'm going to be really stressed.

Anyway, so I headed out to Walmart to buy a fan for my bedroom, I just can't take another night like that. So I found the fan I wanted and just happened to glance at the bathing suits, I saw a few that looked cute and I tried them on. I was shocked but one actually looked good! Ok well as good as it can look anyway. I have to work with what I got lol It's a one piece but it's the Monokini style. Here is a picture of one similar. The one I got is turqouise blue and striped. What was even better about the bathing suit is that it was only 19.97! I never find bathing suits that price. This one is cute and covered my ugly mommy belly but doesnt make me feel like a soccer mom! Girl's weekend is in 3 weeks, and now i'm set! After Walmart I stopped at Sonic to get the boys a slushie, then hit a thrift store which was PACKED ugh! Then I stopped by the YMCA to look into a membership (want to look better in that bathing suit). From my income and the fact that I live alone with the boys it looks like I could get a Y membership for like $15 a month with no start up fee! yay! I'm going to work on doing that. They want pay stubs and I don't have those so we'll see what I can do. After the Y we stopped by Laurens house to see how she was feeling (she just had surgery)...she seemed find..doped up and feeling good lol Now we are home.......whew I feel like it should be 8pm already but it's only 440. We are hanging at home for the rest of the day, it's getting ready to storm and I need to figure out what i'm going to make for dinner.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Father's day pictures

Got hit by the bug

Yesteday the boys and I had a wonderful time at the beach! It was perfect beach weather...in Hampton anyway. Actually we had an advisory out saying that elderly and childrens should only be out for an hour at a time because of a debry warning. We've had bad smoke here from the NC fires for the last few weeks...well I guess today they put out a warning saying they didn't want people breathing it in.

But in Hampton it was nice and clear, no smell of camp fire like we've become acustomed to. So I took advantage of the last of smoke and headed to the beach. From Newport news all the way to Richmond was bad though...Hampton just got lucky.

We spent a good 4hrs there, I got tons of sun and kids had a blast.....we had friends with us to which always makes it more enjoyable.

Later I dropped the kids off at the baseball game with my parents, and headed to meet Marisha and Hannah out for drinks. We didn't know it but the bar we picked was having Karaoke last night so it was hilarious. It was a good night.

UNTIL about 4am when I woke up with horrible stomach cramps and feeling sick to my stomach. I was up most of the night until I finally threw up and felt good enough to sleep. I think I caught a stomach bug that has been going around cause i've been throwin up about every 30mins since it started =( I really hope my kids don't get this.

So my day is going to be spent laying on the couch, sipping ginger ale, and trying to find things to keep the boys occupied.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"The music brings my body down"

Corbin has been into music and dancing for quite sometime now. He blares the tv with music and dances ALL day long. He has choreography to pretty much every Disney channel video or show. He's not bad either, he has rhythm and can dance pretty good. The boy has a shyness problem though. So no one but myself and landon ever really see the extent of what this boy can do. He's finally getting old enough to go into a dance class, but the boy refuses..he's to scared.

Corbin's new thing right now is Camp Rock...anyone else's kids watch this movie? I now know these songs by heart because the movie is recorded on our DVR and it is played about 100 times a day. He doesn't watch the whole movie 100times, no he sits with the remote and rewinds and fastforwards to all the songs. He has choreographed each song, knows the words by heart. I wake up to this music everyday. I get up and come downstairs and Corbin usually has tons of new things to show me. He says things like "Check out my new move"....or "See in the music, it just brings me body down"...this is as he's demonstrating what his move is to that part in the song.
Corbin has informed me that this movie is far better then High School Musical 1 AND 2.

At least once a day I find random videos on my digital camera of Corbin dancing lol He places the camera on a table or something in the morning when I'm not up and records himself dancing and singing.

Now all this might sound cute and all...but he's obsessed. It's a little bit more then an interest he has. He clearly has a passion for music and dancing. It's hard cause I wish I could get him past his shyness cause he could be great if he allowed himself to be taught.

Who knows maybe this will be something that sticks with him for life or maybe it's just a childhood phase. I'll have to wait and see. In the meantime I would love to get him into a Hip Hop class...anyones kids want to take it with him so he's not alone???? =)

This week

David came down for the concert on Saturday and his boss Paul told him to take a few days so he got to stay till Tuesday.

