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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drove to DC

Today I decided we would spend the rest of the week up in DC with David. I got up a little later then I had hoped, drank my pick me up (coffee), cleaned my kitchen, packed our bags, got myself and the boys ready, headed out the door. I felt like I had done good about getting out the door at a decent time........of course I didn't anticipate all the other shit I had to do before getting on the road.

Lauren wanted me to come look at her rental house (newly painted) so we headed over there. The boys had a blast going thru the empty house talking about where we are going to put everything. I showed them their room and how they both have a set of shelves and wall space that they can do what they want with. We will have a dishwasher!!!!!!!!! lol huge one for me. It was just nice to finally get excited about where we are going to live. After spending a year and a half in the dump we are in now we really need this move! Only a little over a month left =)

After the house I ran to advanced auto to get some engine oil (my light came on). I had no clue how to put it in my car so I asked the lady if they had someone who could help me. She looked at me like I was a complete moron for not knowing how to do it myself and then told me they weren't "allowed" to help people @@ So I left the store wondering how I was going to get this oil into the car. I decided to drive back to my house (a block away) and attempt it on my own. I chose my house cause I didn't want to look like an idiot in a store parking lot lol I got super lucky though because my Dad pulled up right as I got to the house....so he did it for me YAY! I hate sounding like a ditzy woman who can't take care of her car...but it's the truth =x My Dad also checked my tires and we drove to 7-11 so he could fill them. Once that was all done we finally hit the road.

The second we got onto the interstate the kids reminded me that they hadn't eaten lunch yet, so I had to get off an exit and get them food as well as gas which I had also forgot. Ugh ok by the time I REALLY got on the road it was 3pm.

The drive went really well, smooth and no traffic....and the boys were WONDERFUL. I was shocked at how well they did in the car....absolutely NO fighting...shocking I know!

I decided to try my GPS to get to DC...which turned out to be a mistake because it sent me on the toll roads. Oh well I had to try it once...now I know better. I finally got to David's place around 6pm. David left work an hour early to come meet up which was nice. He took the boys to the pool right away and gave me a break. I took a nice long bubble bath...ahh so nice.

The right of the night as been nice...but come about 9pm David started getting upset with the boys. I was mad...3hrs is all it took for him to get frustrated with them and i'm with them 24/7. This time of him being away from us has NOT helped his patients at all @@ He better work on that before he moves back with us.

Tomorrow Dave has to work so we are just hanging out and then Friday Dave is off so we'll be heading into DC for a fun day...I'm excited!