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Monday, July 28, 2008

Corn on the cob

Yesterday for dinner we had chicken and corn on the cob. The corn was on sale at the grocery store for 2 for a dollar so I got 4....there is only 3 of us. I normally buy the little half corn on the cobs that are frozen in packages lol This time I got the real deal!
When I was a kid my Mom would get a big bag of Corn on the cob and my Sisters and I would have to sit in the backyard and husk it all. It was not something we looked forward to but only because we had to do it many times throughout the summer.
My kids have never done this! So I gave them the corn, a bowl, a paperbag and sent them in the backyard to husk the corn.
Just like I suspected they LOVED it and begged for me to go to the store and buy more so they could do it again.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Get dressed I'm taking you somewhere"

I got up this morning, made a pot of coffee, brushed me teeth, washed my face, and then sat down to check out my last night recordings on tv when my Sister Lauren walked in the front door. She came to the TV room and said "Get dressed I'm taking you guys somewhere". I was confused but did what she said. We got dressed, grabbed my purse and left. It was a beautiful day so we hopped in her convertible...I LOVE the wind in my face it was so nice!

As we drove the kids kept asking where we were going, Lauren wouldn't tell us. I made sure to remind her that I had to be home by 2pm, and I had no makeup on so nothing to public for me. She assured me that I wouldn't need makeup where we were going.

As we drove further into the Foxhill area of Hampton I started seeing signs for a Marina and Boat dock. I knew my Dad was looking for a new Marina to store his sailboat so I thought maybe that's where we were headed. But I also know that it takes a long time to go sailing...it's normally a good 4hrs when we go out. So I had to remind her again that I had to be home by 2pm. We got to the Marina, parked and Lauren said "Oh good we're not to late"....I was thinking...WTH? She has us climb down the ladder to the dock. I was looking around and didn't see my Dad's sailboat anywhere..in fact I didn't see ANY sailboats anywhere. She passes by a couple speed boats and then stops at one. She then says "Like my new boat?". I was shocked and yet super excited!
She then went on to tell me that Her and my Father had bought the boat together. Shortly after we got there my Dad showed up with my Mother and brother Ethan. My dad was surprising them as well. My Mom was very shocked. They told us about how they bought the boat 3 weeks before hand but had to move it, do a lot of paperwork and basically had been sneaking around. My Mom just laughed at the fact that she was so oblivious. Of course a lot of things made sense once we found out. Random times my Dad and Lauren went places and Lauren claimed Dad was helping her get something at Lowes or some bogus excuse like that. But we all believed it.

After talking for a bit we took the boat out for the first time. It was wonderful, the kids loved it! We stopped at this little island in the middle of the Bay. Clearly a popular place for locals because there were tons of boats ancored there. On one side of the island the water was very shallow...up to the kids waste so they had a great time swimming. We were out for about 2hrs, even though I could have stayed out all day (my Mother can only handle so much and I had to be back by 2).

I am so excited about this new boat. Don't get me wrong I love the sailboat...but sailing is hard! Everytime we went out my Dad paniced over something or another. It was not relaxing for him at all. This boat is so much easier..it stops when you want it to stop and moves fast when you want it to move fast. Wish they had gotten it at the beginning of the summer...but we still have a good 2 months left of warm weather and I can't wait to spend a lot of it on the boat!

Friday, July 25, 2008


It's 5:30pm, and I am exhausted. I'm sitting here forcing my eyes open. I don't think I've made up for the lack of sleep on Mom's Weekend. I've been on the go nonstop. Only time I seem to get a break is when the kids are in bed at night....or like right now because I'm letting the TV babysit them.

Today I did some more work on my old house. I got the yard cleaned up as well as the downstairs bathroom. What is left : Mow lawn, clean dining room, living room, kitchen, shampoo carpets. Considering it's a 3 story house and that's all I have left...I've done a damn good job..not a bit of help either. After I had inhaled enough toxic fumes from the cleaning products (Yes a wonderful reason to go green) I decided to head home and change my clothes and get cleaned up. I then headed to the grocery store because I was craving Sushi really bad!

While I was at home my sister called and asked me if I could watch my nephews Rainer and Theseus..both under 2yrs old. I of course said YES. I had an hour to go get my Sushi and get back.

I made perfect timing, right as I got home my sister was pulling up with the kids. At the store I had the Realtor lady calling telling me she had people standing outside my old house and they wanted to see it. Of course because I have the house until August 1st they aren't able to show the house unless I'm there to open the door and let them in. Well I told her she was shit outa luck (no i didn't really say those words) but that I was unable to leave the new house to go meet them at the old one. She wasn't happy but oh well she'll get over it.

