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Friday, July 25, 2008


It's 5:30pm, and I am exhausted. I'm sitting here forcing my eyes open. I don't think I've made up for the lack of sleep on Mom's Weekend. I've been on the go nonstop. Only time I seem to get a break is when the kids are in bed at night....or like right now because I'm letting the TV babysit them.

Today I did some more work on my old house. I got the yard cleaned up as well as the downstairs bathroom. What is left : Mow lawn, clean dining room, living room, kitchen, shampoo carpets. Considering it's a 3 story house and that's all I have left...I've done a damn good job..not a bit of help either. After I had inhaled enough toxic fumes from the cleaning products (Yes a wonderful reason to go green) I decided to head home and change my clothes and get cleaned up. I then headed to the grocery store because I was craving Sushi really bad!

While I was at home my sister called and asked me if I could watch my nephews Rainer and Theseus..both under 2yrs old. I of course said YES. I had an hour to go get my Sushi and get back.

I made perfect timing, right as I got home my sister was pulling up with the kids. At the store I had the Realtor lady calling telling me she had people standing outside my old house and they wanted to see it. Of course because I have the house until August 1st they aren't able to show the house unless I'm there to open the door and let them in. Well I told her she was shit outa luck (no i didn't really say those words) but that I was unable to leave the new house to go meet them at the old one. She wasn't happy but oh well she'll get over it.

Now I have my boys and a 1yr old and almost 2yr old. That equals a lot of noise, crying, fighting, music blaring, pretzels flying, water pouring, bed jumping, diaper pooping, dog barking fun.....oh 630 can't come soon enough.