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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mom's weekend 2008

Well another Mom's weekend has come and gone. I headed down to Va beach on Thurs around 7pm, and came back Sunday around Noon.

The weekend was a blast. Thursday night we did dinner and then a club called Peabodys. The bar scene was Eh...not to much fun. We had a great time when we went back to the hotel though. We goofed around (acted drunk) and played the game "Dirty Minds' on the beach at 3am lol Then Erica and I stayed up talking till 6am and watched the sun rise on the balcony.

Only had 3hrs sleep that night though so that was tough.

Next day we spent on the beach, I got to much sun even though I reapplied my sunscreen like 3times. So in the end my entire back and legs were burnts....very unattractive lol

More girls showed up around 4pm, and we got in our dressy clothes to do our dress up dinner night. We went to this expensive Italian place. The food was great!

After dinner we went back to the hotel to get dressed up in going out clothes. We had to wait around for my sister's Neely and Hannah to get there (they didn't show up till 1030) this is the that sucked. Everyone seemed to have something to complain about. Having to wait around for my sisters everyone was getting tired. Then my sister said she didn't want to walk the 5blocks, so complained about that. The bars we hit were horrible. Just packed, smokey, boring. We tried 3 different onces and the night was just a bust really. We did hit the beach when we got back for a little bit for the most part we got to bed fairly early. My sisters ended up leaving that same night even though they planned to stay the night.

Saturday was nice, we all headed to Starbucks for coffee and a bagel. Then we went shopping for gifts for our kids. I got the boys a little treasure chest with a shell inside, a necklace, and a box of poppers (those little things you throw on the ground and they make pop).

We headed back to the hotel and a big cloud came in and it started raining. Luckily it only lasted about 5mins cause we thought our day at the beach was ruined. While on the balcony we watched a hawaiian wedding...very beautiful.

We hung on the beach for about 2hrs, it was very hot, my sunburn was killin me (I kept on shorts and a tank). Alaina and I played in the water jumping waves and body surfing. One wave was so big it wipes us both out...made us do a bunch of flips, stop my sunglasses and hair band lol it was fun though.

We had 2 more girls come Saturday night, so we got ready to go out and have dinner. We all ordered ONE margarita..but the thing was all tequila. By the time we were done with it a lot of us were pretty loopy. We went back to the hotel cause it was still early and we goofed off there for a bit and then headed to Peabodys again. I wish we would have just stayed in the room, we would have had more fun @@ Oh well.

Sunday morning we packed up and left. Took us 3hrs to get home, even though we only live 40mins away. The tunnel was blocked and other routes were as well...we had to take the long ass way home..it sucked.

Out of all of our Mom's weekends this was NOT the best one...but I still enjoyed myself and am looking forward to next years.

Pictures in next post


PhatMom said...

You guys probably would have had MORE fun at my house, by my mini pool! LOL! Sounds like you made the best of it though.