Now I have my boys and a 1yr old and almost 2yr old. That equals a lot of noise, crying, fighting, music blaring, pretzels flying, water pouring, bed jumping, diaper pooping, dog barking fun.....oh 630 can't come soon enough.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I heart BH 90210

So I was watching an old episode of Beverly Hills 90210 last night. Anyone who knows me knows that this is my all time favorite show!!!!!!!!!!! When I was younger I was obsessed with it. I wanted to marry Luke Perry so bad. My walls were covered with his posters. I even wrote him a letter when I was about 12 and got sent one of those autographed pictures. I heart 90210!

Ok well to my point. Last night I was watching an episode from the first season. The Walshs had just moved to BH and didn't know many people. In this episode Brandon's old girlfriend from Minnisota came to visit. It was made clear that they had never had sex before, but that Brandon really wanted to...he was a virgin.

So in this episode his ex girlfriend Sheryl stays in Brenda's room...but in the middle of the night goes into Brandons room to get it on. Well the scene shows the parents bedroom and the Mrs Walsh is awake worried and upset because she doesnt know what they are doing. She wakes up Mr. Walsh and he basically just says "Let him have his fun i'll talk to him in the morning' ...in so many words. The mother just lays back and says 'i guess so'.

So the next morning Brandon is blasting music and clearly overly happy being that he just had sex for the first time. It shows his parents laying in bed smiling and the mother says 'you need to talk to your son".

Ok so in the end of the show the dad finally talks to Brandon. Brandon just looks at his dad and saying 'tell mom i'm being careful'....and the convo is over.
I don't think over all the years I've been obsessed with this show I ever realized how hypocritical it is.

For those that know the show, you know that when Brenda has sex for the first time Mr. Walsh flips out and forbids her to ever see Dylan again. She gets grounded and locked in the house. WTF?

Moral of the story, if you're a guy you can do whatever you want, if you're a girl you get treated like an idiot or slut.

I now question why my parents ever let me watch this show lol It's a horrible message for a young girl.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cody and Shadow/Mark/Max

I spent Sunday and Monday moving into our new house. All that is left to do is clean the old house and put this house together.

Tuesday I took a break from moving and went to Va beach to see an old friend of mine that came here with her family for the week. It was great seeing her and her kids. I hadn't met her newest addition yet and I have to say he was a cute little chunky monkey. The boys played so well with her dauther Trinity(7)...I was thrilled by that.

We played on the beach, walked the board walk, got ice cream, went in some gift shops. In one of the gift shops I saw they were selling Hermit Crabs. I couldn't resist and I let the boys each pick out one. We got the cages, food, and a kids book about how to care for them. Corbin named his Cody and Landon kept changing his mind. First it was Shadow, then Mark, then Max.

This morning we woke up to find that Shadow/Mark/Max had died. I was warned that they die very easily but I thought he would live thru the night at least. Landon didn't seem to heartbroken over it, and Cody is still doing well.

Today I am unpacking and trying to put this house together at least a little bit..the Kitchen is done, well for the most part anyway.

Last night I was trying to hook up my TV and DVR box. I had everything working except the sound. No matter what I did I could not get the sound to turn on. I called David and he had no clue, I called my Dad and he had no clue, I then went next door to get my sister Lauren (yes I live next door to a family YET AGAIN) and she came over to help. After she went thru all the wires and did everything I had already tried the sound finally popped on. I was like "OMG what did you do"...she started laughing and said she flipped this little switch in the back and that's it....@@ why hadn't I tried that lol

Well back to work I go

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pictures from Mom's weekend 08

Mom's weekend 2008

Well another Mom's weekend has come and gone. I headed down to Va beach on Thurs around 7pm, and came back Sunday around Noon.

The weekend was a blast. Thursday night we did dinner and then a club called Peabodys. The bar scene was Eh...not to much fun. We had a great time when we went back to the hotel though. We goofed around (acted drunk) and played the game "Dirty Minds' on the beach at 3am lol Then Erica and I stayed up talking till 6am and watched the sun rise on the balcony.

Only had 3hrs sleep that night though so that was tough.

Next day we spent on the beach, I got to much sun even though I reapplied my sunscreen like 3times. So in the end my entire back and legs were burnts....very unattractive lol

More girls showed up around 4pm, and we got in our dressy clothes to do our dress up dinner night. We went to this expensive Italian place. The food was great!

