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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cody and Shadow/Mark/Max

I spent Sunday and Monday moving into our new house. All that is left to do is clean the old house and put this house together.

Tuesday I took a break from moving and went to Va beach to see an old friend of mine that came here with her family for the week. It was great seeing her and her kids. I hadn't met her newest addition yet and I have to say he was a cute little chunky monkey. The boys played so well with her dauther Trinity(7)...I was thrilled by that.

We played on the beach, walked the board walk, got ice cream, went in some gift shops. In one of the gift shops I saw they were selling Hermit Crabs. I couldn't resist and I let the boys each pick out one. We got the cages, food, and a kids book about how to care for them. Corbin named his Cody and Landon kept changing his mind. First it was Shadow, then Mark, then Max.

This morning we woke up to find that Shadow/Mark/Max had died. I was warned that they die very easily but I thought he would live thru the night at least. Landon didn't seem to heartbroken over it, and Cody is still doing well.

Today I am unpacking and trying to put this house together at least a little bit..the Kitchen is done, well for the most part anyway.

Last night I was trying to hook up my TV and DVR box. I had everything working except the sound. No matter what I did I could not get the sound to turn on. I called David and he had no clue, I called my Dad and he had no clue, I then went next door to get my sister Lauren (yes I live next door to a family YET AGAIN) and she came over to help. After she went thru all the wires and did everything I had already tried the sound finally popped on. I was like "OMG what did you do"...she started laughing and said she flipped this little switch in the back and that's it....@@ why hadn't I tried that lol

Well back to work I go