We didn't do much, lack of funds lol We just hung out really. Jack has had baseball games everyday for the Allstars so we've been to all of those....we always enjoy ourselves.
We hit the pool a couple times, the kids had a blast doing canon balls off the diving board....and a few belly flops here and there lol

Tuesday I had our Hula meeting, we went over a new dance we just learned and then started another one. Of course there was far more talking and chatting then there was actual working lol like always.
I left there around 3pm, took Hannah home, I watched theseus for 40mins till Marisha got home from work. I was going to have to Babysit Neely's kids at 4 but last minute she canceled. Then I was also going to have to watch my friend Rachels kids at 445 and last minute she canceled cause her hubby got home early lol I everyone canceled on me...not that I minded really. I went to go meet David and the boys at the pool but right as I got there they were heading out....oh well.

Today we are going to the Beach with some friends, and then another one of Jack's baseball games.....there is a chance I might go out for some drinks with Marisha...but not sure yet.

I was going to head up to David's this week but decided not to. I feel a little guilty about it but at the same time I just can't go up there and be trapped in an apartment for a week when it's summer and my kids want to be out at the beach or pool....and so do I.

If he didn't have to work all day everyday while we are there it would be different...but it sucks. I go up there and end up being alone with the kids in a strange area I don't know, in an apartment...just not cool.

Well off to get ready for the sun...of course that is if the smoke doesn't force us back indoors (NC fires)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday- 21st

This past week is kind of a blur, I was trying to think back to each day to remember what we did but I honestly have no clue!

I know we've been to the beach a few times. I've had to take Jack to his baseball practices everyday. Hula meeting on Tuesday, went out for a few drinks with my friend that night. Wednesday we went to the Virginia living museum with friends, Thursday cleaned and went out to dinner with my friend that night, friday cleaned I think lol Just normal stuff I geuss.

Yesterday, Saturday was busy though. Day started out with Jack's first All stars baseball game. But before I could head there I had to drop off the Hula bin at Neely's house, then hit the bank to cash a check, then get some coffee and then to the game. Game lasted till 12pm and then we had to head up to Newport news to the Dance recital. Lauren's ballet classes were in the first recital at 1pm...which were adorable. Then the 2nd recital started at 3pm for Noveigh's dance team and the hula/tahitian dances neely teaches. So we were there from 1-4pm. Then we left and went home. I had to eat and get ready as fast as I could. David drove down so he met me at the house. Then at 5pm we left the kids with my parents and met up at Laurens house. It was Me, David, Lauren, guy Rob, Marisha (it was her bday), Hannah. We piled into my mother car (sat more people) and headed down to Va beach for the Bill Joel concert.

I have been to many concerts at the Amphitheatre...but WOW is all I can say. I have never seen so many people before. We had AWESOME seats!!! very close and dead center. Marisha and Hannah had lawn seats...I felt bad for them =( The concert was amazing!!!
Took us about an hour to drive home...counting getting outa the parking lot...not to bad. We started a fire in my parents backyard and hung out some more after the kids were in bed. It was a long day, but a very enjoyable day!

Father's day (trying to catch up)

I am really far behind on my blogging. I have pictures back from last week on Father's day that I still haven't uploaded from my camera. My camera battery is dead and I can't find the charger @@ Oh well so i'll just write about it instead of posting pictures.

On Father's day we had no plans. David wasn't able to come down so I had decided we were going to just hang at home..I planned on dying my hair.

Around 12pm Corbin started acting funny, visibly upset. I sat down and asked him what was up. He was VERY upset that we were not spending Father's Day with David. I tried to explain to him that Father's day can be anyday...we could celebrate it in the few days when we would see him. But that didn't fly with Corbin...he was very emotionally upset by him not being with his Daddy. So I called David up and I asked him if he would be able to meet us in Richmond. Richmond is kinda of our middle point. it's about an hour and 20mins for me...and hour and 40 for him. So we agreed to meet in Richmond at 5pm. Once I told the boys we were going they were thrilled!

So we got ready and headed out around 3pm. About 20mins into our drive we hit traffic. It was the worst traffic I had been in for awhile. It was a slow crawl the entire way to Richmond...took us the 2 full hours to get there.

We met David at a place called O'charleys for dinner. The boys gave him his Father's day gift. Then we headed over to a near by park to play. It was in a wooded park so once they got sick of playing on the playground we walked the trails in the woods(my favorite part). After the park we headed to Dairy Queen for some ice cream, and then found a grassy field to throw around a football....I tried but i'm not very good. After all that was done it was about 8pm and I needed to head home....so we said goodbye to David and we drove home. The boys left very satisfied and happy and slept great that night!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1930's Marital scale

Take the quiz and see where you are...lol

I failed...I only got a 4. Not sure how I managed that
1930s Marital Scale

Monday, June 16, 2008

Whew Saturday

Saturday started out pretty lazy. David left before we even woke up. We went over to my parents house so I could get some coffee...the boys just played outside for a while.