After dinner we went back to the hotel to get dressed up in going out clothes. We had to wait around for my sister's Neely and Hannah to get there (they didn't show up till 1030) this is the that sucked. Everyone seemed to have something to complain about. Having to wait around for my sisters everyone was getting tired. Then my sister said she didn't want to walk the 5blocks, so complained about that. The bars we hit were horrible. Just packed, smokey, boring. We tried 3 different onces and the night was just a bust really. We did hit the beach when we got back for a little bit for the most part we got to bed fairly early. My sisters ended up leaving that same night even though they planned to stay the night.

Saturday was nice, we all headed to Starbucks for coffee and a bagel. Then we went shopping for gifts for our kids. I got the boys a little treasure chest with a shell inside, a necklace, and a box of poppers (those little things you throw on the ground and they make pop).

We headed back to the hotel and a big cloud came in and it started raining. Luckily it only lasted about 5mins cause we thought our day at the beach was ruined. While on the balcony we watched a hawaiian wedding...very beautiful.

We hung on the beach for about 2hrs, it was very hot, my sunburn was killin me (I kept on shorts and a tank). Alaina and I played in the water jumping waves and body surfing. One wave was so big it wipes us both out...made us do a bunch of flips, stop my sunglasses and hair band lol it was fun though.

We had 2 more girls come Saturday night, so we got ready to go out and have dinner. We all ordered ONE margarita..but the thing was all tequila. By the time we were done with it a lot of us were pretty loopy. We went back to the hotel cause it was still early and we goofed off there for a bit and then headed to Peabodys again. I wish we would have just stayed in the room, we would have had more fun @@ Oh well.

Sunday morning we packed up and left. Took us 3hrs to get home, even though we only live 40mins away. The tunnel was blocked and other routes were as well...we had to take the long ass way home..it sucked.

Out of all of our Mom's weekends this was NOT the best one...but I still enjoyed myself and am looking forward to next years.

Pictures in next post

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Girls weekend...here I come!

For the last two days I have been packing and moving. I'm only moving down the street so taking loads in my Dad's truck hasn't been to bad. I've been packing, cleaning and moving the small stuff...pretty much by myself. My little brother has been helping (bribed by my mother)..he's only 12. He has been a great help though, I didn' realize how strong he is or how capable..I think I still view him as a child.

Tomorrow my girls weekend starts! I am SO excited. Me and my friend Erica are heading down to the beach tomorrow evening. We are meeting up with another friend Steph.

Friday we'll lay on the beach and do NOTHING! Friday night more girls are coming...we'll have 8 girls that night. Saturday we'll hit the beach and pool and shop...then Saturday night some girls leave and new girls show up so we'll have 6girls.

We have been doing these girl weekends for the last couple years, and I look forward to it all year round. It is our one time to get out and NOT act like mother's. We act stupid, dress sexy,drink to much, and act perverted half the time. It's a nice get away lol

Here are a couple pictures from last two trips

Monday, July 14, 2008

When all else fails....make funny videos

While we were up at David's we found that during the daytime hours while David was at work we were bored out of our minds. It rained a lot so the pool was out, we played a lot of board games, watched movies, played on the computer..........and when all those things got old we decided to make our own fun....check out the videos below

1. Clothing race

2. Pillow case race

3. Crab crawl

4. Ankle race

5. Rolling

Friday, July 11, 2008

One beer, two beer, three beer, floor

So I celebrated my wonderful day yesterday a little to hard. Hung out with David and friend Paul when the kids went to bed last night and had a few to many. Today I paid for it though. Now I didn't really understand why I was so sick today. I drink fairly often (i'm not a lush or anything) but at least once a week I have a few. I did not have that many last night but today I was SO sick....just wasn't normal for me. I had a migraine and threw up like 5times..WTH? I never throw up from drinking and certain not from beer...it was really strange.

Now because I was so sick our nice wonderful day we had planned go thrown out the window. David had to take the boys out to the zoo by himself. I felt so bad that I had done it to myself and messed up my kids day. I still feel like a shitty mom cause of it, I've learned my lesson though...no more drinking when I have plans the next day.

This evening we rented the movie theater in David's rec center. We got to down to the building and saw that someone else's name was on the reservation sign. We were really confused but decided to go ahead and watch the movie anyway hoping that they just had the name confused. Of course half way thru Spiderwick a family showed up to use it (the one on the sign)...so we had to stop the movie and leave. David was furious and it going to give the office people a piece of his mind tomorrow. We went ahead and finished the movie in his apartment. We really enjoyed the movie though, I recommend it!

