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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yellow see thru dress, crash diet, and girls weekend!

Yesterday I was feeling like doodoo again. I think I caught another vesion of the stomach bug. I felt sick to my stomach and cramping. I never threw up, but I was miserable all day.

Today I woke up feeling much better! I had a slight headache but I think it was lack of caffiene being that I'm a coffee drinker..and due to my upset stomach I hadn't had any in like 2 days.

I had the shopping itch so me and the boys headed out. They weren't thrilled about my plan at all so I bribed them with slurpee's. We hit a few thrift stores, nothing good. I was looking for a dress for Girls weekend. I have a few dresses already but none that I'm jumping up and down about. No luck at the thrift stores...I even up to Newport news to the ones up there...I normally only hit the ones in Hampton..but still nothing. I wanted to try Kohls, but I decided to try Ross first (cheaper). I found 2 dresses there. One is Black and one is Yellow. The black dress is more casual then the yellow...but both could either be worn as a summer dress or dressed up for night on the town...those are my favorite kind of dresses!

I love the yellow dress, it's a tube top style. Problem is, it's see thru. The boob area is thick so that's not...but the rest of it is. So i'm trying to figure out what to wear underneat it...not sure about a slip or how that might work..we'll see.

After Ross I decided to skip Kohls and head to Jcpenneys (I have a gift card). I have been eyeing a pair of shorts you wear over your bathing suit. When I got there they only had ONE left and it was the right color. It was an XL but it's a junior style so I thought it might still work. So I tried them on in the fitting room and nope they look stupid......way to big =( Sure that makes me feel good a little...but I really wanted these shorts! I left Penney's empty handed.

After all those stores the kids were hitting their limit so we headed home. I stopped by the post office to send out something I sold on Ebay and then the kids got their slurpee's for being good.

I have 15days left to girls weekend, so i'm on a crash diet. Ok it's not really a CRASH diet...I mean i'm still eating and everything. But NO bad carbs for me, No sweets, NO grease lol Ya know all the good stuff =)

Tonight we are having Chicken breasts and spinach for dinner.

I'm heading out later to meet up with some friends for drinks (I know bad me, CARBS lol) but I need a night out every once in awhile..preferably once a week lol

15days till Girls weekend!