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Monday, June 30, 2008

11yr Dating Anniversary

So 11yrs ago to this day David and I went on our very first date. We met a month before hand while we were both working at Busch Gardens. We talked at work, flirted, the normal stuff for about a month and then we finally went on our first date...and we were inseperable from then on. That summer I experienced my first (and only) love...and then come September David went off to basic training and I was heart broken. It was exactly like a country love song lol David and I had a long distance relationship for a good year after that...we had our good times and bad times like all couples and the distance made things worse......but we managed. We broke up for about 4mos about 2yrs into our relationship, and then got back together and then surprise...baby Corbin =) That's when our family began.
We've been thru far more then most couples should have to go thru. Even to this day I wonder if we'll make it. But through out the years we've had one main thing in common and one main thing that has kept us together.....we love eachother very much.
Today David is not in town, but he had a dozen pink roses sent to the house. They are beautiful, they are my favorite, and they smell wonderful. I love that this day means something to him. I love that he remembered. I love that he's romantic and wants us to reconnect. I love that he does things like this. But at the same time, why am I so bothered that he spent the money on these flowers? David is supporting two houses right now..his in DC and mine here. With all that it leaves us with very little money. So it bothers me that he went and spent so much on these flowers when he could have done something just as sweet but cheaper.
I feel guilty for being mad at him, but to me it was irrisponsible of him to do it. Ugh I wish I could just be happy sometimes instead of seeing the negative in a situation like this. I guess i'm sitting here with very little money and I need gas money more then I need flowers.


Polly said...

Happy Anniversary! Nice shades in that pic..lol! Would you have been happy with gas money? Not as romantic;)

Suzanne's Blog, Jane's Blog said...

That is so sweet that he remembers the day. You are a lucky women. (Jane's Blog)

PhatMom said...

Guess I have PMS because I was tearing up when you were typing about the all the sappy stuff and as soon as you started talking about how you needed money for gas...I got pissed! LOL! :)