We might be heading home tomorrow, not sure yet. If I feel like it we'll stay another night. We have a birthday party to attend on Sunday so haven't really decided yet what we are going to do.

But for tonight i'm resting up and enjoying the silence

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I heart today!

Today things seem to be falling into place! I have been under a great deal of stress lately. Knowing that I have to be moved out of my current house by the 1st of August and then homeless for 2 weeks before moving into the new house by August 15th.

Well today I found out that my sisters temparary tenants canceled on her (I am sorry for her) and so now the house is mine. This means I can spend the next 3 weeks moving my stuff in there gradually and will be able to be in there completely by the 1st and not homeless !! I am just so thrilled by this. This is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I feel horrible for my sister, I know she really wanted the money she was getting from the tenants. But my piece of mind not having to jump the boys around from house to house for 2 weeks is far more important to me.

This was enough to make my day perfect, but to top it all off David gave me money for Mom's weekend. I was going to have to skimp the entire time I was there...which sucks on a vacation. But he had been setting aside the money and surprised me with it today!!! I just couldn't be happier =)

Tonight i'm going to sit and relax with a few beers and have some alone time with hubby =)

I love days like this!

Damage Control

Ok I did some damage control on my hair. So I decided I was going to get some dark brown hair dye and just use it on the entire head. By doing this I figured that it would take to some areas better then others and most likely leave alot of lighter strips where the blonde was. This happened when my sister had her hair professionally dyed and couldn't afford to get it redone..she just used a box and her hair STILL looked highlighted cause the dye took to certain pieces and not others...of course she has red hair so I should have known it wouldn't work out that nicely for me.

I got a dark dark brown because the last dark brown I got didn't work....

As I was putting it on I KNEW it was strong stuff. I started staining my head right away and every spot of skin it touched. Because of this I didn't leave it in very long..only about 15mins.

Well my hair is now black lol I just can't win. It's no big deal I'm used to it dark so just makes me feel comfortable again. But at the same time I feel bad I wasted so much time trying something different and my sisters time as well (that's not counting the money on the dye).

Oh well here are some pics of my new hair...lol which doesnt look much different from how it looked BEFORE the entire hair dying mishap

Ps...I am bummed that trying something new, different, unique, trendy didn't work out....back to plain jane I go =(

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Strange Ebay auctions

Animal crackers mating....lol
Weird Animal Cracker - eBay (item 180260947769 end time Jul-10-08 06:18:19 PDT)

Rock that looks like a brain
"Brain" Rock-Quartz-Stone-Different-Unusual-Weird-Neat - eBay (item 320270341447 end time Jul-10-08 11:23:39 PDT)

Doll that moves at night...lol love this one
SOME SORT OF WEIRD DOLL THAT MOVES AT NIGHT TIME SCARY - eBay (item 220253293717 end time Jul-10-08 16:34:11 PDT)

Real stuffed frogs playing dominoes...gross
2 REAL STUFFED FROGS PLAYING DOMINOES - WEIRD TAXIDERMY - eBay (item 350076216368 end time Jul-10-08 18:15:10 PDT)

Another haunted doll lol
Haunted Doll - EBay Resell ! Sold as A Weird Doll !!!! - eBay (item 270252209825 end time Jul-10-08 13:45:08 PDT)

Black twist ties ...um ok
3 BLACK PACKAGE TWIST TIES REALLY WEIRD NEW - eBay (item 160256611156 end time Jul-10-08 17:00:32 PDT)

I cannot believe someone is selling this
WEIRD FOR SOMEONE THAT HAS EVERYTHING - eBay (item 120281473444 end time Jul-11-08 14:04:37 PDT)

Ok ok I could go on forever with weird ebay auctions lol

Drove to DC

Today I decided we would spend the rest of the week up in DC with David. I got up a little later then I had hoped, drank my pick me up (coffee), cleaned my kitchen, packed our bags, got myself and the boys ready, headed out the door. I felt like I had done good about getting out the door at a decent time........of course I didn't anticipate all the other shit I had to do before getting on the road.