I knew I wanted to head to the mall that day, mainly because I got wiped out at the beach on friday and lost my sunglasses....so I needed to go buy some new ones. So I got me and the boys ready and we headed out.

We were all hungry so I stopped at one of our favorite chinese buffets for lunch. It's SO good they have a mongolian section and a sushi bar.....which is pretty much all I eat..but they have the rest of the buffet food that really isn't very good. But the mongolian and suhi make up for it!

After lunch we headed to JCpenneys. I have a gift card there so I knew that's where I wanted to buy my sunglasses. I really had no luck at all finding any. They were all just "eh ok"...yet 20bucks @@ ya no thanks. I ended up getting Theseus 3 pairs of shorts (clearance 2.99) 4 tank tops for me (clearance 5.59) two towels for the kids (3.99) and some summer kid dishes that were on sale 70% off. So I did pretty good.

When I was standing in line to pay the boys asked if they could go to the restrooms....they were like 10feets away so I said sure go ahead. Well I went thru the line, paid and finished and they were still in there! So I went to the bathroom and Corbin came out of the family bathroom saying that I better get in there. Of course that never sounds good. I went inside and there was poop everywhere. Poor Corbin tried to handle it and clearn it up but he just didn't do a very good job. Landon I guess couldn't hold and it and exploded...it was gross and liquid...ugh
So I spent the next 30mins cleaning the bathroom, cleaning Landon, washing his clothes in the sink. I had to put him in one of the pairs of shorts I bought for the baby lol Hey I had to make it outa the store. I was very stressed and frustrated at that point.

I then got a call from Lauren asking me why I wasn't at the ball field for Jack's championship game. I told him landon pooped his pants in the mall and she shut her mouth real quick and said she was sorry lol

So after we got home and bathed landon, got a new set of clothes...we finally headed to the ball game. It was a big event. They had free food, big blow up jumpy thing for the kids, dunk tanks...they really made it awesome for the kids.

The ball game was intense! They stayed pretty even the entire game...even had to go into an extra inning cause they were stuck at 3-3. But the other team scored one more run and that was the end of the game. So Jack lost, but man did they put up a good fight!!!! Very proud!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beach day

Friday....David and I took the kids down to Va beach to play in the ocean. We live about 40mins away from the actual boardwalk and it's thru the tunnel so we don't go there that often. Half way there I realized I had forgotten my camera...so no pics =( It was a beautiful day, around 90ish. We got down there went to one of the little shops and bought a couple new boogie boards. Then we headed down to the water. The waves were huge, a little bigger then I would have liked. Corbin got wiped out on his board a couple times, but the last one he hit his head at the bottom of the ocean and he stayed away from the water after that...poor guy. Landon and I went out past the breaking of the waves and had fun jumping them. David was in the water from the second we got there till the second we left lol Me and the boys were laying in the sun and Dave would not leave the water lol It as pretty funny watching him body surf.

We stayed there till we had enough of the sun and then stopped on the way to car for some frozen custard. Once we started heading home we remembered why we don't normally drive down there. We got stuck in dead stop tunnel traffic for 2hrs. I was really tempted to lay on the hood of the car to get some more sun lol I decided against it though lol

We eventually got home but I was cold, tired and sandy. I was so thrilled to be able to hope in the shower...felt great. Then I got the kids bathed and then David was last.
After we were all nice and cleaned up we headed over to my parents house for a BBQ. We had hamburgers and hotdogs (well I had a turkey burger) and the kids roasted marshmellows in the fire. We had a great time!!! It was a wonderful end to a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little crabbers

Tonight we went to Joe's crab shack for dinner. David got a bucket of crab legs to share with the boys...they had a blast trying to break them open....I think they cared more about cracking them open then they did actually eating it.

Water Country

David came down today till Saturday. He drove down this morning and we met him at Watercountry. We get season passes every year to Busch Gardens/ Water country. The kids have been begging to go since it opened for the season and today we finally went. David and I took Jack, Ethan, Corbin and Landon. We were there for about 6hrs. The kids were so exhausted by the end of the day that they fell asleep in the car on the way back (30min drive)..even the big kids.

Fun filled day

We finally got a break from the heat wave that's been hitting the Hampton roads area. On Wed it was ONLY 90 degrees!!! We took advantage of the nice weather and headed to the park in the early part of the day. We met up with my friends Dusty and Polly. We were only there for about an hour because I had to pick up Jack from school. He had a half day being that it was his very last day of school. Here are some pictures of the boys playing with their friends at the park. Landon swinging with Tyler...and then Corbin playing with Jacob and Noah.

