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Saturday, June 7, 2008


Thursday was Jack's 5th grade graduation ceremony. After talking with some of the woman who were planning the event we were asked if our Hula group would like to dance for it. Of course we did it for free, and mainly for Jack. The show went well, the kids love it! I don't have any pics of it yet. After the show me and the kids hit the mall. I still have a lot of gift cards from Christmas that I haven't spent. I didn't have much luck spending them though. All I really got accomplished was exchanging my Old navy flip flops. We hit a couple thrift stores after the mall and I found two very cute dresses...so I was happy =) Corbin had a baseball game that afternoon so we went home and got ready for that. I had plans with some friends after the game so I had to get myself ready for that as well. So we had fun at the game, my friend Dusty came with her kids....her boys really wanted to see Corbin and Noveigh play at least once. Game ended around 8pm...I dropped the boys off with my parents and I headed out. I met the girls at a Mexican restaurant, they had already eaten so I was there long enough for one margarita. Then we headed to the movie theater to see Sex and the city. We had all put on dresses and heels just for this night lol So that's what the picture is of...us posing with the Hulk in the Movie theater...That's not all the girls...some were in the bathroom. We had like 10girls total it was a good group! After the movie we headed to a place called Brickhouse. I was kinda bored, i'm still somewhat sick so the tickle was starting in my throat and I couldn't stop coughing. So I didn't stay out long. Girl's night out are the best, every woman should have one at least once a month!