Lauren wanted me to come look at her rental house (newly painted) so we headed over there. The boys had a blast going thru the empty house talking about where we are going to put everything. I showed them their room and how they both have a set of shelves and wall space that they can do what they want with. We will have a dishwasher!!!!!!!!! lol huge one for me. It was just nice to finally get excited about where we are going to live. After spending a year and a half in the dump we are in now we really need this move! Only a little over a month left =)

After the house I ran to advanced auto to get some engine oil (my light came on). I had no clue how to put it in my car so I asked the lady if they had someone who could help me. She looked at me like I was a complete moron for not knowing how to do it myself and then told me they weren't "allowed" to help people @@ So I left the store wondering how I was going to get this oil into the car. I decided to drive back to my house (a block away) and attempt it on my own. I chose my house cause I didn't want to look like an idiot in a store parking lot lol I got super lucky though because my Dad pulled up right as I got to the house....so he did it for me YAY! I hate sounding like a ditzy woman who can't take care of her car...but it's the truth =x My Dad also checked my tires and we drove to 7-11 so he could fill them. Once that was all done we finally hit the road.

The second we got onto the interstate the kids reminded me that they hadn't eaten lunch yet, so I had to get off an exit and get them food as well as gas which I had also forgot. Ugh ok by the time I REALLY got on the road it was 3pm.

The drive went really well, smooth and no traffic....and the boys were WONDERFUL. I was shocked at how well they did in the car....absolutely NO fighting...shocking I know!

I decided to try my GPS to get to DC...which turned out to be a mistake because it sent me on the toll roads. Oh well I had to try it once...now I know better. I finally got to David's place around 6pm. David left work an hour early to come meet up which was nice. He took the boys to the pool right away and gave me a break. I took a nice long bubble bath...ahh so nice.

The right of the night as been nice...but come about 9pm David started getting upset with the boys. I was mad...3hrs is all it took for him to get frustrated with them and i'm with them 24/7. This time of him being away from us has NOT helped his patients at all @@ He better work on that before he moves back with us.

Tomorrow Dave has to work so we are just hanging out and then Friday Dave is off so we'll be heading into DC for a fun day...I'm excited!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Skunk head

Ok so today was our Hula meeting, everything went fine nothing to eventful.

I had a hair appointment at 430pm to get my hair trimmed and restyled. I also wanted to have my sister dye my hair. We decided dying first would be good because then the cut would help take away some of the damaged hair and it would be best if we did the damage before the cut..made sense to us.

The goal: redye my hair dark brown (I have medium brown hair and some grey). Also ad in some blonde highlights for the summer to give it that sunkist look.

My sister is normally REALLY good at dying hair. She sent me to Sally's to pick up the toner and bleach. Well got a different brand then she normally uses...we didn't think it would be an issue but oh how wrong we were.

She started out by putting blonde highlights at the top of my head, this took FOREVER! She was going to then add in the dark. But we were running tight on time and it was almost 430. As the Bleach was in my hair she noticed that it was explanding and bubbling. Well it leaked onto the rest of my hair. So we rinsed it out and the entire top of my head was bleach blonde. I looked like a skunk! Of course it was time for my appt so I decided to go ahead and go (my hair needed a cut BAD). So at the salon I had to explain to the hairdresser that I had a bleach mishap, and she laughed with me about...or should I say laughed AT me. I felt like everyone in the place was starring at me thinking "what the hell did this girl do to her head". I couldn't get outa there quick enough!

After the salon I headed back to my sisters house. She then took the dark brown dye and went over the top of my head with it, as well as the rest of the hair. She added some more highlights in the back (knowing now how little she had to use to keep it from bubbling). I let that sit for a good 40mins and we rinsed.

After rinsing I looked in the mirror and the dark brown didn't take very well to the top of my head @@ So now it's a light brown...almost orangy color! ugh i'm so frustrated. I finally decide to try something daring and different and this is what happens. I cannot afford a salon dye job so at home is my only way to go. All my other sister do this stuff to themselve all the time and it turned out great...nope not me.

Now everyone tells me it doesnt look bad at all, but I beg to differ! I think I look like a natural blonde who tried to go dark but then is letting it grow out...ugh

Ok here is a before picture.............Not the best hair picture but you can see how dark it was....i'm the one in the middle for those that don't know.

Ok now here are a couple pictures of my head now lol ugh I hate it

See the dark, well the entire thing was supposed to be dark like that....it's just wait to light I look weird with this colore hair @@

Monday, July 7, 2008


9 more days till Girls Weekend!!!!!!!!!


Start of the day.....I slept in to late. Most people would consider this a luxery but for me it's a huge issue of mine. My kids wake up hours before I do. I set my alarm and I never wake up. Now luckily I have older kids so there is no real danger involved here. They know not to use the toaster, microwave, oven, knives, or to go outside while i'm sleeping...and they do great about listening. My kids wake up, make their own cereal and watch tv or play until I join the land of the living.

