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Friday, July 11, 2008

One beer, two beer, three beer, floor

So I celebrated my wonderful day yesterday a little to hard. Hung out with David and friend Paul when the kids went to bed last night and had a few to many. Today I paid for it though. Now I didn't really understand why I was so sick today. I drink fairly often (i'm not a lush or anything) but at least once a week I have a few. I did not have that many last night but today I was SO sick....just wasn't normal for me. I had a migraine and threw up like 5times..WTH? I never throw up from drinking and certain not from beer...it was really strange.

Now because I was so sick our nice wonderful day we had planned go thrown out the window. David had to take the boys out to the zoo by himself. I felt so bad that I had done it to myself and messed up my kids day. I still feel like a shitty mom cause of it, I've learned my lesson though...no more drinking when I have plans the next day.

This evening we rented the movie theater in David's rec center. We got to down to the building and saw that someone else's name was on the reservation sign. We were really confused but decided to go ahead and watch the movie anyway hoping that they just had the name confused. Of course half way thru Spiderwick a family showed up to use it (the one on the sign)...so we had to stop the movie and leave. David was furious and it going to give the office people a piece of his mind tomorrow. We went ahead and finished the movie in his apartment. We really enjoyed the movie though, I recommend it!

We might be heading home tomorrow, not sure yet. If I feel like it we'll stay another night. We have a birthday party to attend on Sunday so haven't really decided yet what we are going to do.

But for tonight i'm resting up and enjoying the silence