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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"The music brings my body down"

Corbin has been into music and dancing for quite sometime now. He blares the tv with music and dances ALL day long. He has choreography to pretty much every Disney channel video or show. He's not bad either, he has rhythm and can dance pretty good. The boy has a shyness problem though. So no one but myself and landon ever really see the extent of what this boy can do. He's finally getting old enough to go into a dance class, but the boy refuses..he's to scared.

Corbin's new thing right now is Camp Rock...anyone else's kids watch this movie? I now know these songs by heart because the movie is recorded on our DVR and it is played about 100 times a day. He doesn't watch the whole movie 100times, no he sits with the remote and rewinds and fastforwards to all the songs. He has choreographed each song, knows the words by heart. I wake up to this music everyday. I get up and come downstairs and Corbin usually has tons of new things to show me. He says things like "Check out my new move"....or "See in the music, it just brings me body down"...this is as he's demonstrating what his move is to that part in the song.
Corbin has informed me that this movie is far better then High School Musical 1 AND 2.

At least once a day I find random videos on my digital camera of Corbin dancing lol He places the camera on a table or something in the morning when I'm not up and records himself dancing and singing.

Now all this might sound cute and all...but he's obsessed. It's a little bit more then an interest he has. He clearly has a passion for music and dancing. It's hard cause I wish I could get him past his shyness cause he could be great if he allowed himself to be taught.

Who knows maybe this will be something that sticks with him for life or maybe it's just a childhood phase. I'll have to wait and see. In the meantime I would love to get him into a Hip Hop class...anyones kids want to take it with him so he's not alone???? =)