I watch my nephew 5days a week for my sister...it is a job, I get paid. Now that school is out my 11yr old nephew is here at my house everyday from 8am to 6pm. I woke up this morning and the 3 boys were playing nicely up on the 3rd floor. I heard a lot of laughing and good happy sounds. That is until they realized that I was awake.......oh then chaos started. They were fighting, hitting, name calling. Literally every 5mins it was "Mommy, Jack did this"...or "Jenna, Corbin did this". I was SO fed up that I told them all to get outside and play and they were not allowed back in until I said they could.

Once outside they all sat and pouted on the front porch and then started fighting there. They assume I can't see or hear everything that goes on...but how wrong they are! They kept coming to the door yelling and crying AGAIN...of course telling me some ridiculous story that wasn't even near the truth (I heard everything). Again after a bit of this I got fed up again....so I told them to come inside and watch tv...no one was allowed to talk, just sit quietly and watch...Yes I asked the TV to babysit but I was at my wits end.

I walked over to my parents house to get come coffee ( I was outa sugar and my parents live next door) and within 5mins they came crying to me about yet another fight. Oh boy I really didn't know what to do.
I went back home, took my kids upstairs with me and left Jack downstairs by himself. I figured the only thing left to do was to seperate them. So I made the boys help me pack my bedroom (we are moving in a few weeks). Jack was complaining that he had a headache, yet still wanted to go play with my brother (12yrs old)...when I told him no he got pissed at me and called his Mother. Little bit later my Sister called me and was like "What's going on, Jack just called upset". I explained the situation to her and how we were having a rough day. I said Jack had a headache but at the same time wanted to play with Ethan so it couldn't be that bad...I basically insinuated that he was faking. My sister decided to leave work early and come get him. I was NOT at all unhappy with this plan...in fact I was thrilled.

Of course when my sister got here she hugged Jack and said "oh he's warm". She thought he wasn't feeling well and thats why his behaviour was so bad. I still questioned it but kept my mouth shut. She left and took him home and I went on with my day.

We packed up half my room, went to Sally's beauty supplies, hit up Target, went to CiCis pizza for dinner and then came home. As I pulled up to my house my sister called me to tell me that Jack was running a really high fever and she won't be going to work tomorrow, and that he's been lying on the couch since she brought him home.

Don't I feel like an ASS!

Tomorrow is a filled day, but hopefully a better one!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tattoo Parlor

My son Corbin had a wonderful sleepover with his Cousin Noveigh. He didn't get dropped off today till 6pm. Mainly because he was picked up late yesterday so the kids didn't really get to play last night. So today was their day together.

Corbin went on and on about their overnight activities. He told me how they made a club house with blankets, and Neely let them eat breakfast in it. How they had popsicles. They watched Spy Kids. They made up dances. They played wall ball outside. They came back in and watched another movie. He seemed pretty excited about his sleepover so I'm happy he had a good time!

Later this evening when I was getting the boys ready for their bath I realized that Corbin had left out some details of his day with Noveigh. There was no way for him to hide it, it was starring me right in the face. Corbin's chest was covered in drawings. I took one look at it and was shocked...the boy is almost 8yrs old! His head sank and he said "Noveigh did it". When I looked closely I saw something that looked like a surf board and it said "surfs up" in it. I saw a girl (looked like she had boobs, but can't be sure), I saw something that looked like a dollar bill, and then there was a ton of other things I couldn't even make out. I also discovered another drawing on Corbin's calf.

I asked Corbin why Noviegh did this. He told me that it was just a game. I didn't react well and asked what kind of a game required Noveigh to draw all over him. He then told me that they were playing.......get this........Tattoo Parlor! OMG lol Ok I was fighting back laughter at this point.

Corbin drawing on himself, not ok, very immature! Noveigh drawing on Corbin, not ok, very immature. But something about the fact that they were playing "Tattoo Parlor" somehow just didn't upset me as much, infact made me laugh. I know it shouldn't matter lol But I couldn't help it.

After I found out their game I asked Corbin what everything was. On his side, was a dollar bill...nice lol

On his chest, 2 surf boards..one saying surfs up and one with fire on it. A scene of a room with flames all around and more dollar bills and then Noveigh walking in ?!?!? ok lol

His calf...well that's Spongebob!

I'm going to have to have a talk with Corbin about his Tattoo choices...this just won't do!

