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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tattoo Parlor

My son Corbin had a wonderful sleepover with his Cousin Noveigh. He didn't get dropped off today till 6pm. Mainly because he was picked up late yesterday so the kids didn't really get to play last night. So today was their day together.

Corbin went on and on about their overnight activities. He told me how they made a club house with blankets, and Neely let them eat breakfast in it. How they had popsicles. They watched Spy Kids. They made up dances. They played wall ball outside. They came back in and watched another movie. He seemed pretty excited about his sleepover so I'm happy he had a good time!

Later this evening when I was getting the boys ready for their bath I realized that Corbin had left out some details of his day with Noveigh. There was no way for him to hide it, it was starring me right in the face. Corbin's chest was covered in drawings. I took one look at it and was shocked...the boy is almost 8yrs old! His head sank and he said "Noveigh did it". When I looked closely I saw something that looked like a surf board and it said "surfs up" in it. I saw a girl (looked like she had boobs, but can't be sure), I saw something that looked like a dollar bill, and then there was a ton of other things I couldn't even make out. I also discovered another drawing on Corbin's calf.

I asked Corbin why Noviegh did this. He told me that it was just a game. I didn't react well and asked what kind of a game required Noveigh to draw all over him. He then told me that they were playing.......get this........Tattoo Parlor! OMG lol Ok I was fighting back laughter at this point.

Corbin drawing on himself, not ok, very immature! Noveigh drawing on Corbin, not ok, very immature. But something about the fact that they were playing "Tattoo Parlor" somehow just didn't upset me as much, infact made me laugh. I know it shouldn't matter lol But I couldn't help it.

After I found out their game I asked Corbin what everything was. On his side, was a dollar bill...nice lol

On his chest, 2 surf boards..one saying surfs up and one with fire on it. A scene of a room with flames all around and more dollar bills and then Noveigh walking in ?!?!? ok lol

His calf...well that's Spongebob!

I'm going to have to have a talk with Corbin about his Tattoo choices...this just won't do!


Stereotypical Housewife said...

Hahhaha! Classic...my first reaction to reading it....boys will be boys!

Janna said...

I'm with you... the Sponge Bob would cross the line! :) I hope you took pictures of his first tats! I think if tattoos felt like people drawing on you I might feel tempted to get one. Until then no needles are touching me!

Janna said...

By the way, I love your new blog screen.