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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Did ya know?

Did ya know that my kids drove me crazy today?
Did ya know that my 2yr old nephew stayed the night last night (as well as tonight)
Did ya know that I had to rush out the door with 3 kids this morning
Did ya know that I quickly made the kids some bread with peanut butter on it and grabbed the rest of my stuff to head out the door
Did ya know that my dog ate one of the sandwiches
Did ya know that I had to go make a new one for Corbin
Did ya know that when I gave it to him he told me that he wasn't hungry and then threw it on the ground
Did ya know that I wanted to ring his neck and I told him not to ask me for food until lunch time and that I didn't care if he got hungry before hand
Did ya know that Corbin had an attitude problem at Hula today so was constantly getting in trouble, he even pushed down a baby cause the baby hit him in the head
Did ya know once I got rid of my 2yr old nephew I then had to watch my 11yr old nephew
Did ya know that they would NOT stop fighting once we got home
Did ya know I told them they could get some lemonade in the kitchen and they spilled it all over the floor (even the 11yr old @@)
Did ya know I then took them to the grocery store and they resorted back to toddlerhood and were running around touching everything, not listening, playing and wrestling on the store floor.
Did ya know I yelled at them in the store mulitiple times and people kept looking at me ...it was very embarrassing.
Did ya know that they bitched and moaned when I made them carry in groceries and help put them away
Did ya know that I made them scrub the kitchen floor when I found it sticky from lemonade and they bitched and moaned with that too....as well as when I made them take the trash out.
Did ya know that my nephew told his mother I was mean when she came to pick him up.....lol I had to laugh
Did ya know that while the kids were in the bath they splashed water ALL over the floor...huge puddle
Did ya know that I found the stack of towels I had asked Corbin to put away earlier today at the top of the stairs in a big messy pile.....3 feet away from the towel basket @@
Did ya know that an hour after kids were in bed...when I thought they were finally asleep they came down asking for water...ugh
Did ya know that when they were finally asleep, I then had to go get my 2yr old nephew to stay the night again (his mom just had surgery).
Did ya know that I need a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!