Whew I'm tired

Yesterday we spent the day at home doing laundry and cleaning. Corbin stayed the night at Noveigh's house and was picked up after dinner. Landon and I snuggled on the couch and watched tv until he fell asleep. Today.....ugh well I'm trying to be productive. Corbin is still at Neely's so Landon and I are cleaning the 3rd floor (the boys room) and packing it up. There is NO air conditioning up there, and it smells. The boys haven't played up there since it was cooler out. I am throwing away a TON of toys, books, puzzles. Basically if there is a ripped page..it's gone. If the puzzle is missing a piece it's gone. These are things I've hung on to because I figured the kids would still play with them. Just because the puzzle was missing ONE piece doesnt mean they didn't have fun putting the rest of it together. So I'm done being a hoarder....I can't hang on to this stuff forever just on the off chance the kids "MIGHT" play with it sometime. I just got done doing their puzzle bin....omg it was a mess! All the puzzles were mixed together. I sat and spent the last hour going thru the bin, seperating each puzzle into zip lock bags, going thru the wooden puzzles, throwing away a bunch. They now have 4 floor puzzles in bags, and a small stack of wooden puzzles. I'm now taking a much needed break after not breathing well for an hour lol I'll feel so much better when that room is done....knowing that I just need to shampoo the carpet and then it's done. We have less then a month before we have to be outa this house....not much time left!!! aaaaahhhhh stressed!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Couple pics from "Hillbilly" post

Me and my favorite girl in the world Erica! lol you can see "Brother Andy" in the back.
This one is Monte, me and Cassie

4th of July 2008

We had a wonderful 4th of July this year. It was missing one thing and that thing was David. He was unable to come down due to work and we missed him.

We started out our Holiday with a BBQ at Neely's house. We had our entire family, as well as come friends. We hung out, ate some yummy food, played outside (even though it was hot), and enjoyed eachothers company.

Around 7 we headed to Downtown NN to the Superblock to watch Fireworks. We found an open spot in the grass and set up our massive amounts of blankets. Our friend Rachel and her family came and joined us, as well as Chris's brother and niece. Neely made this baton's for the kids...they has Red, White and Blue ribbons attached to the ends and the kids had a blast playing and twirling them around. Fireworks were scheduled to go off at 9:45, but around 9pm it started raining. We got soaking wet, but it was a nice summer rain and only lasted about 5mins. After it stopped raining it started to thunder and lightening. So they started the Fireworks a bit early. They were good but not as good as the years before. I think they were rushing it due to the weather. The Finale was shorter then usual. Even after it was all done and everyone was packing up to leave they were firing off some randon fireworks here and there. Either they forgot them or they got stuck and didn't go off when they were supposed to...who knows. Afterwards we all headed back over to Neely's for sparklers. We didn't get home till close to 11pm, the kids were exhausted after the full day....but they enjoyed ever second of it!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Hillbilly Brothers lol

I had so much fun last night. I headed out around 915ish, and met up with friends at a place called Kelly's tavern. Some of my sisters and other friends were going to Saddleridge (country bar) but I just didn't feel like going there and had already committed to going out with Erica.

Sitting at the bar we met these two goofy brothers named Andy and Larry, I guess Erica had met them last week and said they were hilarious. So we sat and chatted with them. Andy who seemed to be the more outgoing brother was the smaller of the two and had a very strong southern accent...omg everything he said was hilarious. Not in a great sense of humor kinda way but in a dorky, awkward, hillbilly kinda way lol

We were so close to having him agree to allowing Erica to give him a reverse Mohawk.....i'm still bummed that didn't happen =(

Andy wanted a picture of him between Erica and myself.....we made him kiss his brother before we would agree to pose for the picture....lol we are so mean

Andy allowed Erica to autograph his tiny little bird chest.......I think he was just thrilled that she had to get close to him to do it lol

At one point the brothers said they were going to a different bar cause they wanted to find girls to get kisses from cause me and Erica weren't cooperating lol Andy was doing something and asked Erica to hold his wallet, she took it and stuck it in her shirt to be funny. Well then they left....after they walked out of the door Erica said "wait for it, wait for it........I still have his wallet". lol

45mins later Andy came running back into Kelly's and yelled from across the bar "My wallet's in your bra".........now picture that being said with a southern hillbilly kinda accent....it's freaking hilarious!

The Brother's were funny and so much fun to mess with. Guys like that who are funny when drinking, are overly flirtatious even when you tell them you are married, and try very hard to get you to kiss them even when you tell them to get away from you..........they deserve what they got lol And I bet they loved every minute of it. They kept saying "omg I can't believe you girls are talking to us" lol

So went out with friends, had TONS of laughs............last night was a success!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yellow see thru dress, crash diet, and girls weekend!