After the park we headed home, picked up Jack and Noveigh, and headed home to get ready for the beach. I figured it was perfect beach weather...still a good breeze yet still hot in the sun. Dusty and her boys met us there and we started at the beach till almost 5pm...I would have stayed longer but I had to have Jack at his baseball game by 530, which he won and now his team goes into the championships. The beach was wonderful, not to many Jellyfish and the waves were big enough for the kids to have a blast on their boogie boards!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Did ya know?

Did ya know that my kids drove me crazy today?
Did ya know that my 2yr old nephew stayed the night last night (as well as tonight)
Did ya know that I had to rush out the door with 3 kids this morning
Did ya know that I quickly made the kids some bread with peanut butter on it and grabbed the rest of my stuff to head out the door
Did ya know that my dog ate one of the sandwiches
Did ya know that I had to go make a new one for Corbin
Did ya know that when I gave it to him he told me that he wasn't hungry and then threw it on the ground
Did ya know that I wanted to ring his neck and I told him not to ask me for food until lunch time and that I didn't care if he got hungry before hand
Did ya know that Corbin had an attitude problem at Hula today so was constantly getting in trouble, he even pushed down a baby cause the baby hit him in the head
Did ya know once I got rid of my 2yr old nephew I then had to watch my 11yr old nephew
Did ya know that they would NOT stop fighting once we got home
Did ya know I told them they could get some lemonade in the kitchen and they spilled it all over the floor (even the 11yr old @@)
Did ya know I then took them to the grocery store and they resorted back to toddlerhood and were running around touching everything, not listening, playing and wrestling on the store floor.
Did ya know I yelled at them in the store mulitiple times and people kept looking at me ...it was very embarrassing.
Did ya know that they bitched and moaned when I made them carry in groceries and help put them away
Did ya know that I made them scrub the kitchen floor when I found it sticky from lemonade and they bitched and moaned with that too....as well as when I made them take the trash out.
Did ya know that my nephew told his mother I was mean when she came to pick him up.....lol I had to laugh
Did ya know that while the kids were in the bath they splashed water ALL over the floor...huge puddle
Did ya know that I found the stack of towels I had asked Corbin to put away earlier today at the top of the stairs in a big messy pile.....3 feet away from the towel basket @@
Did ya know that an hour after kids were in bed...when I thought they were finally asleep they came down asking for water...ugh
Did ya know that when they were finally asleep, I then had to go get my 2yr old nephew to stay the night again (his mom just had surgery).
Did ya know that I need a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!

Water babies

Monday was another really HOT day!! We've had a major heat wave come thru our area...it's been over 100 everyday. Well on Monday we all went over to Neely's house to play in the water. I ended up taking more pictures of the babies then I did my own kids...but they were so damn cute!!!

My strange child Landon

Yes, Yes I know....this is really dangerous. I did have a talk with him after I caught him like this about putting things around his neck or face like this. But only after I snapped a few pictures cause he looked so darn funny!!

Baseball awards party!

Sunday was the boys baseball awards party. It was held at the baseball field but on the big field instead of the small one they kids are used to playing on. Corbin and Landon have the same coach..he does Tball and machine pitch. So the party was for the little kids and the older kids together. That made it so much easier for me!

They rented a moonwalk, grilled some hamburgers, had cake, and played baseball. Landon got to hit the ball off the machine which was a huge thrill for him. He did great as well, he hit it better then Corbin normally does lol

The kids got to hang out with their friends, play baseball, and got handed their trophies...they had a great time!!

Me....well i'm thrilled baseball season is over lol

Pics from Jack's graduation

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today was baseball day, actually it was the very last baseball day =( Ok so maybe I'm not that upset about it lol It's getting hot out there and having to be at the baseball field at least 3times a week was getting to be a bit much.

This morning at 9am was Landon's last game, he had a blast and got to play in the pitcher position so he was thrilled.

12pm was Corbin and Noveigh's last game. I was SO proud of Corbin, he hit great and when he was on 2pm base he rocked and made some great plays!

Today is said to be one of hottest days so far. It was over 100 I think. The poor kids they looked exhausted and hair soaking wet...I felt so bad for them.

