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Monday, June 2, 2008


We've had illness passing thru the family, colds, sore throats, just overall yuckiness. Over a week ago I came down with this headache that just would not go away. It would move from one side of my head to the other. I had it for a week. Then the headache went away and I got a sore throat and a fever, then it moved to my chest and it felt like it weighed a ton, and now all that is gone but I have no voice.
Of course when you are a mom you aren't allowed sick days. So I had baseball all day Saturday, got a sunburn cause i'm a dork and didn't put anything on my back and I wore a tube top lol
Took the kids to the carnival Saturday night, Sunday David kept the kids out all day at the carnival and pool...I was able to relax a little and went to the Sex and the city movie but then I had the show that evening....was like 2hrs of a workout it was bad.

Today I'm doing NOTHING. I've had some Hula calls come in which have been hard to take cause I can't talk....dealing with the kids has sucked without a voice. Oh tomorrow better get better!! I can't NOT talk lol it's driving me insane.