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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Skunk head

Ok so today was our Hula meeting, everything went fine nothing to eventful.

I had a hair appointment at 430pm to get my hair trimmed and restyled. I also wanted to have my sister dye my hair. We decided dying first would be good because then the cut would help take away some of the damaged hair and it would be best if we did the damage before the cut..made sense to us.

The goal: redye my hair dark brown (I have medium brown hair and some grey). Also ad in some blonde highlights for the summer to give it that sunkist look.

My sister is normally REALLY good at dying hair. She sent me to Sally's to pick up the toner and bleach. Well got a different brand then she normally uses...we didn't think it would be an issue but oh how wrong we were.

She started out by putting blonde highlights at the top of my head, this took FOREVER! She was going to then add in the dark. But we were running tight on time and it was almost 430. As the Bleach was in my hair she noticed that it was explanding and bubbling. Well it leaked onto the rest of my hair. So we rinsed it out and the entire top of my head was bleach blonde. I looked like a skunk! Of course it was time for my appt so I decided to go ahead and go (my hair needed a cut BAD). So at the salon I had to explain to the hairdresser that I had a bleach mishap, and she laughed with me about...or should I say laughed AT me. I felt like everyone in the place was starring at me thinking "what the hell did this girl do to her head". I couldn't get outa there quick enough!

After the salon I headed back to my sisters house. She then took the dark brown dye and went over the top of my head with it, as well as the rest of the hair. She added some more highlights in the back (knowing now how little she had to use to keep it from bubbling). I let that sit for a good 40mins and we rinsed.

After rinsing I looked in the mirror and the dark brown didn't take very well to the top of my head @@ So now it's a light brown...almost orangy color! ugh i'm so frustrated. I finally decide to try something daring and different and this is what happens. I cannot afford a salon dye job so at home is my only way to go. All my other sister do this stuff to themselve all the time and it turned out great...nope not me.

Now everyone tells me it doesnt look bad at all, but I beg to differ! I think I look like a natural blonde who tried to go dark but then is letting it grow out...ugh

Ok here is a before picture.............Not the best hair picture but you can see how dark it was....i'm the one in the middle for those that don't know.

Ok now here are a couple pictures of my head now lol ugh I hate it

See the dark, well the entire thing was supposed to be dark like that....it's just wait to light I look weird with this colore hair @@


Janna said...

I'm sorry you don't like your new hair color. I hate it when that happens. Can you go to a salon to start over again?

Jenna said...

lol no i'm broke, which is why we did it at home....so i'll have to live with it or just go and dye it all one shade of dark brown..haven't decided yet

PhatMom said...

You should have just dyed it the top color all around. Looks like it wouldn't have looked that bad! Poor thing. I know how you feel. I have done that soooo many times to myself! :)

Terri said...

Aww that sucks Jenna!