It's OVER though lol I am happy to be sitting in my house with A/C. Tomorrow is their awards party....again supposed to be hot and the party is outside @@ But it should be fun. Here are a few baseball pics


First half of Friday was pretty relaxing, it was a normal day. Took Ethan to math, went to Hannah's to practice a dance,picked up Jack from school (half day), and then had to get ready for a show.

We wer scheduled to perform at Relay for Life at 6pm and then again at 11pm. I left at 430pm, took kids to Dad, then picked up Hannah. We drove to Todds stadium. We got lucky with parking but it was HOT and we had to carry our big hula bin, the headdresses, and the drum. So we made it to the entrance and we just sat there and waited for the other girls. The 6pm show Neely couldn't go to because Noveigh had a dance banquet. So once Dusty and Krista showed up we made our way to the stage. We dropped our stuff off and then walked to the bathroom to put on half of the costuming. I was sweating so bad just from walking cause it was humid. At 6pm we went on, the show went very well. Dusty had to do the talking for the first time and I was nervous about it but she rocked.

After that show we watched the opening ceremony, and walked around and checked the place out. We had to wait around until 11pm so we had way to much time to kill. Neely got there around 830/9...Krista had left cause she couldn't do the 2nd show.

My mother showed up with the boys to watch, I was nervous cause it was so late I thought they would be awful but they weren't...they did good.
We went on at 11pm, we had a way better crowd the 2nd time around....it went great I loved it!
It had cooled down, I was kinda cold actually so that helped. Weather turned out to be perfect and BOTH shows were awesome. But boy was I exhausted. I didn't get home till 1230am....I crashed hard when I got home. Of course that was after getting a few dishes washed, making sure the boys uniforms were in the dryer, feeding the dog, checking both toilets and if they were flushed, and preparing everything for today which was baseball day.....next blog lol

Relay for life is a wonderful cause and we were thrilled we got to be involved....people raved and i'm sure we will be asked to come again next year.


Thursday was Jack's 5th grade graduation ceremony. After talking with some of the woman who were planning the event we were asked if our Hula group would like to dance for it. Of course we did it for free, and mainly for Jack. The show went well, the kids love it! I don't have any pics of it yet. After the show me and the kids hit the mall. I still have a lot of gift cards from Christmas that I haven't spent. I didn't have much luck spending them though. All I really got accomplished was exchanging my Old navy flip flops. We hit a couple thrift stores after the mall and I found two very cute dresses...so I was happy =) Corbin had a baseball game that afternoon so we went home and got ready for that. I had plans with some friends after the game so I had to get myself ready for that as well. So we had fun at the game, my friend Dusty came with her kids....her boys really wanted to see Corbin and Noveigh play at least once. Game ended around 8pm...I dropped the boys off with my parents and I headed out. I met the girls at a Mexican restaurant, they had already eaten so I was there long enough for one margarita. Then we headed to the movie theater to see Sex and the city. We had all put on dresses and heels just for this night lol So that's what the picture is of...us posing with the Hulk in the Movie theater...That's not all the girls...some were in the bathroom. We had like 10girls total it was a good group! After the movie we headed to a place called Brickhouse. I was kinda bored, i'm still somewhat sick so the tickle was starting in my throat and I couldn't stop coughing. So I didn't stay out long. Girl's night out are the best, every woman should have one at least once a month!

Monday, June 2, 2008


We've had illness passing thru the family, colds, sore throats, just overall yuckiness. Over a week ago I came down with this headache that just would not go away. It would move from one side of my head to the other. I had it for a week. Then the headache went away and I got a sore throat and a fever, then it moved to my chest and it felt like it weighed a ton, and now all that is gone but I have no voice.
Of course when you are a mom you aren't allowed sick days. So I had baseball all day Saturday, got a sunburn cause i'm a dork and didn't put anything on my back and I wore a tube top lol
Took the kids to the carnival Saturday night, Sunday David kept the kids out all day at the carnival and pool...I was able to relax a little and went to the Sex and the city movie but then I had the show that evening....was like 2hrs of a workout it was bad.

Today I'm doing NOTHING. I've had some Hula calls come in which have been hard to take cause I can't talk....dealing with the kids has sucked without a voice. Oh tomorrow better get better!! I can't NOT talk lol it's driving me insane.

Virginia Living Museum show

Yesterday we had a show for the Virginia Living Museum's work party. It was held in Newport News park. It lasted way longer then I thought it would. We did a 30min show, then ran the limbo contest, best dressed, hula hoops, raffles, and even started most of the line dances the dj played. We were there for about 2hrs, it hot outside, and I was sick as a dog. When I got home I was so exhausted, I took a bath, ate something and went to bed really early. Here are some pics from the show