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Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Get dressed I'm taking you somewhere"

I got up this morning, made a pot of coffee, brushed me teeth, washed my face, and then sat down to check out my last night recordings on tv when my Sister Lauren walked in the front door. She came to the TV room and said "Get dressed I'm taking you guys somewhere". I was confused but did what she said. We got dressed, grabbed my purse and left. It was a beautiful day so we hopped in her convertible...I LOVE the wind in my face it was so nice!

As we drove the kids kept asking where we were going, Lauren wouldn't tell us. I made sure to remind her that I had to be home by 2pm, and I had no makeup on so nothing to public for me. She assured me that I wouldn't need makeup where we were going.

As we drove further into the Foxhill area of Hampton I started seeing signs for a Marina and Boat dock. I knew my Dad was looking for a new Marina to store his sailboat so I thought maybe that's where we were headed. But I also know that it takes a long time to go sailing...it's normally a good 4hrs when we go out. So I had to remind her again that I had to be home by 2pm. We got to the Marina, parked and Lauren said "Oh good we're not to late"....I was thinking...WTH? She has us climb down the ladder to the dock. I was looking around and didn't see my Dad's sailboat anywhere..in fact I didn't see ANY sailboats anywhere. She passes by a couple speed boats and then stops at one. She then says "Like my new boat?". I was shocked and yet super excited!
She then went on to tell me that Her and my Father had bought the boat together. Shortly after we got there my Dad showed up with my Mother and brother Ethan. My dad was surprising them as well. My Mom was very shocked. They told us about how they bought the boat 3 weeks before hand but had to move it, do a lot of paperwork and basically had been sneaking around. My Mom just laughed at the fact that she was so oblivious. Of course a lot of things made sense once we found out. Random times my Dad and Lauren went places and Lauren claimed Dad was helping her get something at Lowes or some bogus excuse like that. But we all believed it.

After talking for a bit we took the boat out for the first time. It was wonderful, the kids loved it! We stopped at this little island in the middle of the Bay. Clearly a popular place for locals because there were tons of boats ancored there. On one side of the island the water was very shallow...up to the kids waste so they had a great time swimming. We were out for about 2hrs, even though I could have stayed out all day (my Mother can only handle so much and I had to be back by 2).

I am so excited about this new boat. Don't get me wrong I love the sailboat...but sailing is hard! Everytime we went out my Dad paniced over something or another. It was not relaxing for him at all. This boat is so much easier..it stops when you want it to stop and moves fast when you want it to move fast. Wish they had gotten it at the beginning of the summer...but we still have a good 2 months left of warm weather and I can't wait to spend a lot of it on the boat!