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Saturday, June 7, 2008


First half of Friday was pretty relaxing, it was a normal day. Took Ethan to math, went to Hannah's to practice a dance,picked up Jack from school (half day), and then had to get ready for a show.

We wer scheduled to perform at Relay for Life at 6pm and then again at 11pm. I left at 430pm, took kids to Dad, then picked up Hannah. We drove to Todds stadium. We got lucky with parking but it was HOT and we had to carry our big hula bin, the headdresses, and the drum. So we made it to the entrance and we just sat there and waited for the other girls. The 6pm show Neely couldn't go to because Noveigh had a dance banquet. So once Dusty and Krista showed up we made our way to the stage. We dropped our stuff off and then walked to the bathroom to put on half of the costuming. I was sweating so bad just from walking cause it was humid. At 6pm we went on, the show went very well. Dusty had to do the talking for the first time and I was nervous about it but she rocked.

After that show we watched the opening ceremony, and walked around and checked the place out. We had to wait around until 11pm so we had way to much time to kill. Neely got there around 830/9...Krista had left cause she couldn't do the 2nd show.

My mother showed up with the boys to watch, I was nervous cause it was so late I thought they would be awful but they weren't...they did good.
We went on at 11pm, we had a way better crowd the 2nd time around....it went great I loved it!
It had cooled down, I was kinda cold actually so that helped. Weather turned out to be perfect and BOTH shows were awesome. But boy was I exhausted. I didn't get home till 1230am....I crashed hard when I got home. Of course that was after getting a few dishes washed, making sure the boys uniforms were in the dryer, feeding the dog, checking both toilets and if they were flushed, and preparing everything for today which was baseball day.....next blog lol

Relay for life is a wonderful cause and we were thrilled we got to be involved....people raved and i'm sure we will be asked to come again next year.