Yesterday I was feeling like doodoo again. I think I caught another vesion of the stomach bug. I felt sick to my stomach and cramping. I never threw up, but I was miserable all day.

Today I woke up feeling much better! I had a slight headache but I think it was lack of caffiene being that I'm a coffee drinker..and due to my upset stomach I hadn't had any in like 2 days.

I had the shopping itch so me and the boys headed out. They weren't thrilled about my plan at all so I bribed them with slurpee's. We hit a few thrift stores, nothing good. I was looking for a dress for Girls weekend. I have a few dresses already but none that I'm jumping up and down about. No luck at the thrift stores...I even up to Newport news to the ones up there...I normally only hit the ones in Hampton..but still nothing. I wanted to try Kohls, but I decided to try Ross first (cheaper). I found 2 dresses there. One is Black and one is Yellow. The black dress is more casual then the yellow...but both could either be worn as a summer dress or dressed up for night on the town...those are my favorite kind of dresses!

I love the yellow dress, it's a tube top style. Problem is, it's see thru. The boob area is thick so that's not...but the rest of it is. So i'm trying to figure out what to wear underneat it...not sure about a slip or how that might work..we'll see.

After Ross I decided to skip Kohls and head to Jcpenneys (I have a gift card). I have been eyeing a pair of shorts you wear over your bathing suit. When I got there they only had ONE left and it was the right color. It was an XL but it's a junior style so I thought it might still work. So I tried them on in the fitting room and nope they look stupid......way to big =( Sure that makes me feel good a little...but I really wanted these shorts! I left Penney's empty handed.

After all those stores the kids were hitting their limit so we headed home. I stopped by the post office to send out something I sold on Ebay and then the kids got their slurpee's for being good.

I have 15days left to girls weekend, so i'm on a crash diet. Ok it's not really a CRASH diet...I mean i'm still eating and everything. But NO bad carbs for me, No sweets, NO grease lol Ya know all the good stuff =)

Tonight we are having Chicken breasts and spinach for dinner.

I'm heading out later to meet up with some friends for drinks (I know bad me, CARBS lol) but I need a night out every once in awhile..preferably once a week lol

15days till Girls weekend!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

we'll just have to do it again next week =)

So last night my sisters and I gathered together at Lauren's house. We were having a Hell's Kitchen party. We all brought a dish to share, and something to drink. We ordered pizza for the kids and had Shrek babysit them upstairs.

We had a mixture of dishes, Lauren made Artichoke bottoms with feta cheese and tomatoes, Marisha made Portebello mushroom caps with spinach, cheese, and shrimp, Hannah brought a dip with beans, avacodo, tomatoes, onions, corn and peas....super yummy and you eat with chips, I brought cherry tomatoes with green olives inside them, Neely brought angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream.

Once everything was layed out on the table we dug in. We tasted everyones dishes and then went around and said what he liked or didn't like about them. LOL Neely did a good impression of Chef Ramsey when she almost threw up my cherry tomatoes and olives (such a picky eater lol)

We then sat around her living room and turned on Hell's Kitchen to watch the Grand Finale!!!!!

We watched, and watched, and watched..........then realized that the Finale is NEXT week....lol we are such dorks.

It was nice either way, and will give us an excuse to do it again next week lol

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What? No shows?

Today was our Hula meeting (every Tuesday)...we went over our schedules, upcoming shows, new dances ...the normal stuff.

We talked about how we haven't had a show in awhile. Well a few weeks anyway. I don't really understand why...and it sucks. The first few months of this year we were booked solid...like every weekend. Now it was very overwhelming and stressful but I think we were getting used to it. And now we are hitting peak season of the summer and we have hardly any =(

There are a few other groups in the area, and there is a huge possibility that people are hiring them and now us =( I do my best to advertise our group. Everywhere that the other groups advertise I make sure to put our name out there as well. I returned a few phone calls today and I got a lot of "we went another way" or "we booked someone else". I really don't want to feel bitterness towards these other groups...but I can't help feeling it a bit. I want to watch them dance so bad so I can see what they do..but I have no clue when or where they are dancing.

One of the groups we used to dance with the instructor, she had a different way of doing things so we went our seperate ways....so now she has her group and we have ours...and then there is a larger group who have been around for years! They are the ones getting most of the shows...I've seen their calendar on their website..it's packed.

It just sucks that's all. I mean we have 2 shows in July, and 3 in august so far...but I want more! I need the money lol I've spend the last hour online emailing people hopefully something comes out of it! Wish me luck!

Today we are heading over to Lauren's house to watch the Finale of Hell's Kitchen! Should be fun =)