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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What? No shows?

Today was our Hula meeting (every Tuesday)...we went over our schedules, upcoming shows, new dances ...the normal stuff.

We talked about how we haven't had a show in awhile. Well a few weeks anyway. I don't really understand why...and it sucks. The first few months of this year we were booked solid...like every weekend. Now it was very overwhelming and stressful but I think we were getting used to it. And now we are hitting peak season of the summer and we have hardly any =(

There are a few other groups in the area, and there is a huge possibility that people are hiring them and now us =( I do my best to advertise our group. Everywhere that the other groups advertise I make sure to put our name out there as well. I returned a few phone calls today and I got a lot of "we went another way" or "we booked someone else". I really don't want to feel bitterness towards these other groups...but I can't help feeling it a bit. I want to watch them dance so bad so I can see what they do..but I have no clue when or where they are dancing.

One of the groups we used to dance with the instructor, she had a different way of doing things so we went our seperate ways....so now she has her group and we have ours...and then there is a larger group who have been around for years! They are the ones getting most of the shows...I've seen their calendar on their website..it's packed.

It just sucks that's all. I mean we have 2 shows in July, and 3 in august so far...but I want more! I need the money lol I've spend the last hour online emailing people hopefully something comes out of it! Wish me luck!

Today we are heading over to Lauren's house to watch the Finale of Hell's Kitchen! Should be fun =)


Janna said...

Brad LOVES Hell's Kitchen! We watched last night, too. I always get exasperated with the endless cliff hangers and commercials. I think Christina will win, but I like Petroza, because he hasn't gotten the big head that Christine's developed.

Jenna said...

We thought it was the Finale! We brought over different types of dishes to laurens house, set the kids up with a movie upstairs..and sat to watch...then we found that next week is the finale lol oops